Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life – Episode 01 – Winter

Written by M.

“Please, Luke, please, please please.
How many cups have you had this morning?
Five, but yours is better.”

“I got kissed.
And I shoplifted.”

“Honestly Lorelai, it’s not your looks that keep them away.
Think about that.”

“People die, we pay.
People crash cars, we pay.
People lose a foot, we pay.
At least you have your new slogan.”

“Did you do something slutty?
I’m not that happy.”

“People are particularly stupid today.”

“Copper boom!”

“Norman Mailer, I’m pregnant!”

“Luke can waltz?
Luke can waltz.”

“I just want you to know I’m in.
I am all in.”

“It’d be like the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan.
But at least those guys got to be in France.”

“I’m not going to Harvard.
I had sex, but I’m not going to Harvard.”

“I stopped being a child the minute the strip turned pink.”

“You jump, I jump Jack.”

“Eternal damnation is what I’m risking for my rock and roll.”

“Oy with the poodles already.”

“Because I love you, you idiot.”

“I smell snow.”

 What a brilliant opening to start this revival. Simple, yet exactly worthy of Gilmore Girls. You’re immediately back at the Gilmore pace of things. However it wasn’t long till Stars Hollow became different. Sure the fast pace and the kind of humor is still the same, which we love, but there are small differences that are starting to irritate.

For instance, since when is the cell reception bad in Stars Hollow? Luke had a ‘no cell phone’ sigh since the beginning of the series, he wouldn’t have that if people never got any reception. I know it’s just a small thing, but since it’s at the beginning of the episode and Rory is racing around town to get reception, it’s irritating. Another thing that irritated me was, when Paul arrives, Luke tells this to Lorelai, making it a name guessing game. Only when he couldn’t get to the name, he turned to Rory, who was in the same room. It doesn’t seem like something that would happen in the original series.

The tribute to Richard, I’m after almost a year I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I loved the scene at the cemetery, but I dislike that it was about how Lorelai screwed up that night. And most of all I hate the fact that Rory left early because she had to go back to London. Did she just go back to see Logan or did she have an actual good excuse. You’d think that given the relationship she had with Richard, she would clear everything to be there. My grandfather died last January and my relation was nowhere close to that of Richard and Rory, in the end he didn’t even know who I was anymore, but I wouldn’t have missed any part of the funeral, not for anything. So I wonder, what the hell was so important in London to leave early.

Emily, what to say about Emily. I loved to see how the death of her beloved Richard affected her, even keeping a maid for months now. Thankfully she’s still Emily, and the only one who questions Rory and her living situation. And she should! God knows I know about not being in the point of your live you want to be at, but not having a place to call home? Unless you’re travelling the world, having your stuff scattered over several places is not healthy at 32.

Though many people hate on Rory for not being successful as she was always set out to be, but I’m kinda digging it. A lot of people of this generation are struggling and it’s nice that it’s represented like this. And it’s not like she’s acting out of character. Remember the Reston fellowship in season 7? She wanted it so badly she blew off other great offers. Or when Mitchum said he didn’t see her as a journalist, she was devastated and stole a yacht. Sure she isn’t stealing anything and isn’t turning down jobs, but she is lying about how it’s going. She makes it look like she has so many options, where she actually hardly has any. But she had her piece in the New Yorker, which in her minds means she made it and any paper would want to work with her, feeling too good to do some ‘lighter’ work. I’m not bothered by Rory not being in the place she wants to be in, or where everybody thought she would be. I am, however bothered by how she’s handling it. How hard it may be, be truthful about the situation, at least to yourself. So your life isn’t perfect, but take little steps, get a place to live, secure an income and don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help.
How is it that Rory is broke? She got her trust fund from Trix, her always ongoing financial support from her grandparents and Chris. She has no rent to pay. Is she blowing all her money on plane tickets back and forth to London? Oh and then there’s the lying to Lorelai about who she’s staying with in London.

Lorelai, to me Lorelai didn’t seem as in control as she always used to be. She always came across sure about herself, confident and strong willed. But now, she seems nervous and insecure and I’m not loving this transformation. What happened in these 10 years for her to become like this?

Paris, thank God, Paris is still Paris. I’m sad that she and Doyle couldn’t make it work, but I love she hasn’t lost her ‘Paris’. Character wise I think she’s still the same, more than most others and it’s the Paris I love, and sometimes wish I was.

Best quotes;

  • “Ooober”
  • “I found myself thinking, maybe it would be nice to take a cruise. And then I broke a hip”
  • “Why on earth aren’t you on Xanax? It was invented for you”
  • “But after you’ve passed the peyote, what bathroom will you use to throw up in”
  • “What sort of attack are you having?”

