This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 18 ‘Moonshadow’

Written by M.

The unthinkable has happened. The creators of This Is Us let me down.
All season long it’s been one plot twist after another, every episode had the power to bring me to tears. And yes I easily cry watching TV, but I’ve never had a series that made me cry every episode, but This Is Us was on a roll. That is, until last night.

They promised us an “Impactful and upsetting” episode, but was it?
Sure, they threw in another twist and Jack lives to see another season, but my eyes stayed dry the entire episode. Yes, Jack and Rebecca had a huge fight, one that will impact the lives of their children as Jack will stay at Miguel´s for a while. But it was pretty much the same fight they had last week. Only new thing about this was Jack and alcohol, and even that wasn’t new.

Last week´s episode left us with questions. Will Kevin go back to LA and leave Sophie behind? Why does Kate think that she is responsible for Jack’s death? What will Randall do now that William is dead and he quit his job? Why doesn’t Sophie want to face Kate? It kept us longing for more. But this week? Not only did we hardly get any answers, there wasn’t really anything new. Yes, the fight was bigger that any they had before, as far as we know, and Jack will go to Miguel’s, but that wasn’t really a big shock. There were big, bright neon signs telling us that. So what was the “impactful and upsetting part”? I didn’t see it. I actually checked the duration of the episode to see if there was a part of the episode missing. I was still waiting for the bomb to drop to make this episode emotional, especially since it was set out to be emotional AF. Or at least according to Jon Huertas (Miguel), who said that tissues won’t do.

So wasn’t there anything good about this season finale? Sure, there were good moments. It was nice to see how Jack and Rebecca’s love story started. And it was interesting to see that Jack was about to head down the criminal path, but that meeting Rebecca changed everything. But the best part of the episode was Jack telling Rebecca all the reasons of why he loves her now.

“I love the mother that you are.
I love that you are still the most beautiful woman in any room and that you laugh with your entire face.
I love that you dance funny and not sexy, which makes it even sexier.
But most of all, I love that you are still the same woman who, all those years ago, ran out of a blind date because she simply had to sing.
You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca.
You, You were my big break.
Our love story, I know it may not feel like it right now, but baby
I promise, it’s just getting started.”

Was it enough to safe the episode? No, at least not to me. For me, this episode will go down as the worst episode of This Is Us of this season and the first episode that didn’t bring me to tears. Hopefully they will pick up full force next season.


  • Kevin is going to LA to meet the director, but it’s not if he gets the part or even will take the part.
  • Kate and Toby are back in LA and it is as if the entire “It’s my reason my father is dead” conversation hadn’t even taken place.
  • Randall wants to adopt a baby. Because of course. It’s always wise to make this big life changing decisions after a loved one dies, because we are so mentally stable at those moments.

That’s a wrap for this season of This is Us.
See you in the fall!

This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 17 ‘What Now?’

Written by M.

At William’s request Annie and Tess are in charge of his memorial. And they put together a day of how William liked to spend his days. Though it was first planned for Randall to say a few words, he hands the microphone over to Beth, who has a hard time dealing with the fact that she didn’t get her goodbye.

“I really don’t know what to say actually because I’m pretty mad at him. For leaving, I guess.
William was a lot of things.
He was a father, an artist, a cheater at every card game.
God, he was my friend.
I can look all over this house and see the memories that we shared.
Every time I walk past the bathroom, I can hear him humming when he brushed his teeth.
At first it used to grate on me.
Like, ‘You love your dental hygiene, we get it’.
 But pretty soon I came to expect it.
Y’all know that he could dance?
Right there, right where Randall is standing, is where he showed me that even a frail old bag of bones, his words, could still attempt a Charleston.
William’s moves weren’t fast, but they were endearing as hell.
He was endearing as hell.
And even though we only had him for a few months, he’s part of our fabric now.
We’ll remember things as “before William” and “after William.”

But when she comes home that night, she finds the postcard William send her, where he calls her the daughter he never had, and she gets her own goodbye.

