Season 05: Hotel

Episode 12 – Be Our Guest

Aired: January 13th 2016 on FX

Iris and Liz usher in a new age at the Cortez: one where the guests live. On Devil’s Night 2022, John goes public to reveal what happened to him and his family.

Episode 11 – Battle Royale

January 6th 2016 on FX

While John and his family are reunited at home, Ramona is freed from her prison and is reunited with the Countess after the latter survives being gunned down by Liz and Iris.

Episode 10 – She Gets Revenge

December 16th 2015 on FX

Alex turns to John for help when the Countess gives her an ultimatum concerning the children. Meanwhile, Liz and Iris decide to exit the Cortez in style, while Donavan decides to convince the Countess to love him… or kill him.

Episode 9 – She Wants Revenge

December 9th 2015 on FX

The Countess plans to kill Will to obtain his money, while Ramona plans revenge on the woman who loved and left her.

Episode 8 – The Ten Commandments Killer

December 2nd 2015 on FX

John discovers the true identity of the Ten Commandment Killer and tells his former partner Hahn who the murderer is.

Episode 7 – Flicker

November 18th 2015 on FX

In 1925, the Countess meets her first love… and her husband James. Meanwhile, John has himself committed to confront the Ten Commandment Killer, and construction workers find a sealed wing of the Cortez.

Episode 6 – Room 33

November 11th 2015 on FX

While Iris, Ramona, and Donovan plan their revenge against the Countess, she sends Alex to find her missing child. Meanwhile, Liz finds the love of her life, and John finds an unexpected intruder in his home.

Episode 5 – Room Service

November 4th 2015 on FX

Alex struggles with her new lifestyle, and Liz reveals to Iris in flashback how she came to the Hotel Cortez. Meanwhile, John spends the night with Sally, and the Countess hires a new governess.

Episode 4 – Devil’s Night

October 28th 2015 on FX

James invites John to his exclusive autumnal banquet, while Alex demands answers from the Countess.

Episode 3 – Mommy

October 21st 2015 on FX

Living at the Cortez takes its toll on John, who receives a surprise visit from Alex. Meanwhile, Donovan meets the Countess’ lover from the late 70s, and the Countess plans to marry Will and strip him of his money.

Episode 2 – Chutes and Ladders

October 14th 2015 on FX

John learns the secrets of the murder hotel from Iris, and meets Sally. Meanwhile, Scarlett finds Holden, and the Countess take a new lover.

Episode 1 – Checking IN

October 7th 2015 on FX

Detective John Lowe investigates a series of gruesome murder/revenge crimes in Los Angeles, and a call from the killer leads him to the Hotel Cortez. Meanwhile, two tourists check into the hotel and discover that checking out is much harder. And the Countess and Donovan go to see a movie.