Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 06

Written by M.

Lacey gave Daniel a welcome as if they have been long lost lovers, jumping into his arms as soon he came on the floor. Time for some speed dating for Daniel, with Lacey, Christen and Jasmine. So now, for the roses. Two roses are handed out and then Matt comes back to hand out his rose in order not to let it get to waste. He handed his rose out to Jasmine, but she loathed him and did not try to hide it. So these are the couples right now. Daniel and Lacey, Jack and Christen, Derek and Taylor, Robbie and Amanda, Diggy and Dominique, Adam and Raven, Dean and Kristina and Ben threw a curveball and let D-Lo stay. And Jasmine is flying solo, but I’m thinking Ben and D-Lo are also flying solo.

Daniel got a date card from some Mexican wrestlers and decides to take Lacey, so I guess she’s a very happy camper. But I’m worried for Lacey, I feel like she is falling head over heels in love, while it seems that Daniel is only interested in sex.

Ticklemonster Jonathan is here and the guys aren’t worried. That is until he kisses Christen and takes her out on a date. So we have a new love triangle, Jack-Christen-Jonathan. Who will be next? Not new, but still here, is the love triangle between Kristina-Dean-D-Lo. Since Ben kept D-Lo around, we’re in for another round. Robbie is just so sweet, how he cares about Kristina, comforting her while Dean continues to treat her like crap.

Last week DeMario had his chance to open up, this week it’s time for Corinne. During Nick’s season of The Bachelor I had a hard time liking Corinne. It wasn’t until her hometown date that I saw where she came from, understood more of who she is, and that I started liking her. I was excited to see what she would bring to Paradise, and then all hell broke loose. Thankfully she is doing better at this time. Corinne unfortunately doesn’t remember much of the first night of Paradise, due to the drinks and medication she took at the time. There are no hard feelings towards DeMario. So please let’s all just learn a lesson from this, not just the cast and crew, but every single one of us. If a situation like this happens, don’t blow it out of proportion. For the people involved, try to talk to each other. And to the media, don’t go digging for stories that aren’t there.

There are only two weeks left for Bachelor in Paradise are there is still so much drama coming our way.

Best Quotes.
I’m not the biggest fan of Daniel but he sure provides some good quotes.

  • “Last season I was the Canadian Eagle, this year I’m a wolf”.
  • “I’m like the great white hope”.
  • “The last time I had a date, I think was when Caitlyn Jenner was a man”.
  • “I don’t want to put all chicken onto one egg and watch it hedge into a dinosaur”.
  • “I gave you one job, with one rule…”
  • “When you drive out of the craziness, don’t drive back in”

And also;

  • How invisible is Ben to these women? Do they know he’s still there?
  • I’m truly sad to see Alexis go home, the brought so much fun and laughter to us viewers.
  • Seriously Wells, the puppets, stop! Just stop! You are so much funnier without the puppets!
  • Jasmine saying “This is Paradise, anything can happen here” to Daniel, right after she steals him away from Lacey, is kind of hypocritical. Just last week she was losing it to Christen for basically doing just that.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 05

Written by M.

Claws are out! And it all started when Christen walks on the beach with a date card. While on her speed-dates to get to know the guys a little, Matt walks up to her and pretty much said that he and Jasmine aren’t written in stone. So when they decide to go on this date together a thunderstorm is rising. While Matt talks to Jasmine about going on this date, she’s all calm. But when she talks about it to the others at the bar and no one reacts, an explosion follows and she goes to see Christen. But it’s not really a conversation though, since she just won’t listen to what Christen has to say. If you want to talk to somebody to hear their side and tell they how you feel, rule number one is to listen what they have to say. The only people that knew what was really said between Matt and Christen, are Matt and Christen, and maybe some people of the crew. But Jasmine heard some version of what they said from the other girls and wouldn’t believe what Christen said. Thank God for the tapes so we know what was said.

What I don’t get is how all the girls are going along in this ‘scallop-fingers’ bit that Jasmine started. I get that Jasmine was annoyed with her asking Matt, but why are the others going along with it? This is serious bullying, being like the mean girls in high school. Let’s be frank here, Christen did absolutely nothing wrong! She had the right to ask any of the guys out. And since Matt and Jasmine, as far as I know, hadn’t had THE talk yet, he was free to accept. Like I said, I get that this isn’t some happy news for Jasmine, but these is how Bachelor in Paradise works. If you don’t like that, don’t come here. And I’m just disappointed in the other women for making fun of Christen, without even trying to get to know her. You’re all adults, please just get to know her yourself before deciding that you do or don’t like another person.

