Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 – Review of episode 01 ‘Break Down the House’

Written by M.

A painful irony for doctors is that we often have to make you sicker in order to heal you.
If a bone has healed unevenly, we have to rebreak it.
If a scar is too thick, we have to scrape it off and create a new wound.
We break you down to rebuild you.

Well, this was an episode filled with awkward moments. We had the fourth floor nurse’s station collapse during Bailey’s speech. We had Megan ask Nathan if he met any significant, at the very moment Meredith walks in. We had Megan telling Nathan, Owen and her mom that she has a kid in Iraq. We had Meredith and Nathan talking about whether or not it is a good idea for Meredith to be on Megan’s case. And let’s not forget about Megan asking Meredith about who Nathan has been seeing and for how long. Thank God that Owen was there to change the subject. Or how about when Megan asked Owen how married life is? Or when Maggie called Jackson’s face perfect. Oh and when Jo talks to DeLuca about her not being in love with him.

Welcome back Teddy! Good to see a friendly familiar face, but immediately have some questions. Is she still in love with Owen? Has she forgiven him for how he handled the Henry situation? And how long is she staying? Well obviously there are still some unresolved feelings since she attacks Meredith for being Megan surgeon. I’m totally with Amelia on this, this is not any of Teddy’s business. Where does she get off? She hasn’t seen Owen in years, who knows how long it has been since they last spoke. The fact that she has trouble letting go of the personal stuff, doesn’t mean that other people do. And if Owen doesn’t think there are any problems with Meredith operating on Megan, so why should she.

Best part of the show though, for me, was when Amelia presented the tumor board for the osteoblastoma kid.

Jackson: “That tumor is inoperable.”
Amelia: “I’m not a big believer in inoperable.
God, yes
Unicorns, possibly.
Inoperable, no.”
Jackson: “Then start hunting unicorns.
Your chances are better.”
Amelia: “You don’t hurt unicorns.
What’s the matter with you?”

Ghosting comes to Grey’s Anatomy and April pretty much nailed it when she explained it. “It’s cruel and awful, and no one should do it to anyone ever”.

I already hate the group of potential new interns, so I hope that they won’t end up as the new interns. And seriously, letting your glasses slip of your nose onto an open wound, seriously? Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. I wonder if he will really wear contact next time or just stick to his glasses.

We go to medical school because we want to learn how to fix what’s broken.
But we quickly learn that we often make things worse before we can make them better.
It’s risky and it’s frightening for surgeons and for patients, but usually it’s worth it.
You get a second chance at life and we get to be the architects of your second chance.
It’s win-win, when it works.

And also;

  • Seriously, how fake is that whole scene where Megan comes out of the helicopter. I really thought they would come up with something better.
  • I’m really happy that they are talking about the exit of Stephanie and Minnick. Not that I liked Minnick, because I did not, but because it wouldn’t be right to have to two people leave the hospital and their lives in Seattle to have nobody mention them the day after.
  • Is it me or is Ben a little over excited about the thrill of going into the burning hospital the night before.
  • Apparently Evelyn is still together with her toy-boy. Good for her!
  • Bailey comparing the construction crew to a surgical team! If you missed it, go see it, it is spot on!
  • That face of Nathan when Megan talks about adopting Farouk. He’s up to something.
  • Bailey changes her shoes in the middle of the stairs. This isn’t something that just happened, this is something that was done purposely and will come around again.
  • Whatever happened to Joe? I miss him!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 24 ‘Ring of Fire’

Written by M.

“When life forces us to do something impossible,
An explosion happens inside the body.
A rush of hormones blasts through us,
Making is stronger, making us faster.
Biology overrides fear.
And that makes the impossible possible.”

So another explosion happened at the hospital, what else is new. How many times did this happen now? Three? I remember the bomb that blew up Dylan Young back in season 2. I remember the bus that blew up at the parking lot in season 9. Am I missing any? How many more will we get?

