Season 03

Episode 22 – Ascension

Coulson and his team take on Hive before he can set off the warhead and transform the world’s population into his Inhuman slaves. However, one team member will sacrifice themselves to stop the Inhuman leader.

Episode 21 – Absolution

Hive’s master plan is completely revealed, forcing S.H.I.E.L.D. into action.

Episode 20 – Emancipation

Talbot demands that Coulson register the S.H.I.E.L.D. Inhumans, and is less than thrilled to learn about the threat of Hive. Meanwhile, Daisy helps Lincoln to escape the base so that he can join her.

Episode 19 – Failed Experiments

While a S.H.I.E.L.D. strike team goes after Hive, Mack tries to rescue Daisy before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Fitz and Jemma create an anti-toxin against Hive’s parasites, and Lincoln insists on testing it on himself.

Episode 18 – The Singularity

Fitzsimmons tries to find a way to stop Hive as he continues to recruit Inhumans to his side.

Episode 17 – The Team

Daisy and her team of Inhumans rescue Coulson and his people from Hydra. However, they soon learn that despite their apparent success, a traitor within the team threatens to tear S.H.I.E.L.D. apart from the inside.

Episode 16 – Paradise Lost

Gideon wrestles with his past as Hive calls a meeting of Hydra’s inner council. Meanwhile, Daisy and Lincoln look for a former Afterlifer with information on Hive, while the others investigate Hydra’s newest business acquisition.

Episode 15 – Spacetime

Daisy gets a terrifying glimpse into the future and S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to prove her vision isn’t set in stone.

Episode 14 – Watchdogs

A new group, the Watchdogs, go public and destroy an ATCU facility as they declare on the war on the Inhumans and the ATCU. Meanwhile, Mack tries to spend some downtime with his brother.

Episode 13 – Parting Shot

Bobbi and Hunter follow Gideon to a compound in Russia, and discover what he has in mind for the Inhumans in Russia.

Episode 12 – The Inside Man

President Ellis sponsors an international symposium on the Inhuman problem, and Coulson and Talbot must attend it. Along the way, they try to find Malick’s inside man. Meanwhile, a foe from the past makes a return, and the team find a potential vaccine against Terrigenesis.

Episode 11 – Bouncing Back

Coulson and President Ellis come to an arrangement, and Coulson begins the hunt for Malick. Meanwhile, Daisy leads a team to Bogota to track down a rogue Inhuman, and discovers that there’s more involved than they first thought.

Episode 10 – Maveth

On the alien planet, Coulson hunts down Grant to get revenge for Rosalind’s death. Meanwhile on Earth, the team secure the portal in the hopes of bringing their comrades home.

Episode 09 – Closure

Coulson swears to do whatever it takes to bring in Grant, after the rogue agent strikes at someone close to Coulson. Meanwhile, Gideon captures Jemma and Fitz, and Mack convinces Joey and Lincoln to join the new team of Inhumans.

Episode 08 – Many Heads, One Tale

While Coulson’s team infiltrate the ATCU base, Coulson interrogates Rosalind about what they discover during the break-in. Meanwhile, Gideon explains to Grant the true origins of Hydra.

Episode 07 – Chaos Theory

While Fitz helps Jemma recover the information from her phone that could help the team open the portal, Coulson and Rosalind join forces to track down Andrew after Lincoln comes in out of the cold to confirm that Andrew is Lash.

Episode 06 – Among Us Hide…

Coulson accompanies Rosalind to the ATCU facility, while Daisy, Mack, and Lance run surveillance on Banks. Meanwhile, Melinda takes Bobbi with her to track down the man who attacked Andrew.

Episode 05 – 4,722 Hours

Jemma tells Fitz about what happened to her on the alien planet… and the man who helped her survive.

Episode 04 – Devils You Know

While Coulson and Rosalind launch their first joint operation to find Lash, Melinda worries that Lance is too invested in his attempts to kill Grant.

Episode 03 – A Wanted (Inhu)man

While Mack and Daisy try to get to Lincoln before the ACTU does, Lance and Melinda try to get close to Grant. Meanwhile, Fitz nurses Jemma back to health after her rescue.

Episode 02 – Purpose in the Machine

The team turns to Elliott for help figuring out where the monolith took Jemma, and he leads them to a castle in Gloucestershire. Meanwhile, Lance prepares to hunt down Grant and turns to Melinda for help.

Episode 01 – Laws of Nature

While Fitz tries to get Jemma back, Coulson and Skye discover that another organization is also hunting Inhumans.