Derek and Taylor are having a serious conversation about how life would be after Paradise and that she’s worried about how he can sometimes react. But as soon as she addresses this point, he just says “Fuck you”. Not cool dude, so not cool. And immediately go from steaming hot to ice cold. Taylor explains to him what talk like that means to her and even though he apologizes, she needs some time to think. And I agree. Sure he knows he reacted badly, but this kind of reaction to me came out of the blue. I get saying this in a fight, saying something like this when you snap. But they were just having a conversation, where did this reaction come from?

All and all we’re heading into an interesting rose ceremony. We have Dean with D-Lo and Kristina, Adam with Sarah and Raven and Matt with Christen and Jasmine. On top of that the relationship of Derek and Taylor is on the rocks and then there is Ben, who doesn’t have any love connection. But before the ceremony even starts, Matt bows out, leaving Jasmine and Christen in tears and desperate for a rose. And of course they point they’re at the same guy; Jack. And just before the ceremony starts and the episode ends, Christ welcomes a new arrival, to fill the spot that Matt left. And in comes Daniel! And it seriously turned Lacey’s frown upside down. But will he safe her?

Best Quotes.

  • “Did he taste like Jas?”
  • “You’re putting my brain in a blender”

And also;

  • I love Alexis, but I really don’t like her laughing so hard about how Christen reacted to Jasmine’s blowout.
  • Wells reenacting Alexis reenacting Christen eating scallops is funny for dissing Alexis for doing that. But I didn’t like him playing with the puppet as Christen, for that’s when he was making fun of her as a person. That is just never funny, especially since he doesn’t know her.
  • Can the producers give the cast a lecture about the effects of bullying? You’d think they already know about that, but I’m shocked about how they’re acting this week.
  • Also never funny; puppets! If you want to play with dolls, grab a Barbie.
  • Chris said that Christen was the first new arrival this week, but she was the last. First came Sarah, then Dominique and last came Christen.
  • Why are people going to Paradise if they don’t think they will like anybody there? Isn’t that the point of the entire show? It’s not about you partying with your friends, it’s about the possibility to find love.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 04

Written by M.

I think we can declare the biggest winner of this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Without a doubt it’s Danielle M. Not only did she leave on her own terms and not send home for not receiving a rose. She also kissed the only man that was ‘off limits’, who she had known for years and finds to be a really really good guy. And let’s not forget that she chose to leave to change the world for the better. If you came to Paradise, you put your life on hold for the change of love. But to stop that process in the middle to help children in need on the other side of the world, that is one of the most selfless acts a person can do. So let’s raise our glasses and say a cheers to Danielle M.

The soap on the beach continuous. Newest members of the cast is Sarah and everyone, with the exception of Adam, pushes her towards Ben. The moment they say she should be with Ben you see the smile on her face turning down. It’s clear that she’s not here for him, but for Adam, who is very happy to accept her invitation to a date. And though Raven gave them her blessing to explore if there is more between them, her face is saying something completely different when they go out.

Something we learned from watching tonight’s episode, complaining works. If you just keep complaining about not getting a date, you will receive a date card. Fine, simple enough. But what I don’t get is, that when you finally get the date card you’ve been begging for, you don’t know who to take out on your date. So what to do? Hold some sort of audition interviews, because of course… If you just spent several days with all of the men in Paradise, you’d think you know who you have chemistry and a connection with. And if you don’t have that with anyone, why beg for a date?

But anyways, Lace goes on a date with Diggy, put together by Jorge! Jorge just can’t keep away from Paradise and I can’t blame him. But Diggy didn’t want to be on a two-on-one, so when Jorge overstayed his welcome, he send him packing. And he and Lacey are on the start of something really good, according to Lacey. But Paradise wouldn’t be Paradise is they wouldn’t stir things up when things are going good. So in comes Dominique and I have no idea who she is. There is zero recognition, but apparently she’s from the latest season of the Bachelor and best friends with Taylor. Taylor is excited, who thinks she would be great with Diggy and Diggy is also very excited to see Dominique. The one who’s not excited is Lacey. One his date with Dominque, Diggy admits that he and Lacey had a nice that but that there’s nothing there, they’re not on the same wavelength. Say what? Did you not just make out with her earlier today? Sending Jorge packing to get some alone time?

A big congratulations to Carly and Evan! They are expecting a baby! I think the world just fell a little bit in love with Evan, when he got emotional during the ultrasound. What I noticed was Chris padding Evan on the shoulder during that. I love those little signs of friendship, respect and love for one another. It shows how real the connections are that are shaped during these shows are, keep that going.