Anyway, the explosion causes the doors to get unlocked and the entire hospital gets evacuated. Not everyone is in a hurry to leave though. Jackson once again rushes to find Stephanie and Nathan is in the middle of a surgery, one he’s not ready to stop, so when Meredith finds him, she joins him. After which they join the others on the parking lot. Stephanie is able to take Erin to the roof, where she collapses. When Stephanie and Erin are finally found, she won’t give up on saving Erin, making the ER an OR. When Erin is stabilized, Stephanie collapses, turning into the patient, with severe burns. Later when she’s lying in a hospital bed, being treated for her wounds, she realizes that she has had enough and quits.

Minnick has been saying all season that the interns and residents will only become great doctors by learning protocol. And Bailey has allowed Catherine and Minnick to step over her all year. But no longer. Minnick has made the mistake of only following protocol, to treat patients, “That is my job” she said. But did she forget that her job is to safe lives? By following protocol she risked the life of Stephanie and thereby Erin. When she starts to blame Richard, Bailey is done and finally speaks her mind. Hallelujah praise the lord, Bailey is back! Oh how I missed Bailey, I love this Bailey. The Bailey that takes no crap, for nobody. She starts calmly “Dr. Minnick, I don’t believe there’s a place for you in my hospital any longer.” But when Catherine interrupts, she goes off. “It’s Chief Bailey, and I am not holding on. She is holding on. She is clinging to these procedures and protocols and cannot see when to let go in order to save the life of a patient, a child! I do! I know! Because I was taught right! Dr. Edwards certainly knew, because she was taught right! This is not some factory that turns out surgical robots. We make doctors. Thinking, feeling, human doctors. And we will teach them right.”
Goodbye Dr. Minnick, let’s not meet up. Know your place Catherine, this is not your hospital, you just work here. And welcome back Dr. Bailey, welcome back. Good to have you back! Now let’s show this hospital the Chief that you are.

In the parking lot Meredith tells Nathan than Megan is alive. That she is found and that Owen and Amelia are on her way to her. I love the close up of Nathan here, you can see how the news slowly comes in.

I don’t know where this leaves Nathan and Meredith, but like Meredith said; “If this were Derek, I would’ve already been gone”. This romance Nathan-Meredith romance has a lot of similarities with our beloved Derek-Meredith romance. Both relationships had rocky starts, former wives showing up, but the love between them is real, is good. Can’t wait to see what season 14 has is store for them, I just hope it won’t be an exact copy of the Derek-Meredith story.

“Nobody wakes up thinking “My World will explode today,
My world will change” Nobody thinks that.
But, sometimes it happens.
Sometimes, we wake up, we face our fears,
And we take them by the hand.
And we stand there, waiting, hoping, ready, for anything.”

And also;

  • Why didn’t Stephanie try the other door that would lead her into the hallway?
  • And why didn’t she use the firehose in the stairwell.
  • The look on April’s face when she realizes that Jackson has feelings for Maggie, I felt so bad for her.
  • Why is it that people wonder where Amelia and Owen are? Isn’t Meredith the only person that knows what’s going on? They left the hospital in the middle of the day during their shift, but no one seems to care about where they are.
  • How is it that Stephanie and Erin can hold the staircase handrail? That should be incredibly hot due to the heat of the fire.

Grey’s Anatomy will return on September 28

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 23 ‘True Colors’

Written by M.

“There are moments when all the stars align.
When everything seems as it should be.
Your life seems to have sorted itself out.
It’s not like all our problems go away.
It’s just that the problems are suddenly manageable.
You feel so good, you wonder if it’s real.
And if I’ve learned anything, I can tell you it is.
It’s very real, but it will not last.”

Owen got the shock of a lifetime, even though we all could see it coming. This one has been in the making since the arrival of Nathan. But the portraying of the effect it has on Owen is pure, raw and real. You can see him going through the motions in a total daze, trying to wrap his head around all of this. But he’s not alone, it’s Amelia’s turn to show why they belong together and she does this without hesitation.

