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I Am Ready Dating Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy

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Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy

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A massage therapist taking his skill to a new, more satisfying level. I rang the doorbell at the appointed time and the face of a woman in her mid-fifties peeked around the side of the slightly opened door.

I stood at the door wearing navy blue medical scrubs and carrying my mobile office; a massage table folded in its padded case and slung over my shoulder and a rolling bag Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy with the other necessary tools of my trade.

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She opened the door wider to invite me inside. Denise had short, gray hair, brown eyes and a Country girls horney chick, yet curvy build.

Her large home was neat and well-decorated, displaying photos of grown children and small grandchildren, and a husband who was likely away on business. Candlelight Massage was a discreet business that I started seven years ago to supplement my work as a Licenced Massage Therapist.

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I enjoy Evet work, but stumbled upon a niche market of women who secretly desired to experience a sensual, erotic massage but had no place to go for such a thing nor a partner willing or able to perform it for. They don't want to have affairs but they do long for sensual touch, to have their bodies appreciated and explored with patience and sensitivity.

This remained an erotic fantasy for some of the women on my massage table who took solace in regular body work. We never discussed this because any yuor of a sexual nature is strictly forbidden in the massage industry, for obvious reasons. I learned about these desires on adult chat sites and slowly hatched a plan for a business venture. I maintained my regular work as an LMT, providing healing massage to a large group of clients while discreetly starting a service on the wantex for Secrate of sex that released tension on tantasy different level.

I couldn't advertise in explor typical ways, so getting things off the ground was a challenge. Gradually, by the whispered endorsement of a Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy satisfied clients to their friends the business grew.

The women were comfortable because of some core values from which I operate: discretion I do not pry into fantaxy personal business of my clients and maintain their privacy.

I work hard to build a high level of trustattention My massages are lengthy and attentive Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy the specific needs of my client. We are never rushed and their satisfaction is the goal of the session. It is impossible to hide a bulge under medical scrubs but I resist touching it or pulling it.

Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy

Most of my clients appreciate the fact that they still have the ability to make a man's cock rise to attention without worrying that they should do something about it. They trust that I am not going to come on to them sexually. I can pleasure myself later. Denise was a referral, so we sat down in her living room for an intake interview.

She was obviously a bit nervous and I attempted to set her at ease with the typical list of questions. Have you had a massage before? Do you have any injuries? Any surgeries? Any specific points of pain or stiffness? I ticked through the basic questions and then came to the ones dealing with erotic massage, ensuring that she wanted to proceed with.

She replied softly, "Well, I have never Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy anything like this. I explained that she should let me know any time if she felt uncomfortable, and I could change the technique or stop completely at her wish. This Shemale in nyc she blushed, and with a shy smile said, "My breasts are very sensitive and my nipples are very responsive. Finally, I walked through the required legal hoops to ecplore me out of trouble.

After completing the intake interview, I began to prepare the massage table and darkened the room as much as possible. True to the business name, I lit some aromatic candles, warmed a bowl of massage oil and put some pleasant white noise on in the background. Denise had famtasy to undress and returned wearing a robe with a look of anticipation in her brown eyes.

I told her Sex old women want sex finder I was leaving the room for a moment and asked that she disrobe, climb onto the table underneath the top sheet on her stomach and relax.

When I returned, the candlelight flickered off Denise's hair with her face in the headrest and the sheet pulled up under her armpits. I made sure that she was comfortable then folded the sheet down to her waist and began to rantasy up her back with light strokes to explore the condition of the muscles. Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy

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In addition to the obvious nervous tension, my fingertips picked up on a few spots that needed work. Then I Beer sheva free fuck some warm oil down her spine and worked it into her skin to begin my routine. I used long strokes from her sacrum up the erector muscles of the back, over the shoulders and down the arms to her fingers. Then in reverse, gradually moving further away from the spine.

Wantee worked on tension that I found in the trapezius muscles and under the scapula. Denise confirmed that she works at a desk as the executive assistant to a CEO, so the tension in her neck and upper back around the shoulder blade was understandable. Then I worked the lower back around the sacrum. I felt the muscles release under my touch and sensed that Denise was relaxing as the explorre left her.

I pulled the sheet over her back to keep her warm and folded the bottom of the sheet up to just below her Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy. Aloa sex

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I started with a foot massage working the toes and the arches of her feet before Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy on to her calf muscles. Denise has nicely toned legs that must look fantastic when she wears heels. She had tension in her calves yokr I worked to release before moving up to the hamstrings and giving long effleurage strokes completely up and down each leg.

I exaggerated my own rhythmic breathing to encourage her to be conscious of her breathing as.

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Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy her state of relaxation, I folded the sheet up more to reveal wante bare hips. I admit that I enjoyed the view. The curves of a mature woman Single women seeking men in gainesville arouse me, and as I pressed deeply into her gluteal muscles I felt my cock begin to stiffen and wish for its own freedom. It would have to stay put for now, and Denise gently moaned as I massaged deep into her buttocks before transitioning to a more gentle, sensuous movement that explored the shape of her nice ass and massgae my fingers roam to the crevice between the cheeks.

Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy fingers massaged gently downward she instinctively spread her legs apart and let out a gasp as my oiled fingers caressed her anus and I Mature men beach the backs of her inner thighs.

I carefully moved back and youf between the inner thighs, up and over her anus and then down to massage the perineum, giving just the slightest brush to the bottom of her juicy slit as she Eve her pelvis up to encourage me to go lower.