Then it’s time for DeMario. Where we restarted the season with the other Paradise guest talking about everything that happened, now it’s time for DeMario. And I’m not going to speak about how others might feel, just my reflection on him and the situation. The DeMario I see here in the studio with Chris is a different DeMario than the one I saw on The Bachelorette. I know I easily get emotional watching TV, and I get emotional watching him. When he talked about the article that was written about how he had sex with Corinne, a friend wanted to intervene but the producer stopped her, all I could think is, ‘How in the world did they get to that?’ All we knew for sure was that production was stopped due to a complaint about the interaction between DeMario and Corinne. I know it’s easy to put two and two together, but people please think before making these assumptions. Not only can you potentially ruin someone’s live, but by making up stories like these, you make it harder for people to believe it when it actually is true. Something like this will follow the person, and their families, for the rest of their lives and for what? A higher rating? When is it going to stop? Till what point are the ratings more important than the lives of the people involved?

Best Quotes.

  • “Plus guacamole comes with everything”.
  • “These Bass-fish can swim”.
  • “I don’t know what to do with a girl”.
  • “Family, friends and Kanye West”.

And also;

  • How long is Ben going to wear that red shirt?
  • When did Ben become the charity case? He is the catch of the season!
  • Though he is very excited for basically each of the women that steps on to the Paradise beach.
  • Wells takes over from Alexis as the funniest person in the episode. Just turning the blender on as soon as Adam opens his mouth, simple but effective.
  • You can say a lot about eating on the Bachelor shows, or the lack there of, but on Bachelor on Paradise, they eat!
  • I love how giddy Carly is!

Next week we hear about how Corinne experienced it all.

Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life – Episode 01 – Winter

Written by M.

“Please, Luke, please, please please.
How many cups have you had this morning?
Five, but yours is better.”

“I got kissed.
And I shoplifted.”

“Honestly Lorelai, it’s not your looks that keep them away.
Think about that.”

“People die, we pay.
People crash cars, we pay.
People lose a foot, we pay.
At least you have your new slogan.”

“Did you do something slutty?
I’m not that happy.”

“People are particularly stupid today.”

“Copper boom!”

“Norman Mailer, I’m pregnant!”

“Luke can waltz?
Luke can waltz.”

“I just want you to know I’m in.
I am all in.”

“It’d be like the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan.
But at least those guys got to be in France.”

“I’m not going to Harvard.
I had sex, but I’m not going to Harvard.”

“I stopped being a child the minute the strip turned pink.”

“You jump, I jump Jack.”

“Eternal damnation is what I’m risking for my rock and roll.”

“Oy with the poodles already.”

“Because I love you, you idiot.”

“I smell snow.”

 What a brilliant opening to start this revival. Simple, yet exactly worthy of Gilmore Girls. You’re immediately back at the Gilmore pace of things. However it wasn’t long till Stars Hollow became different. Sure the fast pace and the kind of humor is still the same, which we love, but there are small differences that are starting to irritate.

For instance, since when is the cell reception bad in Stars Hollow? Luke had a ‘no cell phone’ sigh since the beginning of the series, he wouldn’t have that if people never got any reception. I know it’s just a small thing, but since it’s at the beginning of the episode and Rory is racing around town to get reception, it’s irritating. Another thing that irritated me was, when Paul arrives, Luke tells this to Lorelai, making it a name guessing game. Only when he couldn’t get to the name, he turned to Rory, who was in the same room. It doesn’t seem like something that would happen in the original series.

The tribute to Richard, I’m after almost a year I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I loved the scene at the cemetery, but I dislike that it was about how Lorelai screwed up that night. And most of all I hate the fact that Rory left early because she had to go back to London. Did she just go back to see Logan or did she have an actual good excuse. You’d think that given the relationship she had with Richard, she would clear everything to be there. My grandfather died last January and my relation was nowhere close to that of Richard and Rory, in the end he didn’t even know who I was anymore, but I wouldn’t have missed any part of the funeral, not for anything. So I wonder, what the hell was so important in London to leave early.

Emily, what to say about Emily. I loved to see how the death of her beloved Richard affected her, even keeping a maid for months now. Thankfully she’s still Emily, and the only one who questions Rory and her living situation. And she should! God knows I know about not being in the point of your live you want to be at, but not having a place to call home? Unless you’re travelling the world, having your stuff scattered over several places is not healthy at 32.

Though many people hate on Rory for not being successful as she was always set out to be, but I’m kinda digging it. A lot of people of this generation are struggling and it’s nice that it’s represented like this. And it’s not like she’s acting out of character. Remember the Reston fellowship in season 7? She wanted it so badly she blew off other great offers. Or when Mitchum said he didn’t see her as a journalist, she was devastated and stole a yacht. Sure she isn’t stealing anything and isn’t turning down jobs, but she is lying about how it’s going. She makes it look like she has so many options, where she actually hardly has any. But she had her piece in the New Yorker, which in her minds means she made it and any paper would want to work with her, feeling too good to do some ‘lighter’ work. I’m not bothered by Rory not being in the place she wants to be in, or where everybody thought she would be. I am, however bothered by how she’s handling it. How hard it may be, be truthful about the situation, at least to yourself. So your life isn’t perfect, but take little steps, get a place to live, secure an income and don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help.
How is it that Rory is broke? She got her trust fund from Trix, her always ongoing financial support from her grandparents and Chris. She has no rent to pay. Is she blowing all her money on plane tickets back and forth to London? Oh and then there’s the lying to Lorelai about who she’s staying with in London.