The other big case for the season finale comes from a car crash. The driver, Alison, misses her shirt and the passenger, Keith, misses his pants. The doctors put two and two together and figured they’re a couple. But when Alison wakes up, she tells them that Keith was trying to rape her. Bailey immediately calls to action and Jackson realized Stephanie is alone with him, going to her right away.


Stephanie however is trying Keith to lead him out of the hospital, threatened with a knife. When the police arrive, the entire hospital goes on lockdown, trapping Stephanie, Keith and a little girl, Erin together. Now Stephanie goes above and beyond to keep Erin safe. So when Keith starts a fire to get the lockdown lifted, she makes sure he’s set on flames. But moments later, when Keith collapses, she sees that the place is about to blow and goes in to try to keep everyone safe. That’s when it all explodes.

I love this about Grey’s Anatomy, they always almost come through with an amazing finale. And this isn’t even the last episode yet, though it easily could have been. It leaves me with so many questions, which a lot of shows would keep you waiting for the answers all summer. But here, we get the answers next week. What will happen with Owen’s sister? Will Teddy come with her? What will this mean for Nathan and Meredith? Will Stephanie survive the blast? And if she does, she broke the rules again, what will Minnick do?

“There are days when you feel like you can conquer anything.
And it feels like everything will be okay.
Like I told you, the feeling doesn’t last.
I’m not trying to be cynical.
It’s just, even when a day starts out so, so well,
That day can end…
So, so badly.”

And also;

  • Alex daydreaming about confronting Paul Stadler, Jo’s husband and he introduces himself as Alex Stevens, I found that very interesting. Why Alex Stevens, why not make up a completely different name? Is it possible that Izzie Stevens is not completely in the past? Either in emotional baggage or in person?
  • Teddy Altman! There has been contact with Teddy, will she be coming back to Grey Sloan Memorial.
  • Seriously, whenever something good or bad happens or basically anything remotely connected to Maggie’s love life, she becomes an insufferable human being. She needs to learn to not let things get to her this easily.
  • The look that Paul gives Alex, he knows that there’s something going on. This will not be the end of it. How long will it take, till this comes back to haunt him, and Jo for that matter?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 22 ‘Leave It Inside’

Written by M.

“Our skulls cushion our brains.
Our rib cage guard our hearts.
The body is built to protect our most vulnerable parts.
At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

Seriously Meredith, last week you and Maggie fought each other over the fact that you’re together with Nathan, and this week you want to bring him to the house. Way inconsiderate. This comes hours after giving Amelia the giant wall tumor that Derek drew. What Amelia and Maggie take as a sign that Meredith is moving on from Derek and go into full on support mode. Later that night though, she cancels on Nathan, but places the marriage vows of her and Derek in a drawer.

Holly Harner, a patient with a giant inoperable heart tumor who comes in after she fell two flights of stairs. And instead of pining away, she has a life mission; to have sex with as many men as possible until she can’t anymore. Talk about female empowerment! Loved how April, Maggie and Meredith reacted ‘GOALS!’ And when her latest hookup arrives at the hospital, she wants April and Meredith to tell him, she died, since she’s going to anyway sooner or later and she no longer has any interest in him. Meredith wants to go along with it, but April intervenes and tells him she’ll be fine but is not up for visitors. I’m wondering, what is the right thing to do here? Respect the patient wishes or be truthful and not lie about death? At the end of the episode it’s Meredith who tells him that Holly is alive but that he will never see her again. That he should hold the time they spent together close to his heart, but that it’s time to move on. And she follow her own advice, leaving the hospital with Nathan.

And then there’s Liam, a little boy who ran away from his parents so he could go to the hospital to get help. But of course, when an unaccompanied minor strolls into the hospital, wanting medical help, alarms tend to go off. So it doesn’t take long before the parents are found and at the hospital. But when Stephanie, Alex and Minnick inform his parents that he has a very large tumor in his head and needs brain surgery, his parents decide to take Liam home. Getting any medical treatment is going against their believes, anything that will happen will be God’s will. But this kid isn’t stupid and shows up again the next day, though now the tumor has caused him to go blind. Liam realizes that God won’t make him better so he pleads to Alex.