Kevin leaves the group while they’re on their walk to go to the theatre, tonight is the new opening night, which he is great at. And as he watches the crowd, he sees that the guy from the New York Times didn’t show up. But then he sees the people that are there, his family, his love Sophie and he realizes that, that is what really matters. When he gets outside, he is greeted by Sophie and tells her that he came back to New York for her. In the middle of the night, he gets a call from a big time director, who wants him to star in his new movie, in LA…

Toby thinks that the memorial of William is a perfect reason for pushing Kate to open up about Jack’s death. Though she clearly stated that she wasn’t ready for it. When she walks out of the memorial crying, Randall goes after her and they share a memory of Jack. It’s then that Randall can convince Kate to let Toby in and to be honest to him. And that night, as they are packing up to head back to LA, Kate opens up and admits to Toby that she is the reason that Jack is death…

Rebecca leaves for her tour and things are clearly not right between her and Jack. Jack drops the kids of at a party and then goes to a party at a bar, where his assistant Heather tries to seduce him, but fails. Go Jack! He calls to the kids at the party, lets them spend the night there and says to Kate that he will make things right with their mom. And he drives of, heading to Rebecca…


  • Why is Sophie so afraid to face Kate?
  • Randall quit his job.
  • Why would you send someone pears when his father just died?
  • Will Kevin make another big mistake and take the job in LA?
  • Was that one of Jack’s last moments?

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This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 16 ‘Memphis’

Written by M.

The episode we all knew was coming, finally came and it was emotional, raw and beautiful! The entire episode was focused around William’s life. From when he was still in his mother’s belly till he died in Randall’s arms. It gave us all the pieces to the puzzle that is William. This was by far the most emotional episode thus far, it was a masterpiece.

Randall decides to take William back to Memphis, so that William can show him where he was from. What Randall doesn’t know is, that William already knows he won’t make it back home. So for one last time, he bonds with his son and tries to teach him how to live a life, instead of going through the motions.

Randall opens up about Jack to William and they visit his final resting place, where William thanks Jack for raising Randall into the amazing man that he is today.

In Memphis, William takes Randall to the house where he grew up, where he lived all those years with his mother. And where he finds his treasure, that he hid as a kid. Then they visit William’s cousin Ricky, who he left behind when William moved to New York. At night, William plays the piano at Ricky’s bar, where Randall is meeting cousins.

The next morning, things take a turn for the worse and William is admitted to the hospital. It’s there that it becomes clear to Randall that he won’t be able to take William back home. Several hours later William passes away and Randall will have to drive back home, alone.


  • Randall doing an Oprah imitation, funny as hell.

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This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 15 ‘Jack Pearson’s Son’

Written by M.

It’s Valentine’s Day in the land of Jack and Rebecca and they have their own little Valentine tradition. Going to O’Shannon’s for dinner and eat bacon cheeseburgers and onion rings. All the while Rebecca is getting ready to go on tour with the band. Something Jack isn’t all that happy about, but he hasn’t told her that. At home, Rebecca walks in on the kids talking about Kevin having sex with Sophie. When Jack and Rebecca try to talk to Kevin about sex and the responsibilities that go with that, Randall interrupts all stressed out because he thinks his paper won’t be good enough. It shows that Randall’s issues with doing everything perfect, even when some things don’t matter that much, have always played a role. It’s not just something that’s in the present. At night, watching Rebecca preform with the band, Jack feels jealous and uncomfortable with how Rebecca and Ben look at each other. And when Ben comes out to talk to Jack after the show, Jack finds out the Ben and Rebecca used to go out. They skip dinner and go straight home, where Jack blurts is all out. That he doesn’t want Rebecca to go on tour, never did, and certainly not with her ex-boyfriend. And then Rebecca blurts out that he is standing in her way. So Jack goes to O’Shannon’s alone, where he has a drink. And by the looks of things, I’d say it’s his first drink in years.