Lorelai, to me Lorelai didn’t seem as in control as she always used to be. She always came across sure about herself, confident and strong willed. But now, she seems nervous and insecure and I’m not loving this transformation. What happened in these 10 years for her to become like this?

Paris, thank God, Paris is still Paris. I’m sad that she and Doyle couldn’t make it work, but I love she hasn’t lost her ‘Paris’. Character wise I think she’s still the same, more than most others and it’s the Paris I love, and sometimes wish I was.

Best quotes;

  • “Ooober”
  • “I found myself thinking, maybe it would be nice to take a cruise. And then I broke a hip”
  • “Why on earth aren’t you on Xanax? It was invented for you”
  • “But after you’ve passed the peyote, what bathroom will you use to throw up in”
  • “What sort of attack are you having?”

And also;

  • Love the fact that the town troubadour is still in Stars Hollow.
  • Seriously, Luke is creepy with his proudness.
  • How is it that Paul doesn’t notice that Lorelai and Luke don’t remember him at all and that Rory forgets about him every 5 seconds?
  • I want to see Frederick! We are invested in Michel, I want to see who he spends his life with.
  • Tattoo of ‘Wino Forever’, who has it and why haven’t we seen it?
  • The food that was served by Bertha at Friday night dinner, any thoughts on what it was? I think it was a ‘minced cordon blue’. It meets the criteria, it’s meat, has cheese, layers and it’s smooshy and crunchy.
  • What was that remark from Lorelai about Jess about? Sure, she didn’t like him when he was going out with Rory, but that’s like 14 years ago. You’d think they would have sorted out their differences by now.
  • So Lane and Zack’s kids are about 10 years old, they should have this family thing going on. But what we see is a living room which has the band equipment in them filling half the room and the other half is filled with Rory’s boxes. How do they live?
  • In the beginning of the episode Rory said she should have labeled her boxes to remember where everything is. Why is it that when she’s going through them, she’s not marking them at that point?
  • Is Rory still walking around without her underwear?
  • Is it me or has Kirk gotten more handsome over the years?

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 03

Written by M.

Finally! There has been a rose ceremony. It has taken us three episodes to get there, but it happened. But before the rose ceremony a new man walked onto the beach of Paradise and my guesses were wrong, it wasn’t Daniel. It was Adam and thankfully he left his puppet at home, that thing really creeped me out.

And to make things even more comfortable, he took Raven out on a date. So I think it’s safe to say that Raven is the most desired woman of Paradise, with Ben, Robby and Adam vowing for her love and attention. The two days leading up to the rose ceremony, most of the men were more interested in getting the bromance going that in the romance. Somehow they all forgot as to why they are here, which is basically to find love, I don’t think the setup was to find love with your bro’s. But ultimately they figured out that in order to stay in Paradise, they need to get a rose and to get a rose, you need to give the women some attention. So the cocktail party was pretty much one desperate attempt from the men to any woman. Like seriously, Alex finally figured out that Amanda really isn’t interested in him and won’t be giving him her rose. Figured out as in, she literally told him an hour before the rose ceremony. So Alex talked to pretty much any woman to make sure they knew how much he appreciates ‘her’ and how much he opened up to ‘her’ because of that. Too much, too desperate, too late. Tip for future men; if you’re not sure about getting a rose, don’t jump on all the women at once. Pick one, try have an actual conversation with her and connect. If you try this last minute on all of the women, they won’t feel appreciated and chances are, you won’t get a rose from any of them.

Robby had that figured out. With Adam, Ben and himself going after Raven, he figured his chances were very slim. So what did he do? He talked to Amanda, the ex-fiancé of Josh, a close friend of him. A friendship that he feels very strongly about. It’s a big risk, whether Amanda would be interested or not, he could lose his friendship with Josh over this. If a friend of mine would go after an ex of mine, one that I felt strongly about, I’m sorry but the friendship would be over. You know ‘Bro’s before Ho’s’ and ‘Sisters before Misters’. But he addressed the elephant in the room and it worked out. Though he did not get that kiss he wanted, which I wouldn’t give him either based on the conversation we saw, he did get her rose.