This triggers Alex, along with Stephanie, to risk their careers to help Liam, enraging the father. They knew it was against their believes and faith. It scares me that there are people who are willing to have their child die, because it might be the will of God. It reminds me of a joke I heard once;

A man is trapped on his roof after a flood, water level rising.
Someone throws him a buoy, but he refuses, “God will safe me”.
Somebody comes by in a boat, offering him a place, but he refuses, “God will safe me”.
Finally a helicopter drops a ladder, but he refuses, “God will safe me”.
Then he dies and goes to heaven, where he asks God “Why didn’t you safe me?”
On which God replies “I send you a buoy, a boat and a helicopter,
but you refused to let me safe you”.

Everybody has their right to their own believes and faith and I respect that, but doesn’t everybody also have the right to live?
Stephanie telling the father off and throwing something at him, did anyone saw that coming? I for one, saw the telling him off coming, but even though I agree with what she was saying, I’m not sure it was the right move. Sure, the father may have needed to hear the truth one more time, but as a doctor, this needs to be done with tact. But violence should NEVER be accepted, not towards medical personal, not to family, not to anyone, and it doesn’t matter that it was aimed at the wall, it is violence! The fact that she gets away with it so easily astonishes me, in my eyes she also should have been suspended, even if it’s just for a couple of days.

“The body adapts.
It protects itself.
But it can’t close off completely or we’re not really living, right?
So we leave the door open, just a little.
Hoping like hell it’s worth the risk.”

And also;

  • Who would even thought that Bailey is a Harry Potter fan.
  • DeLuca likes Jo and is wondering if she’s single or back together with Alex. When he finally decides to make a move, Jo stops him.
  • Alex wants to find a guy, who wants to make a bet? I call Jo’s estranged husband

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 21 ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Written by M.

It finally happened! Maggie knows that Meredith and Nathan have been doing the nasty. But funnily enough, Meredith didn’t want to make Nathan the bad guy because… SHE DIDN’T WANT TO LIE! Feel free to laugh, I sure did. But, this being Grey’s Anatomy and all, Maggie didn’t find out by Meredith sitting her down and telling her the truth. No, she found out through a press conference, where Nathan touched Meredith’ shoulder just a little too long. A room full of journalist and cameramen and you caress her shoulder, do you want them to report on your hero actions on the plane or about your love affair?

Maggie had a lot of sass though and I liked it. Asking Meredith if they joined the Mile High Club is priceless. But of course she became Maggie again and started acting childless. Are you mad, fine be mad, you deserve to be mad, she lied to you for months, but never act on it on the workplace.
And how is it that Meredith was all she had left? What about Amelia, Richard and Jackson. It’s been a tough year sure, with your mother dying, but there is more in your life than your mother and Meredith.
I agree with Maggie that Meredith lying to her was the wrong thing to do, but I also agree with Meredith. She was trying to do the right thing by not getting together with Nathan for all those months, because of Maggie deciding that she liked Nathan.

And then there was Veronica Kays, who Alex met earlier this season at the courthouse, the pregnant woman with cancer. She was determined to bring a healthy baby into the world, even if it was the last thing she would do and it was. As dying patients go, I found this one sad. The writers have always had a knack for creating patients with an instant liking factor. However Brigid Brannagh, brought this alive in a way we don’t see too often as she always does, whichever character she plays. I really wanted Veronica to make it and was sad when she chose not to keep fighting. She brought her baby safely into the world, her deed was done.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.
That’s the last thing I would ever want.
So no matter how mad you are,
How much you want to shut me out, know this.
You are my sister, whether you like it or not.
And I’m not going anywhere.”

And also;

  • I am so sick of Bailey being scared of Catherine. Grow a pair woman! Doesn’t mean you, as her boss, should be telling her what to do in her love life…
  • But the way that Catherine talks to Bailey, her boss, is not OK. If I would talk like that to my boss, even being a rock star at my job, I might have a job to come back to the next day.
  • How is it that Bailey that is shocked when she is compared with Catherine. The only difference between them is that Catherine acts like the boss where she isn’t, and Bailey doesn’t act like she is the boss, where she is.
  • A lady filled with worms, like HUGE worms, which April got in her hair, no joke!

