Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 02 ‘Made a Wrong Turn’

Written by M.

Burgess and Tay are chasing two kids that broke into a car. When Halstead and Atwater drop by they find blood in the car, a woman’s shoe next to the car and the woman is missing. A woman comes out of the her house saying that there’s a man in her backyard, nearly dead.


Turns out that the man, Nathan, left his scared fiancé Sarah in the car to score some heroine, using his fake money, when he was jumped and blacked out. This man sounds like a real keeper.
Some big guy thought that Sarah would make a good sex toy, another stand up guy, let me tell you. Thankfully Halstead is a really good shooter, even shooting blind from another apartment.

Halstead asks Lindsay where she’s at about moving in with him. She says she’s doesn’t want to move in with him, because she want him to move in with her.


Mouse tells Halstead that he thinks about going to Afghanistan to be a Ranger and Halstead is less than thrilled to say the least. He worries about his friends mental stability. Not long after that Mouse goes to Voight saying he decided to go back to be a Ranger, but he needs Voight to back up his lie to make it possible.


Commander Fogel figured our Platt wend over his head to get Tay to the 21st District and something tells me this is going to get ugly.


This week’s episode basically was filled with crappy man. We had a drug addict, a rapist and a liar asking another man to lie for him. Oh and let’s not forget Fogel.

Here’s what we can look forward to in next week’s episode

Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 01 ‘The Silos’

Written by M.

Season 3 ended with a bang. Voight, stricken by grief and anger, seeking revenge on the murderer of his son Justin. When he found him, he took him out to the silos, ready to kill him. Lindsay tried to talk him out of it, but as she drove off we heard a gunshot.


This season we start off with scenes from the last season’s finale and Lindsay waking up from a nightmare. She then goes to meet Crowley. She asks Lindsay to give up Voight and to start thinking for herself.


Voight gets back to work for the first time since Justin died. A young man is found dead and when his father comes to the crime scene, he is stricken with grief.
Speaking of first days, Burgess gets her new partner since Roman’s departure

from the police at the end of season 3. Julie Tay, played by Li Jun Li, who we know from Quantico, will join the 21st District. She comes from the 24th, where she got the worst task in the city, writing out parking tickets at the courthouse. Which basically means, giving cops parking tickets while they’re testifying in court. How she got so lucky to get this wonderful job? Tay declined commander’s Fogel romantic advances. How she got to be transferred to the 21st? We have Platt to thank for that.

Sergeant Platt, always doing the right thing.


The relationship between Voight and Lindsay is tense and the rest of the team notices this. They’re all walking on eggshells. Things aren’t getting any better for Voight as Olive is leaving town and all the bad memories behind, taking little Daniel with her.

Halstead pleads Lindsay not to go down with Voight. And in addition to that, he asks her to move in with him, leaving Lindsay looking pretty stunned.


Crowley takes Voight to the Silos, saying that she’s got a pretty good idea on what happened the night Justin was killed. And then her team starts to dig for the body of Justin’s killer. But with no success, there’s no body to be found. Voight can get back to work.
Later that night Voight goes by to see Lindsay and thanks her. She says she returned the favor for saving her life so many years ago, something she always looked forward to do. Voight starts to cry and tells her she’s all that he has left.

What will happen next week?

And we’re left with;

  • What exactly did Lindsay do for Voight? Did she tip him off, did she get rid of the body?
  • And can somebody please give Lindsay a haircut? Or at least style it. This look doesn’t suit her very well.

Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 02 ‘Meet the New Boss’

Written by M.

We finally meet the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D.! And he comes in the form of Jeffrey Mace, played by Jason O’Mara. Though his main focus isn’t keeping everyone safe, it’s PR… Yes I’m stunned too! When May looks at him, he also seems to have joined May’s fan club of The Walking Dead. The reason to why he’s the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., well that’s basically because Steve Rogers went AWOL after Civil War. Thanks for that Cap! Oh and he’s an Inhuman, but more on that later.


Daisy pays a visit to Robbie’s day job. Because pissing The Ghost Rider off is always a good idea. But on the plus side, she ditched the panda look, or maybe she was just out of black crayon. Keeping up with the good ideas she mentions his little brother Gabe, which seems the be a touchy subject since the beating he gives Daisy for it, giving her a fractured wrist among others. When she mentions Momentum Energy Lab Pasadena, he leaves her behind. And she thought it would be a good idea to launch herself on top of Robbie’s car, using her powers, in broad daylight, with people on the streets. Boy, she’s really on a roll with great ideas this season.


Mack has the ghost on tape! You’d think something like that isn’t possible but Mack actually caught a ghost on tape. And this will lead him and Fitz to, well what do you know, Momentum Energy Lab Pasadena. And on their way there, Mack notices that some of the plane’s medication supply is missing…

Talking about Momentum Energy Lab Pasadena, it seems the ghost also found here way there. And there are 5 more of those mysterious boxes standing there, waiting to be opened and she opens 3 of them. And with that, Lucy (our friendly ghost) is no longer alone, she now has company of Hugo, Frederick and Vincent. And they are still looking for some other friends and some sort of book to take out their revenge on the person who made them ghosts and put them in those boxes. Because they have been in there for years, whereas Hugo thought, maybe a few hours. Maybe we should give Hugo a watch and a calendar?