So, who were left standing at the end of the night? Taylor and Derek, well duh. Jasmine and Matt, who had a good talk at the cocktail party making Jasmine all happy again. Raven and Adam, who shared a kiss at the cocktail party, and making Ben’s future at Paradise unsure. Alexis and Jack, I haven’t really seen much about their relationship, so this one threw me a little. I hoped for a spark between Alexis and Vinny. Lacey and Diggy, who also shared a kiss at the party. See Alex, Diggy also knows how to do this. Curveball of the evening came from Danielle, who gave her rose to Ben. She said that he is an awesome human and would love to see him find someone. Kristina gave her rose to Dean and Amanda to Robby. This means, Paradise is over for Alex, Vinny, Iggy and Nick. Cheer up guys! You still were in 3 episodes, which is a record for being send home at your first rose ceremony.

Now the tables will have turned, this week the men have all the power and the women have to fear going home. The first new arrival of the week makes the knees weak of all the men, Danielle L., also known as D-Lo. Even Derek jokes that he would accept a date with her. But in the end, she chooses Dean, to the dismay of Ben and Kristina. Ben, because he doesn’t really have anyone now that Raven chose Adam, and Kristina, well because of all the obvious reasons.

Their date goes great and afterwards he goes to talk to Kristina, after which Kristina is all happy again. When it gets dark, they all sit around a campfire on the beach and Dean and Kristina are like they were at the start. Sitting close to each other, being giddy. This is when Dean makes the brilliant decision to walk away, to come back with cake, making an announcement. Apparently it’s D-Lo’s half birthday, so he got her half a cake. And you can just feel the uncomfortableness, everybody looks around to see if this is really happening, everybody that is, except for Dean and D-Lo. I praise Kristina for how see handled herself, my tears would flow right then and there. She could keep her cool until Dean and D-Lo walked to the bar and then went to her room, where she was comforted by Alexis. Dean please, for everything that is good in the world, please make up your mind. Don’t string this woman on any longer if you don’t want to be with her.

Best Quotes.

  • Alexis: “When D walked down the steps, I swear to God, I looked at all the guys and they were just like ‘DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN!’”.
  • Diggy: “You did what any guy would do, say yes to the dress”.

And also;

  • I’m sad to see Vinny go, I would have loved to see more of the laugh train that is Alexis and Vinny.
  • How is it that Dean doesn’t see how upset Kristina is for him going on the date with D-Lo? It’s clear to everybody around them.
  • The end credits!! This is why we love Alexis.
  • I wonder how it is possible that Josh was eating pizza all the time last year, if it takes two hours to make one.

Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 22 ‘World’s End’

Written by M.

Well Simmons asks the questions of all questions to Fitz! “Do you want to kill AIDA?”

Only to be interrupted by the framework shutting down, just as YoYo entered. But the framework shutting down turned out to be a good thing. Everything slowly disappeared and when everything else was gone, it was time for Hope to disappear and for Mack and YoYo to come back home.

AIDA is preparing to make the world end, when Robbie shows up. He wants the Darkhold and finds out that she’s not the same as when he left. But the good news is that he is able to hurt her. But of course this isn’t something the Marvel Gods could let happen, so the Ghost Rider jumped into Coulson’s body and Coulson kicked some Darkhold ass.

There were some great comical moments in this episode. Like Coulson telling Talbot about life at S.H.I.E.L.D. “I have a cybernetic hand. I’ve been to another planet. This stuff happens at S.H.I.EL.D.”. Or what about May just standing there with a head in her hand. And another one of Coulson, about Robbie and Daisy fighting together, “I missed it, didn’t I? You two together, and we missed it”. Well Coulson, I’ve got your back, here they are.

Another thing that popped out was the ending. This is something that happens every once in a while, it’s where Joss Whedon reminds you of his other work. He did it last week with jumping through the portal out of the framework. He did it this week with the ending, it was a lot like the extra scene of The Avangers, where they all go out to eat.

And also;

  • What deal did Coulson and the Ghost Rider make? Will he come back for him? Will he be able to out of it or will it bite him in the ass?
  • More questions! Where is Coulson at the end? What is he working on? Aahhhhh I’m left with so many questions!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return in the fall.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 24 ‘Ring of Fire’

Written by M.

“When life forces us to do something impossible,
An explosion happens inside the body.
A rush of hormones blasts through us,
Making is stronger, making us faster.
Biology overrides fear.
And that makes the impossible possible.”

So another explosion happened at the hospital, what else is new. How many times did this happen now? Three? I remember the bomb that blew up Dylan Young back in season 2. I remember the bus that blew up at the parking lot in season 9. Am I missing any? How many more will we get?

Anyway, the explosion causes the doors to get unlocked and the entire hospital gets evacuated. Not everyone is in a hurry to leave though. Jackson once again rushes to find Stephanie and Nathan is in the middle of a surgery, one he’s not ready to stop, so when Meredith finds him, she joins him. After which they join the others on the parking lot. Stephanie is able to take Erin to the roof, where she collapses. When Stephanie and Erin are finally found, she won’t give up on saving Erin, making the ER an OR. When Erin is stabilized, Stephanie collapses, turning into the patient, with severe burns. Later when she’s lying in a hospital bed, being treated for her wounds, she realizes that she has had enough and quits.