  • Amelia crying in Owen’s arms, can these two just get back together and put all the shit behind them.
  • How cute was Alex with Alice in his arms. Does anyone else wonder if she will start to call Alex daddy?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 20 ‘In The Air Tonight’

Written by M.

“Turbulence, it means anything from a few little bumps
To a catastrophic weather system that could know your flying tin can out of the air.
In surgery, we call it ‘a complication’
We’ve hit a snag, a bump in the road, turbulence.
So you know,
You better buckle up.”

Oh boy, and entire episode on an airplane and we know the combination of Grey’s Anatomy and airplanes aren’t the best. But when it starts with Meredith telling off another passenger you know it’s gonna be good. But off course it can’t be just Meredith on the plane and the love Gods have spoken and put Nathan on the same plane with her. Five minutes into the episode and they’re joining the ‘Mile-High-Club’.

But that’s only the start. After their little rendezvous in the bathroom, they bond over they combined fear of flying and surviving air crashes. And what do you know, turbulence. But you, the good kind, the kind with people being thrown into the ceiling. So instead of maybe sneaking in another booty call in the bathroom, Meredith, Nathan and Dr. Harrison Peters, a pediatric dentist who’s also on the plane, spend the rest of the flight treating patients.

Most are just some cuts and bruises, but we also have a guy with a brain bleed, who needs brain surgery. And an overly nervous man who has Pulmonary Hypertension, making it hard for him to breathe, though that doesn’t excuse him for being a total ass.

I especially appreciated the little flashback to that black black day. It shows that trauma like that will never truly go away. When we are placed back into a similar situation, it all comes back. I know this all too well. But these are the moments that will show the strongest people, the people that are still able to stand up after going through that trauma again and again. It shows that Meredith is one hell of a woman.

“One of the most unpredictable things about encountering turbulence is its aftermath.
Everything’s been shaken up, undone, turned on its head.
So, if you have the choice to avoid the plane crash, do you take it?
Do you play it safe?
Or do you get on board and take your chances?”

And also;

  • Loved the little recap of MerDer’s story.
  • Nathan not getting that Harrison was being sarcastic, that face, very well done.
  • And off course there was other flirting being done, because otherwise it wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy. This week there was a flight attendant flirting with Nathan, all the while he was treating her hurt wrist.
  • And the dentist was obviously into Meredith, but at the end of the day he couldn’t make that step. To wait a moment and ask her out.
  • Where were we again with counting the lies being told to Maggie? I’m sure this counts as a major one.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 19 ‘What’s Inside’

Written by M.

“Curiosity killed the cat.
It also killed a lot of ancient Greeks,
when Pandora had to open that box,

full of death and pestilence and stuff.
Why do we have to know what’s behind door number 3,
even when we’re pretty sure it’ll be bad for us.”

There are things that can make you insecure. You can doubt yourself until the point that you don’t believe in yourself anymore. But it’s also possible for your friends to make you insecure. When your friends doubt your every move, it’s hard to keep believing in yourself. This is also the case for Maggie, as if she needs any more insecurities. Even though she knows what she’s capable of, whether she’s grieving or not, the doubt gets to her. It started with Owen, then going through Amelia, Meredith and Jackson. Nathan, however, has a rock-solid believe in her and refuses to step in and take over, when it seems that Maggie is lost. Proving once again that Nathan is solid guy.

My plan is to give her a minute.
She just lost something huge,
something that has been with her since Day One.
Her heart just needs to learn how to beat without that extra load.
She just needs a little time to adjust.

I feel that Bailey is just not the right choice for Chief, or at least, not yet. She is too focused on what people think of her as the Chief rather that doing the best she can do. She let Catherine talk her into an entirely new teaching program, even though Catherine doesn’t work at the hospital and she’s not on the board either. And now she’s too focused on arguing with Richard. But when she needs to take action, she doesn’t know the protocol.