The last time that we saw Kate, she was walking up towards Duke’s cabin. And though he thinks she’s there to get some, she’s actually there to speak her mind. You’re doing great girl! The thing is, Duke didn’t tell her that he’s the son of the couple who own the camp. So after speaking her mind, she can pretty much pack her bags. So that was the end of Duke and Kate shows up at Toby’s door. This causes them to actually have a heart to heart with each other, making Toby open up a bit. The go shopping so that Toby has something nice to wear to Kevin’s opening night and they ask each other hundreds of questions. Things like first crushes and pet names. It’s actually kinda adorable, and yes this is coming from me. That is, until Kate asks  the question she has wanted to ask for a while now, was the thought of Toby killing himself an onetime thing or was this something that he thought a lot about. But this does the trick, Toby opens up in a way he hasn’t done before. In return he asks Kate about Jack’s death, but she’s not able to talk about is yet. This does make them think and they decide not to plan their wedding just yet. They are going for a long engagement, really get to know everything about each other, before they get married.

Randall’s trimmers are getting worse and you can literally see him break down, bit by bit. And then Beth’s mother calls, who had a fall, causing Beth to go see her mom in DC. When Kevin can’t reach Kate, he visits Randall at work, hoping he will be able to calm him down. But Randall is all over the place and clearly losing his cool. I wonder, does Kevin notice this enough to help out Randall, or is he too much into his own insecurity to even notice how bad Randall is doing. At home William tells Randall about how he feels his body shutting down and it’s just heartbreaking. Something I think everybody who had a loved one pass away slowly, like William, can agree on.

It’s opening night for Kevin’s play he is nervous. He dreams about an interview from hell with Katie Couric, when Sophie calls him, waking him up. And of course she knows about his bad dream, because of all the history these two have. With Sloan telling him that the ‘New York Times’ will come to their opening night, Kevin is getting more and more nervous. Not being able to reach Kate and Randall not calming him down, Kevin decides to try if his mother can calm him down. But Miguel opens the door and Rebecca is out shopping. Inside Kevin blurts out how nervous he is and that’s when Miguel tells him how much he is like Jack and how Jack was always able to calm him down. This does the trick and it’s Miguel, of all people, that is able to calm Kevin down. But just before he is about to go on, he is a nervous wreck again, sure to vomit all over the stage, when Randall calls. Randall who is sitting in his office, just sitting there, where he has been sitting for hours and hours. He tells Kevin he can’t make it, who is very disappointed, but Kevin sure is worried about him now. And when the play starts, Kevin is running out of the theatre, running towards his brother, something he didn’t do when they were kids.


  • Is there such a thing as cautiously dating your ex-husband/ex-wife?
  • Watching the newly single Miguel try to flirt in the bar, it’s funny. But at the same time it feels like I’m watching myself, I am also like this.
  • Miguel telling Kevin why he hates is so much that Kevin doesn’t like him, was very moving.
  • The jacket Toby picked out to wear to Kevin’s big night, OMG, nobody should ever wear something like that, in my opinion.

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This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 14 ‘I Call Marriage’

Written by M.

Rebecca and Jack got married! No shit, Sherlock! No, but seriously, this week starts out with the wedding of Jack and Rebecca. But when Miguel and Shelly announce, years later, that they are getting divorced, they start to reflect on their own marriage. But when her band mate Ben makes a comment about Jack’s love for Rebecca, she defends him and calls Jack her superhero. And when she comes home, Jack backed a suitcase to take Rebecca somewhere for the night. He takes her to their first apartment which he lit up romantically with strings of Christmas lights. In the morning, he has one more surprise, their wedding vows.

“Rebecca saying I d
o means saying I will.
I will love you today and every day for the rest of my life.
I’ve been trying to focus on all of the little moments that that I don’t want to forget.
But the moment that’s burned into my brain and heart is the first time I saw you.
Rebecca, you have changed the way I think about love.
I know things may not always be easy.
But our love has always been worth it.
I will encourage you, trust and respect you.
I will create a home with you, full of laughter and compassion.
I will raise a family with you, I will grow old with you, I will share my dreams with you. So today, in front of everyone here, I pledge myself to you.”