Minnick has been saying all season that the interns and residents will only become great doctors by learning protocol. And Bailey has allowed Catherine and Minnick to step over her all year. But no longer. Minnick has made the mistake of only following protocol, to treat patients, “That is my job” she said. But did she forget that her job is to safe lives? By following protocol she risked the life of Stephanie and thereby Erin. When she starts to blame Richard, Bailey is done and finally speaks her mind. Hallelujah praise the lord, Bailey is back! Oh how I missed Bailey, I love this Bailey. The Bailey that takes no crap, for nobody. She starts calmly “Dr. Minnick, I don’t believe there’s a place for you in my hospital any longer.” But when Catherine interrupts, she goes off. “It’s Chief Bailey, and I am not holding on. She is holding on. She is clinging to these procedures and protocols and cannot see when to let go in order to save the life of a patient, a child! I do! I know! Because I was taught right! Dr. Edwards certainly knew, because she was taught right! This is not some factory that turns out surgical robots. We make doctors. Thinking, feeling, human doctors. And we will teach them right.”
Goodbye Dr. Minnick, let’s not meet up. Know your place Catherine, this is not your hospital, you just work here. And welcome back Dr. Bailey, welcome back. Good to have you back! Now let’s show this hospital the Chief that you are.

In the parking lot Meredith tells Nathan than Megan is alive. That she is found and that Owen and Amelia are on her way to her. I love the close up of Nathan here, you can see how the news slowly comes in.

I don’t know where this leaves Nathan and Meredith, but like Meredith said; “If this were Derek, I would’ve already been gone”. This romance Nathan-Meredith romance has a lot of similarities with our beloved Derek-Meredith romance. Both relationships had rocky starts, former wives showing up, but the love between them is real, is good. Can’t wait to see what season 14 has is store for them, I just hope it won’t be an exact copy of the Derek-Meredith story.

“Nobody wakes up thinking “My World will explode today,
My world will change” Nobody thinks that.
But, sometimes it happens.
Sometimes, we wake up, we face our fears,
And we take them by the hand.
And we stand there, waiting, hoping, ready, for anything.”

And also;

  • Why didn’t Stephanie try the other door that would lead her into the hallway?
  • And why didn’t she use the firehose in the stairwell.
  • The look on April’s face when she realizes that Jackson has feelings for Maggie, I felt so bad for her.
  • Why is it that people wonder where Amelia and Owen are? Isn’t Meredith the only person that knows what’s going on? They left the hospital in the middle of the day during their shift, but no one seems to care about where they are.
  • How is it that Stephanie and Erin can hold the staircase handrail? That should be incredibly hot due to the heat of the fire.

Grey’s Anatomy will return on September 28

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 23 ‘True Colors’

Written by M.

“There are moments when all the stars align.
When everything seems as it should be.
Your life seems to have sorted itself out.
It’s not like all our problems go away.
It’s just that the problems are suddenly manageable.
You feel so good, you wonder if it’s real.
And if I’ve learned anything, I can tell you it is.
It’s very real, but it will not last.”

Owen got the shock of a lifetime, even though we all could see it coming. This one has been in the making since the arrival of Nathan. But the portraying of the effect it has on Owen is pure, raw and real. You can see him going through the motions in a total daze, trying to wrap his head around all of this. But he’s not alone, it’s Amelia’s turn to show why they belong together and she does this without hesitation.

The other big case for the season finale comes from a car crash. The driver, Alison, misses her shirt and the passenger, Keith, misses his pants. The doctors put two and two together and figured they’re a couple. But when Alison wakes up, she tells them that Keith was trying to rape her. Bailey immediately calls to action and Jackson realized Stephanie is alone with him, going to her right away.


Stephanie however is trying Keith to lead him out of the hospital, threatened with a knife. When the police arrive, the entire hospital goes on lockdown, trapping Stephanie, Keith and a little girl, Erin together. Now Stephanie goes above and beyond to keep Erin safe. So when Keith starts a fire to get the lockdown lifted, she makes sure he’s set on flames. But moments later, when Keith collapses, she sees that the place is about to blow and goes in to try to keep everyone safe. That’s when it all explodes.

I love this about Grey’s Anatomy, they always almost come through with an amazing finale. And this isn’t even the last episode yet, though it easily could have been. It leaves me with so many questions, which a lot of shows would keep you waiting for the answers all summer. But here, we get the answers next week. What will happen with Owen’s sister? Will Teddy come with her? What will this mean for Nathan and Meredith? Will Stephanie survive the blast? And if she does, she broke the rules again, what will Minnick do?