I love Arizona, and I believe that she will go all the way for you if you’re friends. But she sucks at the happy speeches before a friend goes on a date. Reminds me of one of my friends. When I had a date for the first time in a very long time, I was all excited “I got a date!”. The first thing she said was “Oh God, not one of those pretty boys right”. And there went my excitement, flew right out the door. Arizona spooked Nathan, talking about her epic love with Derek. The rule that goes for the people dating, don’t talk about your past relationships, also goes for their friends. Don’t bring up their past loves right before a first date, they are already nervous enough.

“Put yourself in Pandora’s shoes.
She’s given a gift, a wondrous box,
filled with things she never even knew existed.
Of course she opened it.
Wouldn’t you.”


  • Alex really needs to make up his mind on Nathan, like him or don’t like him, but stick to it.
  • Seriously, a group full of surgeons talking about the capability of another surgeon, as they watch her surgery with other colleagues, who knows maybe even interns, right behind them.. Very professional guys, good job.
  • I want Maggie to find someone and turn into someone with less insecurities and more lovey dovey. But I’m not sure about this whole Jackson-Maggie thing.
  • I’m so happy that the dance parties are back!!

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 18 ‘Be Still, My Soul’

Written by M.

“When my mother’s Alzheimer’s got bad,
I was going through her bills, and I found a notepad.
Written on it were the words
‘Important tell Meredith not to’
And that was it.
She never finished that sentence.
Tell Meredith not to what?
Not to drink too much?
Not to pet strange dogs?
Not to give her heart away?
Not to leave the sprinklers on?
We didn’t exactly talk a lot in those days.
I regret that.
I wish we had.”

On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow once said “Love makes you do the wacky”. I believe that to be true. But when you are about to lose love, or just lost love, you get even crazier. And this episode showed just that. Maggie turned into a scarier form of herself. Not only will she not listen to anyone when it comes to her mother’s treatment, she takes her mother with her on this path.

When I lose someone I care deeply about, I crawl into my shell, I stop talking. And when I do talk about it, it is to the people who share this loss with me. So I don’t know what it’s like to lash out at the people around you. I get it, but I don’t know it. And I wonder till what point do you accept the crazy? And at what point do you walk away?

Maggie shouting at Meredith “You don’t get it! You wouldn’t! Meredith, I love my mother enough not to say, ‘Screw it’, and throw her down a damn drain!” And then say to Richard, who is her biological father, “I just wish my dad was here”. Is this still acceptable? Deliberately hurting the people around you to make yourself feel better, at what point do we stop accepting that?

All and all I must say that Ellen Pompeo did a marvelous job on directing this episode. She has a bright future as a director. But please always give us a warning, so we have tissues ready to help us through the episodes.

“I think about my mom’s note all the time.
Tell Meredith not to…?
Not to cave?
Not to care?
Not to give up so easily?
Not to fall in love?
Not to have children? 
Not to tell a lie?
She left me wondering what to do, what not to do.
She left me knowing everything was up to me.
And me alone.
And she left me with no one to ask.
So I would decide what she meant to write.
‘Tell Meredith not to be afraid’
Goodbye, Mom.”


  • Will Meredith and Nathan ever get together?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 17 ‘Till I Hear It From You’

Written by M.

“Stuff comes apart. An eggshell is never gonna come back together.
A window will never unbreak.
It’s called the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
It’s also called life.
Stuff rarely comes together.
But it’ll always come apart.”

Sorry to say this, but Maggie is being a serious pain in the ass (sorry, not sorry). She has her opinion formed about pretty much everything without ever wanting to hear another point of view. She has the idea that her mother is here to get a boob job, but has never actually asked her why she is here. Instead she just gives Diane and everyone around her a hard time. But in all honesty, Diane is treating Maggie as is she’s a princess. She rather have her daughter be disgusted by her for a boob job than to risk hurting her by being honest. To tell her that she has cancer.

Nathan finally won over Meredith’s affection.

