The Bachelor Season 21 – Review of episode 01 ‘Limo’s Arrival’

Written by M.

It’s finally happening! Nick Viall is the new Bachelor.
I’m very excited for Nick to be the bachelor. Though a lot of people see Nick as one of the bad guys of The Bachelorette, I see him as an honest man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. In the past couple of years we’ve seen him grow up into the mature man he is today. He is a man I sure want to find true and last love.

“I’m gonna give America a happy ending” – Nick

The last couple of years we’ve seen a conversation between old Bachelors or Bachelorette’s to give some tips to the new person stepping into the spotlight. But this season’s conversation has been the best by far! Sean, Chris and Ben aren’t afraid to make jokes of Nick’s expense and it is hilarious. Can we please put these guys together every year?!

So what do we have this year? Besides a lot of red dresses, and I mean a lot! About half of the women wore a red dress. And they couldn’t stop talking about it. Seriously, we get it, it would be more fun to hear you women talk about the weather than this never ending topic of red dresses.
We have a woman who dances ballroom with Nick, a woman who’s friends think Nick is a piece of ***. A woman who already met Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding and had sex with him, let’s guess to how long this will stay a secret. A woman who still is taking cared for by her nanny, a woman with balls, though they are in her nose. A woman who gives Nick a beard massage and woman who is crazy about dolphins, though she’s definitely wearing a shark costume. Yes, a costume, no fancy dress, but a costume of a shark.

So who is this year’s crazy girl? After just one episode I can already say who will follow up last year’s Olivia. The honor of this year will go to Corinne. Remember how Olivia kept saying how she was the ‘future misses Higgins’?  Seriously, she mentioned this like 20 times every episode. Well Corinne is already heading in that direction.
Unfortunately she’s also the one who got the first kiss. Even if it only was because she started it. However, she wasn’t the one who got the first impression rose, much to her dismay. Nick made the decision to give the first impression rose to somebody who he hit it off with right away and actually had a great conversation with as well, Rachel.
By the end of the night, none of the women got drunk. But at least we have a woman who thinks she’s a dolphin.

So which women made it to the next round? We started this season with 30 women and 10 got send home on the first night. These are the ones that made an impression on Nick, at least for now;

Who are my favorites? At this point, I would say Rachel, Christen, Taylor, Sarah and Danielle M. But we’ll see. Nick is nothing but unconventional, so there’s no predicting who will go next.

And also

  • In the preview of what is to come this season, we can clearly see that Rachel is one of the final three!
  • Is it me or are the women on this show get younger and younger each year?