“There are days when you feel like you can conquer anything.
And it feels like everything will be okay.
Like I told you, the feeling doesn’t last.
I’m not trying to be cynical.
It’s just, even when a day starts out so, so well,
That day can end…
So, so badly.”

And also;

  • Alex daydreaming about confronting Paul Stadler, Jo’s husband and he introduces himself as Alex Stevens, I found that very interesting. Why Alex Stevens, why not make up a completely different name? Is it possible that Izzie Stevens is not completely in the past? Either in emotional baggage or in person?
  • Teddy Altman! There has been contact with Teddy, will she be coming back to Grey Sloan Memorial.
  • Seriously, whenever something good or bad happens or basically anything remotely connected to Maggie’s love life, she becomes an insufferable human being. She needs to learn to not let things get to her this easily.
  • The look that Paul gives Alex, he knows that there’s something going on. This will not be the end of it. How long will it take, till this comes back to haunt him, and Jo for that matter?

Next time on Grey’s Anatomy;

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 02

Written by M.

The Bachelor wedding of the year, Evan and Carly.
I’m not going to spend too much of our time on this, just this; Carly looked spectacular. It was intimate and loving with a hint of the weirdness we love about Evan and Carly, it was their perfect wedding.

It’s time to go back to Paradise, after the shutdown. For starters, I love that they talk about how they feel about what happened and how production of any of the Bachelor shows is going. And let’s not forget about the race issue, do we automatically blame DeMario because of the color of his skin. I for one did not and I despise the fact that some people do. I don’t care is interracial or not, I care about the love between them. Love is love and love doesn’t care about the color of your skin, your gender, the number on your bank account or on your scale. Love is love and it’s the most powerful thing in the world.

Another important issue they addressed was consent, which needed to be talked about after all the media rumors. I think Taylor started this great and Ben added on this perfectly. Don’t go for the suggested consent, given by body language and flirts, always and I cannot stress this enough, always go for the verbal consent. Not just at the start, but with each step you take. Remember that if you feel unconvertable at any point, it’s never too late to say no. This doesn’t just go for whatever happens on Bachelor Nation, but for everyone. No matter where you’re from or how old you are, consent may never be assumed. My heart pours for Raven and for any other men and women out in the world who has been through any kind of (sexual) assault. No matter how hard it may seem to believe, please always keep in mind that this is not your fault and that you’re not alone in this, how bittersweet that may be.

But now it’s time to leave all of the things that happened in the past and continue their journey to find love. Are the relationships that started to form, still standing? We had Danielle and Jack, Kristina and Dean, Taylor and Derek, Jasmine and Matt, Amanda and Alex, Raven with Ben and Robby. Lacey was around for one day, but spend a lot of time with Iggy. Where do they stand now?

Jack is positive about Danielle, saying that they were hitting it off pretty well. Danielle however talks about how she had to talk herself into liking Jack and that he sounds perfect, on paper. I’m not feeling any love just yet.
Robby has the hots for Raven and feels great about their date. But Ben is also attracted to Raven, but takes it on day at the time. Raven on the other hand, ghosted both of them during the time off, saying that she needed a break from the constant two on one date.
Alex felt really secure about getting Amanda’s rose, which sounds really dirty actually, and want to see if they can built from that. For Amanda, the time off has changed her point of view on him and doesn’t want to him a rose anymore.
Matt finds Jasmine easy to talk to which is why they hit it off. After her date with Matt, Jasmin’s vagina was dancing and she’s wondering if they can back to that point.
Dean travelled with Kristina to Kentucky for a week and they road tripped to Chicago for a weekend, which was all great. And yet he wants her to be open to other dates, which she doesn’t like, but she is very optimistic about him.
Derek and Taylor are going strong! They have been talking more and more and they’re going to give this a shot.

But not long after everybody is back at the beach, Matt begins to doubt about being with Jasmine, he wants to stay open to others, where she has all her focus on Matt. Alex has trouble figuring out that he has been friend-zoned, which everybody could see, except for Alex. Thankfully Raven and Jack are there to make things clear. Lacey feels alone and is totally envious about Derek getting a date card. I get that she wanted a date card, to try get more of a connection with basically any of the guys. But just because Taylor and Derek are couple doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a nice date.

At night friction comes out to play. First with Kristina and Dean, who have trouble communicating and Kristina ends up crying at the bar, being comforted by Wells and Nick. And they friction goes to play with Matt and Jasmine. Matt needs a little time to breathe while Jasmine only wants to be with him. So when he goes off sleep alone, Jasmine gets frustrated.
And just as someone is about to come down the steps, the episode ends. Who wants to bet it’s Daniel?

Best Quotes.

