Season 04: Freak Show

Episode 13 – Curtain Call

January 21st 2015 on FX

Dandy prepares for his big performance, but the freaks have other plans. Meanwhile, Elsa goes to Hollywood and all of her dreams come true… except for the most important one of all.

Episode 12 – Show Stoppers

January 14th 2015 on FX

Maggie tries to prove her loyalty to Jimmy. Meanwhile, the Twins receive troubling information about Chester.

Episode 11 – Magical Thinking

January 7th 2015 on FX

Elsa decides who will own the freak show after she leaves for Hollywood. Meanwhile, a new performer is attracted to the Tattlers, and Dell and Eve set out to rescue Jimmy from jail.

Episode 10 – Orphans

December 17th 2014 on FX

After Salty’s death, Elsa decides to take Pepper back to her sister. Meanwhile, Maggie asks Desiree for help in exposing Stanley and his plans for the freaks.

Episode 9 – Tupperware Party Massacre

December 10th 2014 on FX

Dandy comes to Maggie to get his fortune told. Meanwhile, Regina summons Colquitt when Dandy tells her what he’s done, and Stanley and Elsa assure the Tattlers that Dr. Candy will soon be coming to separate them.

Episode 8 – Blood Bath

December 3rd 2014 on FX

When Ethel confronts Elsa over Ma Petite’s death, Elsa explains how she obtained her wooden legs. Meanwhile, Gloria receives psychiatric advice about Dandy, Elsa recruits a new freak, and Desiree offers to help Penny deal with Vince.

Episode 7 – Test of Strength

November 19th 2014 on FX

Stanley blackmails Dell into procuring a freak for him. However, when Dell chooses the wrong victim, the camp’s females rally against him. Meanwhile, Jimmy confronts his father and Penny’s father gives her a going away present.

Episode 6 – Bullseye

November 12th 2014 on FX

Elsa orders the freaks to celebrate her birthday with a week of festivities. However, when one of them betrays her she demands that he take his place on the Wheel. Meanwhile, Maggie refuses to murder Jimmy for Stanley and plots to kill Ma Petite.

Episode 5 – Pink Cupcakes

November 5th 2014 on FX

Stanley tries to convince Elsa to go into television, as a ruse to get hold of the Tattler Twins and sell their body to the Morbidity Museum. Meanwhile, Maggie tries to warn Jimmy, and Dandy commits his first murder.

Episode 4 – Edward Mordrake, Pt 2

October 29th 2014 on FX

While the ghostly Edward Mordrake stalks the freak show, Jimmy and Maggie encounter Twisty and Elsa speaks of her days in Germany during the War.

Episode 3 – Edward Mordrake, Pt 1

October 22nd 2014 on FX

A fortune teller arrives at the freak show looking for work, and impresses Elsa with her insight… and Jimmy with her beauty. Meanwhile, the freaks refuse to perform on Halloween because of the story that the ghost of Edward Mordrake will come seeking to add a freak to his collection.

Episode 2 – Massacres and Matinees

October 15th 2014 on FX

When Bette reveals that she can’t sing, Dot demonstrates an unexpected talent. Meanwhile, a strongman and his wife arrive at the show seeking employment, and Dandy makes a new friend.

Episode 1 – Monsters Among Us

October 8th 2014 on FX

A milkman makes a horrifying discovery at a farmhouse. The surviving victim is taken to the hospital, where freak show proprietor Elsa Marks pays them a visit.