And also;

  • Love the fact that the town troubadour is still in Stars Hollow.
  • Seriously, Luke is creepy with his proudness.
  • How is it that Paul doesn’t notice that Lorelai and Luke don’t remember him at all and that Rory forgets about him every 5 seconds?
  • I want to see Frederick! We are invested in Michel, I want to see who he spends his life with.
  • Tattoo of ‘Wino Forever’, who has it and why haven’t we seen it?
  • The food that was served by Bertha at Friday night dinner, any thoughts on what it was? I think it was a ‘minced cordon blue’. It meets the criteria, it’s meat, has cheese, layers and it’s smooshy and crunchy.
  • What was that remark from Lorelai about Jess about? Sure, she didn’t like him when he was going out with Rory, but that’s like 14 years ago. You’d think they would have sorted out their differences by now.
  • So Lane and Zack’s kids are about 10 years old, they should have this family thing going on. But what we see is a living room which has the band equipment in them filling half the room and the other half is filled with Rory’s boxes. How do they live?
  • In the beginning of the episode Rory said she should have labeled her boxes to remember where everything is. Why is it that when she’s going through them, she’s not marking them at that point?
  • Is Rory still walking around without her underwear?
  • Is it me or has Kirk gotten more handsome over the years?

Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 1 Day Left!

Written by M.



I can’t believe it, we’re only one night of sleep away!
High time to focus our attention on what I’m expecting tomorrow.
So here it is, the last one, Crash Course Lesson #30

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I had hoped that I had more time this week to research for this article.
But this week was also my therapy week, which means I had a lot less time to research.
In a way I’m not that sad about it, because even though I’m dying to know what we can expect, I’m also really eager to be surprised.

There for this article doesn’t hold much facts.
Even though I had marked so many pages in the last couple of weeks with articles on the coming series, I couldn’t make myself to read them. I would only read them to research this article. So there are many things known  about this revival that I’m still oblivious too and I must say, I like it.
The page that I did look at and what my theories in this articles are based on, is the IMDb page of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Before you continue, if you wish to be oblivious about what you can expect and just want to be surprised; Stop reading!
Though this article doesn’t hold much information and is mostly my thoughts, I don’t want to be held responsible for ruining your surprise and fun.

What is it that I know?

I know this 4 seasons revival is brought to us by series creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, with the help of Netflix. This revival will cover a year in the life of our beloved girls, each episode will be another season, starting with Winter, then Spring, Summer and ending with Fall.

So who is returning?
Well all of our girls are returning, Lorelai and Rory, but also the other Gilmore Girl Emily. In this series, Richard Gilmore will not return. Actor Edward Herrmann has passed away in December 2014, and Richard Gilmore has passed away in the gap between the end of season 7 and the start of A Year in the Life. When? I don’t know exactly. This could be recent, given the images at the cemetery as seen in the promo. But, in the promo, I’ve also heard Emily say that she was married to Richard for 50 years, indicating that Richard would have died in 2014.
Besides them, I welcome Luke, Lane, Michel, Logan, Kirk and Ceasar back for all four episodes. Besides them, there are two new characters who will appear in all four episodes; Alejandro, played by Frank Gallegos, and Bertha’s Kid, played by Julio Umana. This immediately creates questions? Who is Alejandro? And who is Bertha? For Alejandro, I have two options. One; he’s the cook of The Dragonfly Inn, especially since Sookie will only be in one episode. Second; he’s Michel’s lover, though it was never confirmed that Michel is guy, it was hinted throughout the series. As for Bertha’s Kid, I have no idea.

Taking a look at the credits list on IMDb, I saw that Dean will only be returning for one episode (Fall) and Jess for three episodes (Spring, Summer and Fall). Based on that I think it safe to say that Rory and Dean won’t end up together. Another thing that supports that theory is that we get to meet a Lacey Forester. Could she be Dean’s new wife?

Speaking of wives, will there be a Gilmore wedding?
Let’s think about a wedding between Lorelai and Luke, who would be there?
I know Luke won’t get married unless April could be there and I think he would also want Jess and Liz there. And for Lorelai, of course she will want Rory there, that’s a given. But besides Rory, I would say she would want her mother and Sookie there. So is this possible? From what I know now, I’d say no, we won’t get to see a wedding between Lorelai and Luke. Why? That’s simple, April will only appear in the Summer episode, where Liz won’t appear at all. And Sookie will only appear in the Fall episode. So based on the credits information, I think it’s safe to say Luke and Lorelai won’t get married.

But will Rory end up married? And if so, to who? As I said, Dean is out of the running for this, but Jess and Logan are still in the race. Again I take a look at the IMDb credits and I think that Logan would be the safer bet. Of course this is something what would make me happy, since I’m team Logan, but that’s beside the point. It’s based on that Finn, Colin and Robert all appear in the Fall episode. Not only them, but in the Fall episode a ‘Josie’ will come around! Is this THE Josie that Colin and Finn have been after since we met them? Something that will contradict this theory is that Miss Patty, Babette and Taylor will not appear in the Fall episode. I guess it’s possible for Rory to have a wedding without them, but it still feels a little strange. Sookie however is in the Fall episode and if you’ve seen the promo, you can see that there is a giant cake in the kitchen? Could this be a wedding cake?

Or will she marry Jess? Again I would say it would be in the Fall episode, simply because Christopher will only appear in that episode, though this could also support the Logan theory. Or will there be a Stars Hollow wedding in the other episodes and will Christopher make the biggest of his bad father decisions and not be there? I hope not! I’ve always been a fan of Christopher and I like seeing him and Rory like we have since the end of season 6. But here again I say, Liz and TJ are not listed to appear in this revival. I know that Jess won’t care much if TJ would be there, but you’d think he’d like to have his mother there. Or is Luke enough for him?