  • Amanda about Alex; “I already have two kids, I don’t need another little person running around asking for attention”.
  • Raven to Alex, when he asks her advice about Amanda “Yeah, I think you should move on from Amanda”.
  • On which Jack follows “I wouldn’t count on it at all”.
  • And basically the entire reenactment of Amanda and Alex by Alexis and Vinny.

And also;

  • I miss Chad, not the parts of him getting violent, but he was interesting. I always felt there was more to him.
  • I know a lot of the couples that formed on any of the Bachelor shows, never made the walk down the aisle. But has there ever been a divorce for those who did make it down that aisle?
  • Love how Carly called Evan her lobster.
  • Is it me or do Alex and Robby have the same voice? They sound exactly the same.
  • Look at Taylor and Derek holding hands when they’re all sitting together talking to Chris.
  • I think Alexis and Vinny would be the funniest power couple ever. I hope they get together.
  • Lacey is totally pining for Daniel.

What’s coming this season?

Can’t wait for next Monday!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 22 ‘Leave It Inside’

Written by M.

“Our skulls cushion our brains.
Our rib cage guard our hearts.
The body is built to protect our most vulnerable parts.
At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

Seriously Meredith, last week you and Maggie fought each other over the fact that you’re together with Nathan, and this week you want to bring him to the house. Way inconsiderate. This comes hours after giving Amelia the giant wall tumor that Derek drew. What Amelia and Maggie take as a sign that Meredith is moving on from Derek and go into full on support mode. Later that night though, she cancels on Nathan, but places the marriage vows of her and Derek in a drawer.

Holly Harner, a patient with a giant inoperable heart tumor who comes in after she fell two flights of stairs. And instead of pining away, she has a life mission; to have sex with as many men as possible until she can’t anymore. Talk about female empowerment! Loved how April, Maggie and Meredith reacted ‘GOALS!’ And when her latest hookup arrives at the hospital, she wants April and Meredith to tell him, she died, since she’s going to anyway sooner or later and she no longer has any interest in him. Meredith wants to go along with it, but April intervenes and tells him she’ll be fine but is not up for visitors. I’m wondering, what is the right thing to do here? Respect the patient wishes or be truthful and not lie about death? At the end of the episode it’s Meredith who tells him that Holly is alive but that he will never see her again. That he should hold the time they spent together close to his heart, but that it’s time to move on. And she follow her own advice, leaving the hospital with Nathan.

And then there’s Liam, a little boy who ran away from his parents so he could go to the hospital to get help. But of course, when an unaccompanied minor strolls into the hospital, wanting medical help, alarms tend to go off. So it doesn’t take long before the parents are found and at the hospital. But when Stephanie, Alex and Minnick inform his parents that he has a very large tumor in his head and needs brain surgery, his parents decide to take Liam home. Getting any medical treatment is going against their believes, anything that will happen will be God’s will. But this kid isn’t stupid and shows up again the next day, though now the tumor has caused him to go blind. Liam realizes that God won’t make him better so he pleads to Alex.

This triggers Alex, along with Stephanie, to risk their careers to help Liam, enraging the father. They knew it was against their believes and faith. It scares me that there are people who are willing to have their child die, because it might be the will of God. It reminds me of a joke I heard once;

A man is trapped on his roof after a flood, water level rising.
Someone throws him a buoy, but he refuses, “God will safe me”.
Somebody comes by in a boat, offering him a place, but he refuses, “God will safe me”.
Finally a helicopter drops a ladder, but he refuses, “God will safe me”.
Then he dies and goes to heaven, where he asks God “Why didn’t you safe me?”
On which God replies “I send you a buoy, a boat and a helicopter,
but you refused to let me safe you”.

Everybody has their right to their own believes and faith and I respect that, but doesn’t everybody also have the right to live?
Stephanie telling the father off and throwing something at him, did anyone saw that coming? I for one, saw the telling him off coming, but even though I agree with what she was saying, I’m not sure it was the right move. Sure, the father may have needed to hear the truth one more time, but as a doctor, this needs to be done with tact. But violence should NEVER be accepted, not towards medical personal, not to family, not to anyone, and it doesn’t matter that it was aimed at the wall, it is violence! The fact that she gets away with it so easily astonishes me, in my eyes she also should have been suspended, even if it’s just for a couple of days.

“The body adapts.
It protects itself.
But it can’t close off completely or we’re not really living, right?
So we leave the door open, just a little.
Hoping like hell it’s worth the risk.”

And also;

  • Who would even thought that Bailey is a Harry Potter fan.
  • DeLuca likes Jo and is wondering if she’s single or back together with Alex. When he finally decides to make a move, Jo stops him.
  • Alex wants to find a guy, who wants to make a bet? I call Jo’s estranged husband

Next time on Grey’s Anatomy;