Season 04

Episode 22 – World’s End

Aida sets out to destroy the world with the help of the Darkhold, and only Ghost Rider can stop her. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. is framed for weaponing the Inhumans and the authorities close in on the team.

Episode 21 – The Return

While Coulson and Melinda try to escape the rig, Jemma and Daisy find themselves under attack. Meanwhile, Aida revels in the joys of becoming human.

Episode 20 – Farewell, Cruel World!

Daisy and Jemma take the team to the backdoor, only to discover that Aida has anticipated them. Meanwhile, Fitz discovers that his father is dead and who is responsible, and sets out to exact vengeance.

Episode 19 – All the Madame’s Men

Daisy and Melinda escape the Triskelion and go on the run from Hydra. Meanwhile, Jemma realizes what Aida has planned, and Holden tells Alistair who he is in the real world.

Episode 18 – No Regrets

Coulson and Jeffrey break into an Enlightenment Center to rescue a prisoner with valuable information about Project Looking Glass. Meanwhile, Fitz meets with an unexpected ally, and Jemma tries to convince Grant and Jeffrey that their world isn’t real.

Episode 17 – Identity and Change

While Daisy tries to get Holden’s location via Hydra’s databases, Coulson and Jemma meet with the head of the resistance. Meanwhile, Aida tells Fitz her version of the truth about the Framework.

Episode 16 – What If…

Jemma and Daisy discover that things have gone horribly wrong in the Framework, when they realize that Hydra now rules the world and ruthlessly hunts down and exterminates Inhumans.

Episode 15 – Self Control

Fitz and Jemma realize that they may be the only senior staff that haven’t been replaced with LMDs. Meanwhile, Aida makes her own plans to protect the Framework.

Episode 14 – The Man Behind the Shield

The team follows a series of clues left by the Superior designed to bring them to their opponent’s base… and the trap that he’s set for them.

Episode 13 – BOOM

The Superior sends Terrence to trigger Terragenesis in Nadeer, believing that she’s an Inhuman. However, they all got an explosive surprise. Meanwhile, Coulson and Mack track down the woman that Aida’s appearance was based on and try to use her to find Melinda.

Episode 12 – Hot Potato Soup

The Superior and his men abduct Billy Koenig to get the location of the Darkhold from him. While Coulson and his field team go after Sam, Fitz, Jemma, and Mack deal with the Holden LMD that they captured.

Episode 11 – Wake Up

Coulson authorizes a mission to bug Nadeer’s office against Talbot’s advice, but things go bad. Meanwhile, Holden finds the key to keeping Melinda imprisoned, and Fitz finds out what his friend is up to.

Episode 10 – The Patriot

After an attempt on Jeffrey’s life, Coulson and Mack escort him to safety… and discover the secret of his Inhuman abilities. Meanwhile, Fitz promises the decapitated Aida that he’ll try to restore her, and Melinda wakes up in Holden’s apartment.

Episode 09 – Broken Promises

Jemma confirms Vijay’s identity, and she, Jeffrey, and Daisy go to rescue him from his sister and the Watchdogs. Meanwhile, Aida attacks S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ in an attempt to obtain the Darkhold.

Episode 08 – The Laws of Inferno Dynamics

When Eli creates a nuclear bomb using his new powers, Fitz realizes where he is getting his energies from… and that they threaten to destroy LA. The team has to take Eli down before it’s too late, but Eli manages to take Ghost Rider out of commission.

Episode 07 – Deals with Our Devils

Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie disappear and their teammates assume that they’re dead… unaware that they’re out of phase, intangible, and invisible. Meanwhile, Mack loses hope and the vengeance demon seeks a now host.

Episode 06 – The Good Samaritan

How Robbie became Ghost Rider is revealed, after Jeffrey boards the Quinjet looking for Robbie and Daisy. Meanwhile, Lucy forces Eli to reveal the secrets of the Darkhold.

Episode 05 – Lockup

Coulson and his people break into prison to free Eli before Lucy finds him. Meanwhile, Jeffrey goes before the nation to debate Senator Nadeer about the Inhuman issue.

Episode 04 – Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

Daisy turns to Jemma for help, while Mack and Coulson pay a visit to Robbie’s uncle Eli and encounter Ghost Rider. Meanwhile, Holden and Fitz use Melinda to test to see if Aida can pass as human.

Episode 03 – Uprising

Coulson, Mack and Fitz try to locate and neutralize a rogue group looking to stop Inhuman Registration worldwide; Simmons and Dr. Radcliffe have only a short time to save May before she succumbs to her illness.

Episode 02 – Meet the New Boss

Daisy battles Ghost Rider, but at a big cost. Also: Coulson faces the new Director, who reveals his bold agenda.

Episode 01 – The Ghost

S.H.I.E.L.D. is legitimized again, and Coulson and Mack lead the team while Melinda teams new teams and Fitz and Jemma continue their relationship.