“Jack, I fall a little bit more in love with you every day.
In you, I have found my soul mate, my best friend, my lover, my partner, my safe place.
You are my great love story.
And Jack Pearson our story is just getting started.”

Randall has a nightmare of finding William dead and I have to admit, it creeped me out. It might be weird for me to say, but I recognize myself in Randall. The way he’s going, he will burn out. Trying to keep up with his work, his family and William is tearing him up. Seeing that Randall isn’t as focused as he used to be, his boss decides to give a colleague some of Randall’s accounts. All the while, Beth is trying to prepare their girls for the coming death of William. At night, as Randall gets ready for bed, we see his hand trimmer.

Kevin meets Sophie at a dinner where they used to come, but when she comes in, she’s mad. Mad for just showing up in her life again. That is, until the lava fries show up, which apparently is a thing between them. Mostly she just wonders why he shows up now, out of the blue. All he can say is that he never stopped thinking about her. And just when they start to have a good time, things turn bad again and Sophie storms off. Turns out, Kevin cheated on her. Stuck on the subway together, it shows how well they know each other. Kevin admits to her that he created a fake Facebook profile to keep up with how she is doing and she is shocked by this, as she should be. Though I also wonder who she thought this ‘Suehee Xiong’ really was, or does she just add random people she doesn’t know as friends? Sophie tells Kevin that after they split up, she was in a bad place, for a really long time. But that she’s now finally in a good place, dating a really great guy and then walks out. Kevin goes after her and asks her if she remembers what she wore the first day of the fourth grade, because he does. He then continues that her agreeing to marry him was the best thing that ever happened to him and that he will be waiting for her at their diner tomorrow. And the next morning, Kevin anxiously waits for Sophie, when he sees her in the doorway.

Kate is still at camp doing great, you go girl, when Toby shows up without a warning. He’s there to take her to a hotel, because the doctors cleared him to get some booty. And she is actually willing to skip classes and let go of her schedule, to go with him. Thank God, Toby has a brain and won’t let her skip any classes. Walking around camp, Toby meets Duke and it obvious this doesn’t sit well with Toby. Because the next time we see him, he’s is sweats and joining Kate at camp for the day. But at the end, Kate doesn’t feel like he takes it serious, like she is. This irritates Toby, because all he wanted was to be with her, since he’s all alone in New York. He then gives Kate his grandmother’s ring and goes home. The next morning she runs into Duke in the gym and he invites her to his cabin again. And though I like him in the last episode, now he’s kind of irritating. Though he is a lot better in communicating than Toby is, he also doesn’t support Kate in what it is that she wants, the get healthier. But then we see Kate, in the rain, looking at Duke’s cabin.


  • Will Rebecca join her band on the five state tour?
  • Is Randall getting sick?
  • Sophie showed up at the dinner, what does this mean? For her and Kevin and for her and her boyfriend.
  • Will Kate fall for Duke? I’m actually really torn about this one.

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This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 13 ‘Three Sentences’

Written by M.

In the land of Rebecca and Jack the triplets have their 10th birthday and announce to their parents that they don’t want to share their birthday party anymore. They all want their own party. So off course they each get, on the same day, because that is the wise decision. 45 Kids, 2 adults, sounds like a super plan. And while they’re busy prepping for this massive party, Jack asks Rebecca about having another kid.
In the morning, there are kids everywhere. Well at least inside, where Kevin’s and Kate’s parties are. Outside, where Randall’s party is, there are only 4 kids, including Randall. Turns out, that even though his school has a rule to invite the entire class to a birthday party, that doesn’t mean that they will come. And since most kids of his class aren’t Randall’s friends, they aren’t coming. It’s heartbreaking to see this, even though Randall doesn’t care. He just happy that his three friends did come. In the midst of all this craziness, Rebecca says to Jack that they should have a conversation about getting another kid. When they find all of Rebecca’s friends at Kevin’s party, Jack goes to find Kate, who says her friends like Kevin more than her. Up till now, it’s always been Jack who talks to Kate when she’s down, never Rebecca. In fact, Rebecca is mostly seen to be there for Randall, sometimes Kevin, but never Kate. I get that adult Kate doesn’t have a close relationship with her mother. When Jack asks Kevin, whose sitting next to Kate’s best friend Sophie, to send Sophie to play with Kate, he tells his father he can’t. He’s in love with her.
At night, Rebecca and Jack are exhausted and realize they can’t have another kid, they already have their hands full.

