Season 02: Asylum

Episode 13 – Madness Ends

January 23rd 2013 on FX

While Lana tries to shut down Briarcliff for good, in the present Bloody Face’s son continues his father’s work.

Episode 12 – Continuum

January 16th 2013 on FX

Jude faces another threat to her life when a new inmate joins Briarcliff. Meanwhile, Grace turns increasingly distracted as her obsession with her alien abductors grows.

Episode 11 – Split Milk

January 9th 2013 on FX

When Jude threatens to bring down Briarcliff, Howard takes extreme measures. Meanwhile, Grace gives Kit a message and Thredson receives a visitor.

Episode 10 – The Name Game

January 2nd 2013 on FX

While Arden concludes his experiments, Howard meets Mary Eunice’s inner self and Kit has an unexpected reunion.

Episode 9 – The Coat Hanger

December 12th 2012 on FX

Lana receives startling news from Mary Eunice. Meanwhile, Arden sets out to learn what happened to Grace and Monsignor Howard takes on a true believer.

Episode 8 – Unholy Night

December 5th 2012 on FX

While a killer Santa stalks the sanitarium, Sister Jude battles Satan himself and Arden enters the Death Chute.

Episode 7 – Dark Cousin

November 28th 2012 on FX

While Kit tries to reunite with Grace, Mary Eunice discovers that a dark force has invaded Briarcliff.

Episode 6 – The Origins of Monstrosity

November 21st 2012 on FX

While Howard makes a deal with Arden that he may live to regret, a young girl is dropped off at Briarcliff. Meanwhile, the true identity of Bloody Face is revealed.

Episode 5 – I Am Anne Frank (2)

November 14th 2012 on FX

Bloody Mask’s identity is revealed after Kit makes a confession. Meanwhile, Sister Jude learns about Arden’s past and brings in a Nazi hunter to get the proof she needs to deal with the doctor and the threat he poses to her control.

Episode 4 – I Am Anne Frank (1)

November 7th 2012 on FX

While Kit learns the real reason that Grace is in Briarcliff, Arden must cope with a patient who claims to be Anne Frank… and can reveal his twisted past.

Episode 3 – Nor’easter

October 31st 2012 on FX

Kit, Grace, and Shelley plan to use a storm as a distraction to escape. Meanwhile, Sister Jude faces a ghost from her past and Arden begins to lose his nerve, while Lana finds an ally in Dr. Thredson.

Episode 2 – Tricks and Treats

October 24th 2012 on FX

The staff summon an exorcist to deal with a possessed farm boy, while Sister Jude’s dark past is revealed and Lana and Grace plan an escape.

Episode 1 – Welcome to Briarcliff

October 17th 2012 of FX

An insane asylum plays host to a deranged serial killer who stalks the borders between insanity and reality.