“I don’t have a good reason. I tried to come with one.
So then I thought, ‘Well, why do I like her?’
And I don’t know.
From the first time I saw you, you were at the O. R. board.
You were talking with Pierce, and she said something that made you laugh, and I couldn’t move.
And then I had to wait for you to write your name on the board because I just needed to know who you were.
So, I d I don’t have a good reason for you to like me.
I didn’t even try to like you. I didn’t want to.
And I certainly don’t want to have to think about you all the time, trying to come in early, see your name on the board,
come up with that one thing that’s gonna make you smile so your eyes do that thing they do.
Anyway, uh so that’s why I joke so much and to keep from having to say anything like this. 

So, I don’t have a good reason. I’m sorry. I wish I did.”

And then comes Maggie to ruin it all, who is hurt because she finally finds out why her mother is here.

Can the marriage between Owen and Amelia be saved? Is there even something left to save? I wonder though what Owen meant when he said that he knows what he wants. Does he mean Amelia or does he mean kids? If it’s Amelia, it’s a big character change for Owen, who broke up his marriage with Christina because she didn’t want kids. If it’s kids, than he sure knows how to pick them. Maybe it’s something he should bring up next time before he gets married. But Amelia involving his marriage to Christina in their fight, that was a low blow.

So DeLuca tells Edwards that he’s in love with Jo. Well we all already knew that. But the timing of telling it was a little weird, since Edwards was clearly upset about Elsie dying and that people need more time together. But her reaction was also a little weird, telling him to stop talking and to go away. Was it because him telling her and at that moment, it was unappropriated or is she hurt? Is Edwards falling for DeLuca?

“Everything comes apart at some point.
It’s the law. It’s what we were designed to do.
We have to face it and accept it and try to hold it together for as long as we can.” 


  • How cute is the old surgeon couple? These are some serious relationship goals!

  • That comment of Richard to Arizona, did he call her a whore? Sure he didn’t mean it, but that was mean.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 16 ‘Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?’

Written by M.

Getting tongue-tied.
It’s what we call it when your mind goes from brilliant to blank.
You can prepare all you want.
But the feeling can still hit you, out of nowhere.
So when it hits you, when your mind shuts down, when you open your mouth and no words come out, the good news is it happens to all of us.”

And here we have another episode that is just about a few characters and all other storylines just come to a screeching halt. This time it’s all about Jackson and April. So what can we take out of this episode? Not that much to be honest. Just that Jackson has a little more appreciation for his mother after meeting his father, who left him as a child and never looked at him again. That’s pretty much about it.

Oh, and apparently Jackson and April found out that they can do something other than fight. And that is having sex. I know that I’m stepping on a lot of toes saying this, but I don’t believe in ‘Japril’. Years ago, they worked, definitely. But let’s face it, they haven’t worked in years. All they have done in the last years is fight. Fight over everything. Can they please just let them move on to new loves. Because, seriously, I am so done with them fighting over everything.

As a parent, when your child is in the hospital, wouldn’t you want a doctor who understands what it is that you’re going through? That is exactly what Jackson is doing, but of course April doesn’t agree with that. Apparently fighting Jackson on everything is more important than comforting the parents. I used to like the character that is April, but lately she is getting more and more annoying and I’m over it already.

Getting tongue-tied.
There’s a reason it happens.
We lose our words because the stakes are so high and we have so much to lose.
We’re petrified of saying too much or saying it wrong.
When the truth is, the only wrong thing you can say is nothing at all.”


  • Can someone explain to me why Harriet was planned to stay with Catherine when Jackson thought Meredith would go with him to Montana? Why couldn’t she just stay with April?
  • Catherine saying “Give me my child” to Jackson about Harriet. Uhm excuse me miss, I know you think you own everything in this world, but she is not your child. She’s your grandchild.
  • April saying that she and Catherine have been friends for years… Girl please! Get a reality check and get a dictionary to get the definition of ‘friendship’. Because it’s not what you and Catherine are, you never have been. You are her puppet. Her way to try to have control over Jackson.

Next week;

But seriously, this sneak preview is so much more exciting;