For Kate it’s time to plan her surgery and she’s starting to have second thought because of Toby. Gotta say, with all the surprises this show threw at us, I saw this one coming. I’ve been saying since the start of this show that Toby is not the right guy for Kate. But the doctor advices Kate to go to a ‘Fat Camp’, to help her with her decision. But when she get there, she find that this isn’t just another weight lose camp. They work on the why it is that you’re over eating, rather than locking you up in a gym. So there she goes, taking several classes, but decides very quickly that this isn’t for her. That’s when she meets the camp’s horse man Duke, who uses some reversed phycology on her. He strikes a nerve, but it does the trick and Kate goes back in. While drumming on the group, she lets out all of her anger, her anger for being overweight as a kid, her anger for being teased and her anger for her dad dying, it all comes out. When she goes to thank Duke for playing like a Duke, he puts some serious moves on her. I have to admit, I like his confidence.

William is on a Chemo boost, feeling better than he has in months. And seeing his father this happy and cheerful, kinda creeps Randall out. While Randall is busy at work, trying to get the lead on a account, William plays the dying card and guilt trips Randall into going out with him. William drags Randall to several stores and dinners and then to a parking lot, where he asks if he can drive. It’s then that Randall realizes that William is working on his bucket list and decides to help. First on the list, teaching William how to drive.

At the theatre, Kevin comes up to Sloan and asks about her weekend. She immediately shuts him down, saying how she heard him say that ‘dating her was the right thing to do’. She tells him that they work together, but that’s it. And that’s how Kevin got dumped by Sloan, which makes this the second thing we saw coming. When he calls Kate for help, she instead asks him to hang out with Toby and giving by the reaction, I’d say he isn’t his biggest fan. But the guys find a middle ground; Kevin’s love life. Where Toby calls himself the king of romantic gestures, Kevin doesn’t seem to have a romantic bone in his body. So Toby says he will help Kevin win back the love of his life. So there is Kevin, on the doorstep of a woman we’ve never seen before. And before she can say anything, he professes his love for her, with actual tears. Turns out, she’s his ex-wife Sophie (!) who he hasn’t seen in 12 YEARS! She says she has nothing to say to him, but promises to think about meeting up for coffee. And not that much later he gets a text from her asking ‘When?’


  • So I guess Kate and Toby got engaged… They pretty much went from broken up to engaged in like a day.
  • Oh Kevin and words, I love it. “Are you serious? I can’t believe this, I call to get help, I got to end up doing something nice?”.
  • Kate’s face in the meditation class!! Priceless!

The next episode is in two weeks, what will come;

This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 12 ‘The Big Day’

Written by M.

This week we got a little more insight to doctor K’s life, and it is heartbreaking.
Doctor K starts his day with breakfast and talking to his wife, well not really to his wife, but to the chair she used to sit in. It isn’t until the goes grocery shopping that we learn his beloved wife has passed away. Doctor K’s son and daughter in-law visit and try to get him to leave the house and life a little by talking about a movie he has to go and see. His son voices how worried he is about him and that it’s time to move on. But doctor K, just gets emotional and says that his wife was his life and he will not move on. Then doctor K goes to visit the cemetery and tells his beloved Caroline that he doesn’t have to strength to keep going without her, when his beeper goes off…

In the morning, doctor K tells his wife about his conversation with Jack. It seems the conversation didn’t only inspire Jack to adopt Randall, but it also gave doctor K the strength to really move on. He boxes up Caroline’s clothes, donates her wheelchair and gets rid of all of her medicine. And then he’s seen eating dinner with the lady he spoke with in the grocery store.