May’s little interactions with Lucy last week, makes her freak and go bananas. She decides to take it out on her The Walking Dead fan club, which includes everybody she’s takes a look at. Only to be stopped by our PR driven new director Jeffrey Mace. Apparently he’s Inhuman powers make him super strong and he knocks her out.

When Mack and Fitz arrive at Momentum Energy Lab Pasadena, the mysterious boxes are gone but they come face to face with Frederick. He manages to lock Mack in the reactor cabin and reaches to touch Fitz. But then Robbie comes in and saves Fitz. Fitz then tries to open the cabin door to free Mack before he dies, but he isn’t strong enough. And then Daisy finally reunites with her former team members, or at least for now, and opens the door. Under while Robbie goes all Ghost Rider on Frederick and burns him. He then just walks off, but not before taking a picture from the wall from the Momentum team. Some of those people on the photo, we’ve seen as our friendly ghosts.


Daisy lets Mack splint her wrist and then he figures out how his medical supply keeps running low. He’s indignant and wants to know why Daisy won’t come back. And that is the moment Fitz snaps, because she turned her back on them. Daisy leaves yet again and you can tell by Mack’s face he’s really hurt.


Back at Head Quarters Coulson approaches our lovely director with a plan for May, but he gets brushed off with the words ‘I got it handled’. Mace finds that Coulson can’t be objective when it concerns May of Daisy and the treatment for May is classified. Next thing we see is May in a strap vest pinned down on a bed on a plane going to destination unknown.


We end this week’s episode with Daisy’s van breaking down, seriously we just got her back, and she gets a ride from Robbie. He thinks he might be connected to the ghosts and they ride off together.

What’s coming to us in the next episode?

And off course we’re left with the following;

  • The new director has Coulson and Simmons give tours of the Head Quarters? Seriously?
  • How did Daisy get to Momentum Energy Lab Pasadena so fast? She was thrown off Robbie’s car.
  • Who created the ghosts? I save a feeling this is gonna be someone familiar.
  • If it comes to a fight, who would win? Captain America or Jeffrey Mace?


Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 01 ‘The Ghost’

Written by M.

Finally, Hive is behind us and we can look forward to new episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Because let’s face it, the whole Hive story line was a bore and getting old really fast. That being said, this doesn’t mean we won’t miss Brett Dalton.

Let’s take a moment to remember Brett Dalton, his abs, his eyes, his abs, his beard and his abs.


We ended last season with Lincoln making the ultimate sacrifice to safe to woman he loves and humanity and the earth with it. And then immediately jumped 6 months ahead in time, a time where Daisy is no longer part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is actually being hunted by S.H.I.E.L.D.. More specifically, hunted on by Coulson and Mack, and apparently the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. That last scene did make me wonder though, who is that friend that she wanted to introduce Polly Hinton to?

But let’s move on to this episode. With Hive gone, there is room for a new big bad evil and this time it comes in the form of The Ghost Rider, played by Gabriel Luna, so I guess we’ll get to see a lot more of him.

Things have changed at S.H.I.E.L.D. and our favorite team is no longer one team. As we already saw that Daisy is no longer part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that Coulson is now longer the director. But now we find out that Coulson and Mack are the new dynamic duo. May, as a S.H.I.E.L.D. trainer, is stationed at the Head Quarters, also home of Fitz who remains an engineer. Simmons on the other hand now work as the right hand of the new director and has the fancy job title of ‘Special Adviser to the Director In Science and Technology’. Or we could just use Fitz’s brilliant abbreviation S.A.D.I.S.T.. Which basically means she has daily lie-detector tests and is higher in ranking than Coulson and May. But in this episode the new director remains the be unseen.

Daisy seems to have decided to embrace the color black, not only is she wearing only black clothes and has hair a beautiful black shade. She has also decided to go with the panda look concerning her make-up. But on the plus side, she has found her way back to her beloved van. And she is not really alone. She gets her S.H.I.E.L.D. scoop from Yo-Yo, who also happens to help to some medication. Apparently having powers comes with a cost. Daisy’s wrists are covered with bruises and given the medication she got from Yo-Yo, they hurt as hell too. Especially since ‘you can’t get these over the counter’ as  Yo-Yo said to Daisy while handing her the drugs.


Daisy comes across The Ghost Rider and where Daisy goes, S.H.I.E.L.D. can’t be far behind. This time in the form of Coulson and Mack, send by May in the hopes of crossing Daisy. But where Daisy follows the trail of The Ghost Rider, who kills bad people, Coulson and Mack follow a trail that leads them to a mysterious box. When this box opens a mist comes out, which apparently is some sort of a ghost. And when the ghost touches you, you seems to grow really paranoid and make you see things that aren’t really happening. This can lead to you killing everybody around you, as shown by the men in suits. May ends up being touched by the ghost. And at the end the episode she showed the first signs of it, as she saw Coulson’s face morph into a character of The Walking Dead.


