The Bachelorette Season 13 – Episode 02

Written by M.

Seriously, people always say that women can be such drama queens. Fill a room with women only and it’s just waiting till the drama begins. But this group of men, they top it. Claws are out and it’s only week 1.

First group date of the season is for Dean, Jack, Jonathan, Blake, Iggy, Kenny, Fred and Lucas, and the card said “I’m looking for husband material”. To help her look are the first celebrity appearances of the season in the form of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. But let’s be honest, it wasn’t a race to find the perfect husband, it was a race to find the fastest father. And unfortunately, it was Lucas who won, so he found another reason to “Whaaaboooom”… If looks could kill, Blake would have killed Jared.
The man who stole the show? Ashton Kutcher, who wore the perfect T-shirt. Thank you Jared! Jared? Yes, Jared, let’s not forget that Ashton and Mila started watching all Bachelor shows because of Jared and now they’re on the show.

Oh and the best conversation award thus far also go to Ashton and Mila.

Mila: “That’s the sound that he makes.”
Ashton: “For what?”
Mila: “Like excitement.”
Ashton: “Why?”
Mila: “Just ’cause he can.”

On to the very first one on one date of the season and it was Peter who was the lucky man. “I’m looking for my best friend” said the date card and so Rachel’s best friend joined on the date; her dog Copper. Of course they went to Copper’s paradise; BarkFest in Palm Springs and Peter passed Rachel’s test with flying colors. He and Copper got along great and were best friends instantly. This was easily the best date of the week, sparks were flying and Peter is standing at the top of our list.

Second group date. The date card said “Swish”, so Will, Jamey, Diggy, Alex, Adam, Lee, Matt, Eric, Josiah and DeMario head to the basketball court to play ball with Kareen Abdul Jabbar. This episode is just full with celebrities. Some of these men know how to play ball, Lee however, is not one of them. But he knows it and is not ashamed of it, which is just classy. There was some heavy flirting going on between Rachel and DeMario, but that all ends as soon as the game is over. Rachel is approached by DeMario’s GIRLFRIEND. And it got ugly. I can write it all down, but this is just something you have to watch, but I will tell you this, Rachel is badass!

Honestly, as soon as the date started I felt like it was DeMario who had a girlfriend. So I’m not surprised, but it is a very nasty thing to do.

Rose ceremony night, though we never really made it to the rose ceremony. Because there wasn’t enough drama in this episode just yet, DeMario showed up! Say what?!?

All the while Rachel is trying to get to know the other men better and is having some private conversations, DeMario is at the gate trying to convince Chris to let him talk to Rachel. And so Chris switches into his ‘messenger’-role and interrupted Fred and Rachel to tell her that DeMario wants to talk to her. Of course it only takes moments for the other men to realize that DeMario is at the gate so they go in protection mode. And that is where the episode ends. To be continued…

And also;

  • Ashton doesn’t think Rachel’s true love is in this group.
  • Ashton and Mila had sex twice that night after filming… TMI guys, TMI.
  • Lucas won the race with the baby and then threw the baby on the ground. But to be honest, he already drowned the baby. Good thing they worked with dolls.
  • Seriously Iggy… it’s your first date and you want to talk career?
  • I think this was the first time Chris Harrison was ignored and dismissed so hard.
  • Kisses!! Let’s not pretend that we don’t love to see some serious smooching. So who got lucky? Dean, Peter, Josiah, Eric and Bryan.
  • Date roses went to Dean, Peter and Josiah.

What will come next week? How about some familiar faces and mud wrestling?

The Bachelorette Season 13 – Episode 01

Written by M.

Oh My God! I know the world was already in love with Rachel as the Bachelorette, as was I. But after seeing only the first episode, I think the world, and I, just love her more.

It wasn’t just a welcome back to the Bachelor Mansion for Rachel, it also was a welcome back for Corinne, Kristina, Whitney, Jasmine, Astrid, Raven and Alexis. Her Bachelor-friends help her get ready and get into the right mindset. And already received the first warning! Apparently DeMario wouldn’t be here for the right reasons. In true Rachel style she took it with her, but said that she will make up her own opinion about the men.

