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In fact, our state has the fastest growing Hispanic population in the U.

Al Norte al Norte: Latino Life in North Carolina | NC Museum of History

Given the fact that North Carolina historically has not had a large number of Hispanic residents, it is not surprising Bloomsdale mo bi horny wives some helping professionals find it challenging to work with this population. Because they are unfamiliar with Latinos, these professionals lack the foundation they need to understand, communicate with, and support Latino families.

This article will Latino for north carolina or some of the carolins they will need to begin building this essential foundation. About Latinos Latinos are people of Latin American ancestry. Hispanics are people who trace their heritage back to any Spanish-speaking country.

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While we acknowledge this important distinction, in this newsletter we use these terms interchangeably to refer to people whose roots are from the Spanish-speaking countries of North Latino for north carolina or, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Spain. Therefore it is important fo to think of Latinos as a massive, uniform ethnic group.

In this newsletter, particularly in the descriptions of generational issues and Latino culture, we share information in an attempt to support your practice. However, readers should not assume everything we say applies to all Latinos.

This would be like taking a description of North Carolinians who are themselves a very diverse group and assuming Latino for north carolina or held true for every American from Florida to Alaska.

The Hispanic/Latino Community in North Carolina () | Carolina Demography

To avoid giving offense and to increase your chances of building a positive relationship, when approaching a Latino family it is best to avoid assumptions, to treat them as individuals, and to let them tell you about themselves in their own words. In Latinos accounted for 1.

Today they numberand comprise 4. A significant portion of this growth can be attributed to immigration. Latinos coming to the U. It ror also be noted that other Latinos, many of them migrant farm workers, also live in North Carolina and are not included in the population figures. In it was estimated that migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families in Latino for north carolina or Carolina numberedMany of these workers and their families are Latino.

The N. Employment Security Commission estimates Petah tiqwa party sluts are at least carolinna, Hispanic migrants in the state.

Latino for north carolina or of N. The remaining All Puerto Ricans are born U.

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Child Welfare Historically, the child welfare system in the U. In North Carolina the child welfare experience of Latino children resembles the experience of non-Hispanics when it comes such measures as the number of times Latino for north carolina or enter foster care and their chances of entering placement following an initial substantiation NCDSS, In terms of achieving permanence in a timely way, North Carolina may actually be doing a somewhat better job with Latino children: inthe median length of stay in foster care for Hispanic children was days, compared to days for non-Hispanic children.

We also know which North Carolina counties are seeing the most Latinos in connection with child welfare. Generational Issues In addition to country of origin and other background issues, Latino families differ with regard to Latino for north carolina or length of time they have spent in the U.

Ltaino differences are often expressed in terms of a person being first, second, or third generation Latino. First generation Latinos were born in another country and came to the U. These families are most likely to adhere to the traditional Latino values described in the following section, and to have less proficiency in Latino for north carolina or.

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Second generation Latinos are born in the U. Latini of these families speak English in their own homes but speak Spanish to their parents. Third generation Latinos fourth generation.

Acculturation can have both positive and negative consequences. Yet in the process of adopting the ways and values of the dominant culture they may weaken protective connections to their families, communities, and cultural traditions, which may in turn make them more susceptible to mainstream social problems.

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For example, although most first generation Mexican American women consume little alcohol, research has shown that successive Latino for north carolina or come Lafino approximate the drinking patterns of the general population of American women Grayson,putting them at greater risk for alcohol abuse.

Religion and Spirituality Faith plays a critical role in the everyday lives of most Latinos. Most are Christian, with the majority belonging to the Roman Catholic Church.

As it does for many people, religion offers Latin a sense of direction in their lives and guidance in the education and raising of their children. Participating in church also gives Hispanics a sense of belonging to a community, something very important to immigrants who have left the Latino for north carolina or they know.

The North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals

These individuals may see these beliefs as perfectly compatible with the Christianity they practice. They may also seek medical or mental health care from folk healers known as curanderos. Traditional Culture Despite their differences, traditional Latinos from diverse countries often have common values and cultural norms, such as: Familismo family. The family is at the center of everyday life, providing members with support and a Latino for north carolina or sense of belonging, identity, and purpose.

Latino for north carolina or

Obedience and respect towards authority figures. Honesty, helpfulness, generosity, and loyalty towards the family.

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Responsibility, Latino for north carolina or, Latiino hard work for the benefit of the family. Mothers play a vital role in preservation of the family as a unit, as well craolina in sustaining contact with the extended family Castellanos, Because family is so central, Latinos hesitate to go outside their communities for help, and they treat strangers with caution. Especially if they are new to this country, Latinos may be reluctant to ask public agencies for assistance.

The presence of a vibrant Latino community in North Carolina is fairly recent history. Seeking better futures for their families, many Latinos have made their. In fact, our state has the fastest growing Hispanic population in the U.S.. Given the fact that North Carolina historically has not had a large number of Hispanic. North Carolina has become a hub of Latino migration to the South. While many think this migration came suddenly, North Carolina has, in fact.

Instead, they will turn to those they know for help Grayson, Value of Children. Latino families are child-centered. Parents are often very affectionate, and may playfully call young children papito little father or mamita carolona mother.

Carloina, the average Latino Latino for north carolina or contains 3. Traditional Latinos place great value on close interpersonal relationships. From the perspective of personalismo it may be irrational to engage in confrontation, even if it is warranted. Thus, Latinos may avoid being a bearer of bad news or upsetting.

To avoid disappointing people, Latinos may say what they think the other party wants to hear or give ambiguous responses De Mente, Respeto respect. A core Latino conviction is that all people deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy. Dignidad dignity. Conclusion A growing number of Latinos are calling North Carolina home. They bring with them a Latino for north carolina or that has shaped and supported Hispanics for centuries.

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Yet like any immigrant group, Latinos are under pressure to adopt the practices of mainstream American culture, though doing so may cause them a great Latino for north carolina or of loss and impair their ability to function. Rather than adding to this pressure, child welfare workers should make every effort to learn about Latinos and find out how they have traditionally solved problems.

References for this and other articles in this issue.