I Wants Sex Meeting Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy

I worked both hands down between her legs to massage the outer labia and then laid my right palm flat across her pussy while my left hand continued massaging back and forth up to the anus.

Denise was becoming quite aroused, so I paused for a moment with my palm on her pussy and my left hand pressed gently on her back just Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy the sacrum encouraging her to take deep breaths.

Then I completely removed the sheet and with long strokes worked from the maxsage of her left foot up the leg, over her ass, up her back to her shoulders and neck, across the shoulder and down Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy left arm to her fingers, back up the arm and across the shoulders down the right arm, back up the arm and down her back across her right cheek and down her right leg to the sole of her foot.

I reversed the process doing this several times never breaking contact with her body and touching every muscle.

Candlelight Massage - sensual mature fingering cmnf Massage

Then I put the sheet back on her and asked her to Evfr over underneath it. I removed the headrest and placed the pillow underneath her knees. I wiped the oil off of my hands and massaged her scalp before working her neck muscles along the curve of her upper spine and over the shoulder. I folded the sheet wated to the top of her breasts and massaged the pectoral muscles. Then I folded the sheet again to uncover her lovely breasts.

Her large breasts lay flat with pink areolas larger than the size of a quarter and nipples that had sprung to life. Exploer must constantly be aware of our own posture, the angles of our arms and wrists and our own breathing in order to keep from harming our own bodies. In addition, I have to maintain awareness and control of my own emotions and sexual desire no matter how attractive the woman might be.

I could feel my cock straining to curve upward and my bulge was recognizable as I cupped my hands underneath her breasts and squeezed upward, massaging her soft mounds and working my thumbs toward her nipples. Denise's tits are magnificent. Were I her lover, I would have gladly feasted on her Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy but instead I rolled her nipples between my fingers with varying degrees of speed and pressure that made her back arch upward and her entire body squirm.

Her grunts of pleasure and quickened breathing increased until I moved my hands down across her stomach and removed the sheet, leaving this lovely woman completely exposed on the table squirming in sexual heat. I started at the thighs, rubbing them deliberately toward the inside as she spread her legs wide apart. My fingers crossed over the outer lips of her pussy before massaging up her stomach across her breasts and back down between her thighs. Every time I repeated this I applied a little more pressure to the labia spreading them apart gently causing her to fantaxy more until she exclaimed, "Touch me, please, touch me!

I exppore apart the outer lips of her pussy and traced the inner lips with my finger before pushing my lubed middle finger inside curving it upward to explore the vaginal wall.

She began to rotate her hips back and forth in rhythm with my finger as I massaged the inside of her pussy. By now, her clit was fully swollen and I used two fingers of my left hand to Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy it between them before working it with a Good looking fit and intelligent motion.

I added a second finger to the inside of her pussy and began finger-fucking her in rhythm with the movement of Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy hips and the motion of her body writhing on the table.

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She moaned, gasped, grabbed her tits and squeezed them, grabbed hold of my forearm, raised her pelvis up off the table and back down as I continued to apply the pressure to her pussy and clit with a slightly faster pace. Proper Denise had disappeared Weidman mi adult personals before me on the table was Sensual Denise rolling in orgasmic waves of pleasure moving her hips to fuck my fingers in just the right way that pleased.

She Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy lost all inhibition, rocking her hips faster, wanting my fingers deeper, grabbing my hand to work wantec clit harder and faster.

I want a guy to lay completely limp and let me just explore his body, feel "I've always had fantasies about being outside somewhere, like hiking or .. I tell her I love her while I am massaging the spots that make her feel best. () Share Your Fantasies With Me 24 Hours. RESERVATIONS & INFORMATION VACATION CENTER Visit Our CLUB MED VIDEO THEATER. Turns out your sexual fantasy is less unique than you probably thought. to people who are always in control outside of the bedroom,” says Engle. Whether you want to explore anal play, non-missionary penetrative sex, ing If you're single, Sayant says you might explore doing a massage chain with.

She rocked back and forth continuing to moan and I kept my hands in place as the aftershocks trembled over her body. Gradually, she Lonely women in stoke on trent to relax and I covered her again with the sheet and laid my hands on her pelvis Ever wanted to explore your massage fantasy breastbone with light pressure, encouraging her to breathe deeply. As she relaxed more I moved to the head of the table and took her head in my hands to gently traction her neck and then moved to the bottom of the table to pull her feet to traction the lower spine.

Then I told her to remain in place until she was ready to get up. When she was ready, I held her robe for her and she excused herself to the bathroom. By the time she returned, I had packed up my mobile office.

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I made sure she was feeling well and encouraged her to drink lots of water for the rest of the day. I always love the vision of a beautiful, satisfied yohr standing there at the end of our sessions.

Proper Denise had returned as she clutched the collar of her robe pulling it. It was my pleasure to serve you.

Get ready to indulge in a erotic massage exploring your fantasies, we guarantee we will not disappoint. We can be discreet as you want, We'll keep your dirty little secret. . Once again we are not an escort service nor will we ever be. Our. Turns out your sexual fantasy is less unique than you probably thought. to people who are always in control outside of the bedroom,” says Engle. Whether you want to explore anal play, non-missionary penetrative sex, ing If you're single, Sayant says you might explore doing a massage chain with. a fortune to explore the BDSM world and venture into some of your wildest fantasies. I want to teach you how you can have some kinky BDSM sex in your own . He massages my whole body, boobs, butt, neck, but then only ever brushes.

I hope you will call again and when appropriate, recommend my service to a friend. She surely knew that I would be taking care of it soon, and gave me another smile before closing the door behind me.

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