Daisy founds The Ghost Rider and her encounter with him wasn’t really a big bowl of sunshine. It looked more like the fires of hell, since The Ghost Rider can set things on fire, including his own skull. But Daisy actually says to him ‘Do it, I deserve it’ implying that he should kill her, that she deserves to die. But instead he stands up and walks away.
The next day we see The Ghost Ride, who goes by Robbie Rayes when his head isn’t a burning skull, helping his disabled brother out of a car and into his wheelchair. And as we see Daisy keeping an eye on him from here van, she says ‘Everybody’s attached to something’, as Yo-Yo said to her earlier.


In other events, Fitz seems to be close to Radcliffe who has build computer voice Aida a body, a naked body as Fitz quite cleverly noted. And Fitz seems to think it’s a good idea to work together with Radcliffe to make Aida some sort of a super S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. All of this reminded me a lot of Buffy and her robot double.

So at the end of this episode, we have one new big bad, one mysterious box and Fitz wanting to make robot agents, which can only go wrong. And we’re left with a promo for next week’s episode

And off course we’re left with the following;

  • Since when is Fitz watching soccer?
  • Apparently Yo-Yo signed the Sakovia accords, what’s up with that?
  • How sweet was it to see Fitz-Simmons cuddle up together in bed.
  • In one episode there where two mentions of ‘the friends we’ll never see again’. Is this a hint to what’s coming? Because I’m hoping for the return of Bobbi and Hunter.

American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 02’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

After last week’s opening episode of My Roanoke Nightmare, I was over excited to see what was going to creep us out next.

No Evan Peters yet, no Lady GaGa but we do meet two familiar AHS faces this week.

First of all Kathy Bates as a very strong determined leader of some kind of Pig-Fetish Nightmare Cult.


In the opening scene she and her community sentence a man to death for stealing, they cut off his hand, nail a pig’s tail to his butt, stuff his head in a bloody pig’s skin, then burn him alive. Not a woman to mess with, so it seems.

There are a lot of repeats going on from the first episode…. creepy sounds at night… more visions…. some good scares. Nothing new yet except that we learn more from the past when a ghost child leads Shelby and Matt to a cellar, where they find a video left by the house’s previous owner (Denis O’Hare). He recounts the tale of two nurses who murdered a bunch of senior citizens on the premises until they were dispatched by a “greater evil,” but they still seem to be haunting the place.

The less interesting part seems to be Lee’s daughter Flora who is staying at the house and is talking to some dead ghost girl. This ghost girl claims they will all die.

The plot is evolving and it has a Sleep No More* feel to it. The promo teaser for this week showed us clips we didn’t see in the actual episode and for some reason it ended 6 minutes too early.

Next week on American Horror Story ; My Roanoke Nightmare

* Sleep No More (If you are in New York, a MUST SEE)


American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 01’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

We were teased until 10pm last Wednesday by master creator Ryan Murphy regarding the theme of the 6th season of American Horror Story. All fans where going nuts and some of them couldn’t even handle the “not knowing” 26 different teasers that kept us guessing but only one of them seems to reveal the real theme they claimed…. agree to disagree. (let’s get back to this later) This unique marketing strategy is a first for a TV series ever.
Murder House was fabulous….
Asylum was stunningly creepy….
Coven was magical….
Freak Show was visual eye candy…
Hotel was high end hot and entertaining….
Wishing for season 6 to be contagious and disturbing.

So here we go;

The first 40 seconds gives us a quick flash forward of some scenes we are going to see this episode and ends with the title;

My Roanoke Nightmare

The new thing this season is that it starts with confessional interviews in the form of a reality show… presented like a paranormal documentary. We get to know the first 3 main characters of this season….. an interracial couple Shelby (Sarah Paulson) and Matt Miller (Cuba Gooding Jr.) After a serious violent random attack in the city they both decide to move to the woods in North Carolina. There all the horror and drama begins.

Very unwanted Hillbillies (think Texas Chainsaw Massacre) start to scare the shit out of Matt and Shelby to drive them away from their home. Lee (Angela Bassett) gets introduced to us as Matt’s sister and former police officer who lost her job after trauma and her heavy addiction on painkillers. Lee stays at the house when Matt is away for work because Shelby doesn’t feel safe after some weird experiences (watch it and you know what I mean).


This season could be one of the most terrifying to date, it is back to basic suspense, no gore yet and all the elements are there. A large house in the woods, a lot of darkness, a disturbing video in the basement, camera’s observing the house, screaming pigs at night, raining teeth and a hot tub outside (OMG …. really?, relaxing in the dark, in the woods, all alone, at night? NEVER!!!)

The end of this first episode gives us a glimpse of a new character played by Wes Bentley. Is this the best opening episode for all AHS series so far? That’s for you to decide. For me, I think it is!

See what’s happening next week;