We also see the story of Joe, the fireman who found Randall as a baby, and it’s clear he’s not happy. His marriage is in trouble and he lies to his wife about him smoking. When at the firehouse, the doorbell rings and Joe finds baby Randall. Clearly touched by the little baby, he takes him to the precinct. But instead, Joe takes the little baby home, to his wife Samantha, convinced this baby was meant for them. But Samantha won’t hear it, saying that it won’t fix them and then tells him to take the baby to a hospital…

Back at home he finds Samantha at the dining room table and they have a heart to heart about how much the just want to start their story over. Then Samantha stands up and gives Joe a hand, introducing herself.

Rebecca is in her last trimester of her pregnancy and she hates it. Not being able to get up on her own, needing Jack to pee and not fitting any of her shoes. And she lashes out on Jack, on his birthday, so we know she’s delivering today. But she just spends the morning jelling at him until he leaves the house. When she finally finds out that it’s Jacks birthday, she freaks, feeling she’s a bad wife. Desperate to make the day better, she goes to the store by foot to get supplies.
Miguel takes him out for his birthday, trying to give him a day about Jack, before the babies are here. But the more Miguel tries to convince that Jack will need something of his own to escape Rebecca and the kids, when they will come, the more Jack just wants to go home and be with Rebecca, despite all of her craziness.
At home Rebecca is talking to her belly and it turns out that Jack is standing in the doorway with a camera, filming it all. And then it’s time for the traditional birthday dance…

Years later, it’s Father’s Day and Jack gets to pick the movie for movie night. And he picks the family movie, of how they all started.


  • Jack turning to God because he thinks Rebecca is possessed by demons.
  • A week without the adult Kevin, Kate and Randall and all their grownup problems, it was refreshing.
  • Rebecca calling her little babies in her belly ‘little bugs’, so endearing. Though her entire speech is very moving.

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This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 11 ‘The Right Thing to Do’

Written by M.

Jack and Rebecca are in search of a new apartment for when their baby comes, only to discover that their brand new two bedroom apartment won’t do now that they’re expecting triplets. After other solutions fail and their only option is to move in with Rebecca’s parents, Jack knocks on his father’s door and asks for help. His father loans him money and he’s able to the house he’s building.

Kate scared for Toby in the hospital and all Toby wants is sex. When he is diagnosed with a heart condition and the doctor wants to do another surgery to fix it, he refuses. When Kate gets pissed about this, Toby decides to get the surgery and he tells her he’s in love with her. While waiting for Toby to get out of surgery she needs her brothers to distract her and they tell her about what’s going through their heads. After surgery, Kate tells Toby she loves him to and he replies that he would marry her on the spot if he could.

Randall is very uncomfortable with William being bisexual and worries he’s a homophobic. Trying to get over it, he tries to get to know Jesse better. But when William goes away with Jesse for the day and night, Randall feels like he and his family are being pushed aside. William lets him know that he and Jesse are looking for a home where they can take care of him at the end, because he doesn’t want to put that on Randall. Randall tells him he’s family and that he’ll take care of him, no matter what. When William admits the medicines aren’t working anymore and are only making him sicker, they decide to stop with the medication, knowing the end is really coming.

Olivia is back in town and immediately gets her role back as the lead actress of the play from one of the investors. But Kevin wants to continue with Sloan in the play, since she’s worked so hard and didn’t leave them high and dry. When Olivia asks about how things are between Kevin and herself, Kevin choses Sloan. But Kevin is Kevin and uses the wrong words, words that are overheard by Sloan, causes a drift between them.