So what about the limo exits, who stood out?
The first one who set himself apart from the crowd was Bryce, in his official firefighter uniform. He just picked her up in his arms as is she was the bride that needed to be carried over the threshold. Then came a bad impersonation of Steve Urkel, but it made her laugh. Diggy then went back into the limo and made a normal entrance. Then there was Brady who came at her with a big rock of ice and a huge hamer, which he needed to break the ice. It might be a little corny but I liked it, it shows that you don’t need to go crazy to make an impression that you will remember. But hold your horses, because an actual marching band came to the Bachelor Mansion. Blake E. is one of the four who already met Rachel at the “After the Final Rose”, but he choice to go all out to make sure that Rachel will remember him forever. And I think he pulled it off good, I for one would remember that for the rest of my life, if a man would do that for me. You would almost forget about his introduction clip, in which he said that he doesn’t want to come across as the man who always talks about her penis, but his entire introduction clip was about sex and his penis… Maybe try another subject next time. And then there is Matt, who came in dressed as a penguin. I immediately thought, this guy needs to be set up with Alexis. Creepiest first impression was made by Adam, who brought a puppet with him who he called Adam “AJ” Junior. Grant declined his limo and was dropped off by an ambulance, sirens on. And then there was Lucas “Whaboom”… well let’s not waste too much words on him. Sure he made her laugh and she’s looking for a man with humor, but there is humor and then there is crazy.

First kiss of the season went to Bryan. Not only did he get the first impression rose, he also got the first and only kiss of the night and what a kiss that was!

So at the end of the night, literally since it was already morning, who were left standing and who was send home. Here’s the list.

And then there is Jimmy Kimmel, who is pretty good at predicting the final three. So who did he pick for Rachel?
“It’s time for me to pick your final three,” he told Rachel, who guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Bachelorette premiere. Rachel already confirmed that she is engaged. So, with the aid of his wife and one of his producers, Kimmel guessed Peter is her secret one and only. “You gave him a look when he got out of the limo, the kind of look women get on their face when they see a pair of shoes they absolutely love and want to have,” Kimmel reasoned. “He’s a business owner, which concerns me. You both have gaps in the front of your teeth, which will make for adorable babies. He gave you chocolate, you said you didn’t like chocolate, he said he would throw that chocolate into the fire. Strong move. I believe that you are currently engaged to Peter!”
He then guessed that Eric, who “seemed sweet and level-headed,” will make it to the final three, while Rachel’s French kiss companion Bryan will be in the final two. “I hope it works out. They never work out, you know that right?” Jimmy teased. “Well, I would love to be the first. I would love to prove you wrong,” Rachel replied.

As for me, I’m not sure about Jimmy’s pick of Eric, but I’m also picking Bryan and Peter for the last two. And if Jimmy is wrong and Rachel is not engaged to Peter, can he be the next Bachelor. And in addition to that, where can I sign up…

And also;

  • Diggy, has 575 pairs of sneakers! And they say that women always need more shoes… Okay, we do, but this man sure beats us all.
  • Fred, a blast from the past and back then he was a pain in her ass. This guy will have to go all out to make her believe that he has changed.
  • Rachel doesn’t want a man who is cocky, but there are some really cocky men at the Bachelor Mansion. Will she notice and speak her mind?
  • Who will be the man with the girlfriend?
  • How do they always find a man or woman who lost a beloved family member either recently or at a young age?
  • And then there is the yearly serenade, you can also check that of your Bachelorette-Bingo card.
  • How long until Blake E. and Lucas will get into a fight? Any bets?
  • So no one got drunk on the first night, but we do have Lucas this season. Do you remember the Asterix stories, how his friend Obelix was dropped into the magic potion as a child and he was never allowed to drink it again since he had enough for a lifetime. I think that Lucas was dropped into a vat filled with alcohol as a child. I fear what will happen when he gets drunk.

What will happen this season?

Till next week!