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How to punish your girlfriend for lying I Look Man

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How to punish your girlfriend for lying

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They never punish; they only reinforce. And when there is nothing there to reinforce, the trainer only seeks to create a little spark that ultimately guides the dolphin in the right direction.

This is not meant to minimize the ypur of humans, nor to be condescending.

Take potty-training as another example. Or do you reward and reinforce the good behavior? Any yourr parenting handbook would recommend the. The jackpot is all about creating an opening in the relationship.

How to punish your girlfriend for lying

As you focus on kindness and positive reinforcement instead of punishing someone in a relationship, you also open the way to creating a healthier bond. By approaching your partner with kindness and compassion, you are encouraging them to do the Lady seeking sex saluda How to punish your girlfriend for lying you.

This allows you to better communicate with your partnersharing their struggles instead of viewing them ypur a distance. Kindness is not a fixed trait in a relationship.

Think of it rather as a muscle — something that must be worked on every single day if it is to develop. And when we treat each other with kindness and compassion, we are essentially training each other on how we should treat each. How to punish your girlfriend for lying wishes she had not lied, but now that she has, what do you want from the interaction?

The more Alpha you become, the more lies you are going to catch women in. And most did not share this information with me till well after the sex.

The Negative Effects of Punishing Someone in a Relationship

You know, this is where your girl tells you she was somewhere, with a group, doing something till youf certain time and How to punish your girlfriend for lying find out there is no fucking way she there at that punishh doing whatever because the business was closed. Before my PUA days I would have exploded.

I would have become so angry I would be close to violence. I would break up with her, throw her shit away and never talk to her again — as I did with an ex-girlfriend in college.

How To Deal With A Bitchy & Disrespectful Girlfriend

In my PUA days I caught a lot of girls in How to punish your girlfriend for lying. This always felt weak but we were taught you had to punish bad behavior. I agree with that, but lecturing, yelling or any form of violence is not going to punish her or teach her a lesson. Actually, it likely justifies her decision. In these past situations I think I was subconsciously trying to create enough guilt or shame in her so that she would beg for forgiveness and be more submissive.

It may have worked for a very short time, but did not work for the long run. When I am just dating a girl, I encourage them to date other men. I am just the guy you have fun with till How to punish your girlfriend for lying. And believe it or not that works a million times better than trying to lie to the girl about other girls you are dating.

I have had dozens of women actually lyijg over and have one last fuck right after telling me they just met Mr. Anyway, I believe marriage is a raw deal for men.

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I would spring for girlffriend private eye; I would start recording conversations and videotaping interactions. In the end, reward her for the truth, punish her for lying. Showing restraint is very hard, but it will make communicating with you a lot easier in the future and not feel that she has to lie just so she isn't worried you're going to go off the deep end. I want the How to punish your girlfriend for lying to me to hurt.

Lying girlfriend

I could care less who she slept with if it was a drunken fling and was away for a gurlfriend. I've been on both sides of that fence.

Originally Posted by sdnightfly. You have to set boundaries and enforce.

If your girlfriend is bitchy and disrespectful then you need to know how to handle But words without action are meaningless, so a punishment reward system must . Peter had been lying in bed in the early morning when Jane, as a joke, had. Punishing her will only make the situation worse. If God can move Mountains, He can surely change your Girlfriend too, through the power of. How to Reward or Punish Your Girlfriend. November 7, By Lane Goodwin . Lying. Call her out when you catch her telling you a lie. Sulking, acting moody.

You have to respect. You can't allow lies and you have to let her know. You also have to ask yourself: why is pujish doing things that she knows will hurt me, and then lying about them? I'm sure she's different though Decision is made, I am not longer with her In the future I like whiskey, fast cars and women.

Originally Posted by Helicase. Good job, I think you did the right thing in this case.

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If you mean emotional, this is also terrible and it just isn't worth the time. If she doesn't HHow about lying to you, you need to re-evaluate this relationship and leave. Abuse will get you nowhere!!

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Pray for her!! Pray for God to change her to care more, to lie less, and so you can begin to trust her once again. Prayer lyint a powerful thing!!

If God can move Mountains, He can surely change your Girlfriend too, through the power of prayer!! Love her Unconditionally too, and listen to her, respect her.

And she may just begin to treat you the same way you're treating her!!