  • OK, so Jack didn’t learn how to be a father from his dad. More like that he learned how NOT to be a father.
  • Kevin really knows how describe people. First his family to Olivia and now he describes Sloan as ‘the Jew who crashed Christmas’ to Beth and William.
  • I love how Kevin, Kate and Randall still call themselves ‘The Big Three’.

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This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 10 ‘Last Christmas’

Written by M.

“Nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve”

Doctor K is back!
When Kate is rushed to the hospital for acute appendicitis, Rebecca and Jack find doctor K, who has been in a car accident. With his family unable to come in Montana, Rebecca and Jack decide that doctor K is part of their family. And so they spend Christmas Eve in the hospital, waiting for Kate to get out of surgery and supporting each other and pray that doctor K will make it through the night.

With Kate wheeled away to surgery, Kevin would not let go of her hand and kept on walking with her until they stopped him. This just shows how strong and deep their bond is.

Another bond explained this week is the bond of Kate with Rebecca in the present. Getting information about the gastric bypass surgery, Rebecca finds out how little she actually knows about her daughter and you can hear the resentment in Kate’s voice pointing it out. Has Rebecca been a bad mother to her? Did she close her eyes for the things she didn’t want see? Did she really love Randall more than she loved Kate or Kevin.

This week’s episode showed a little more of William’s private life, when a lost love has returned and wants to stay with him till the end.

Randall has a Christmas Eve he will take with him for the rest of his life, as he walks in on his colleague trying to commit suicide. He is able to talk him down and just wants a quit Christmas Eve with just his girls. But then the whole family comes through the door. Tess completes his night by telling him that William is gay, or at least bi, and that Jessie isn’t just a friend.

Toby completes the night by surprising everybody to show up uninvited. Turns out, he can live without the fast food, he just can’t life without Kate. But just as things settle down and everybody’s comfortable, he falls down, passing out.


  • Rebecca and Jack are sitting in doctor K’s room and Kevin and Randall are wondering through the hospital on their own. Now that’s something you won’t see these days anymore.
  • So are Kevin and Sloan a thing now? I don’t know how it is with you guy, but in our family, bringing someone along for family holidays, it’s big. It’s means something. But here Kevin is, 2 holidays in a row, a month apart and he brings two different girls to his brothers house for a family holiday.
  • Didn’t Sloan’s sister delivered a baby girl in last week’s episode? They made it seem as this was her first niece. But here they are at dinner with a little girls who’s about 7 or something, but no baby. Did I miss something?
  • Olivia quite the play, so the producers backed out. Now Sloan will take over the role of Olivia, since she wrote the play, she knows it by heart, and Kevin will invest his own money.

What will happen after the winter hiatus?

This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 09 ‘The Trip’

Written by M.

This week Kate and Kevin try to be there for Randall by taking him to the family cabin, before their mother sells it. But Kevin is Kevin and seem to get that this was a trip meant for just the three of them and invites Olivia who brought two others along. And let’s face it, Kevin is being a total scumbag in order to prove himself to Olivia. You can definitely see that Kevin moving to New York and Kate staying behind in Los Angeles has changed their relationship.

At the same time, Randall gets stoned on some drink Olivia’s ex brought along. This brings him to have a conversation with Jack about Rebecca keeping his biological father from him.
In the past we see how much Rebecca struggled with Randall’s quest to find his birthparents, scared that she will lose her son. And in his stoned vision, Randall sees how scared his mother was. He may not be ready to forgive her just yet, but he does see where she came from.

This episode made me realize how lucky we are to be raised in time and not back then. Like I said before, I don’t see the color of somebody’s skin. I see the person underneath and I never really gotten until now, why colored people are still so bend on racism. But this episode showed how much it still affected people in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s not something they can just forget. I, and most of my generation may not be racist, but a lot of the older generations are. I don’t think they are like that by choice, but how they were formed by society back in the days. The thing we can do now, is to make sure that our generation and any generation to come, will be formed differently. And maybe, if we’re lucky, we can change the generation before us as well.


  • Who wants Jack to be their father?

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