Then there is another thing that caught my eye.
Are we getting a new theme song?
We all know ‘Where You Lead’ by heart and for me that song will forever be connected to the Gilmore Girls. But where Carole King is credited on IMDb for returning as Sophie Bloom, she is not credited for the theme song for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.
Though I don’t think ASP would give us an entirely new song, this is raising questions with me.

As you can, I don’t know a lot. The IMDb page actually created a lot of questions for me, more than expected.

  • Who is Alejandro?
  • Who is Bertha and why are two of her kids mentioned in the credits list where she is not?
  • Is Josie, THE Josie, that Colin and Finn have been drooling for since we met them?
  • Is there a new or a new version of the theme song?
  • In which episode will Chilton’s Headmaster Hanlin Charleston appear? I’ve seen him in pictures and based on the fact that I saw Paris in the same picture, it would mean either Winter or the Spring episode.
  • Where are Liz and TJ, and of course Doula?
  • Where are Lucy and Olivia? They are not mentioned in the IMDb page? Will they really not appear? I hope they will, I liked the effect that they had on Rory. To live a little less planned and enjoy the ride a little more.
  • And then there is one question, that has been bugging me since season 5 and I hope that it will finally be answered. What is Robert’s last name? On the IMDb page he is mentioned as Robert Grimaldi, but we know that’s only the name Rory gave Lorelai in the hopes of calming her down.

Now it’s time for me to get some sleep before the big day of tomorrow!
For me, at this point, the saying of ‘Ignorance is bliss’ applies and I hope Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life can make me feel as good as Gilmore Girls has always been able to.

Have love,






Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 2 Days Left – Part 2

Written by M.



Here’s Crash Course Lesson #29

The Gilmore Guide to Season 7

As the Emmy-winning series featuring a strong and loving mother-daughter relationship reaches its seventh and final season, Lorelai and Rory turn to each other for support. Will their relationships and dreams come to fruition? With a colorful cast of characters, life in Stars Hollow is anything but dull. As the season unfolds, Lorelai’s relationship with Luke may be over now that she has let Christopher, Rory’s father, come between them again. Even so, Lorelai and Luke still have to coexist in tiny, close-knit Stars Hollow with the town’s watchful eyes on them and their charged history.

Meanwhile, Rory will attempt to keep her long-distance romance with Logan alive, even though communication has never been their strong suit and London is far away. Rory now begins her senior year at Yale and continues as the editor of the Yale daily paper.

Take it away Kirk!

Must watch episodes to know the story?
Episodes 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22
But the best episodes of this season are;

  • Episode 2 – That’s What You Get Folks, For Makin’ Whoopee
    Lane hates sex, Rory’s learning sexting and Kirk crashes into Luke’s.
  • Episode 4 – ‘S Wonderful, ‘S Marvelous
    Lorelai and Christopher are on the best date ever!
  • Episode 5 – The Great Stink
    Stars Hollow smells like pickles.
  • Episode 7 – French Twist
    I love the Forbidden Fjords!
  • Episode 12 – To Whom It May Concern
    Lorelai’s moving letter of recommendation and Paris sticks up for Rory.
  • Episode 13 – I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia
    I think this episode shows how much the Gilmores are loved.
  • Episode 14 – Farewell, My Pet
    I still cry when Lorelai and Christopher talk.
  • Episode 15 – I’m a Kayak, Hear Me Roar
    Lorelai and Emily bond
  • Episode 16 – Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?
    I’m still moved
  • Episode 18 – Hale Bale Maze
    I find this the best town event, plus we get to see Logan in Stars Hollow.
  • Episode 20 – Lorelai? Lorelai?
    Karaoke night in Stars Hollow and Logan asks for Lorelai’s permission to ask Rory to marry him.
  • Episode 21 – Unto the Breach
    Logan proposes! And Rory says no…
  • Episode 22 – Bon Voyage
    The last episode and the biggest ‘Bon Voyage’ party anyone has ever seen.


Episode 1 – The Long Morrow

Paris: She’s got a C-Average which means she’s either lazy or stupid. I can work with either. Frankly stupid’s sometimes easier, I can scare the stupid out of you but the lazy runs deep.

Luke: Hell, you were going so fast-
Lorelai: Yeah, that’s me! I’m fast…I’m the perfect storm of caffeine and genetics. Ha!

Lorelai: This pile is Luke’s stuff. This pile is stuff that reminds me of Luke.
Rory: What’s that pile?
Lorelai: That’s Babette’s intimates.
Rory: Oh. Of course.

Episode 2 – That’s What You Get, Folks, for Makin’ Whoopee

[Luke argues with Kirk at the latter’s makeshift outdoor diner.]
Luke: You’re gonna sue me, after you crash a car into my diner and bust a giant hole in my wall?!
Kirk: For all you know, I could have brain damage.
Luke: Oh, I’m pretty sure you do.

Episode 4 – ‘S Wonderful, ‘S Marvelous

Lorelai[in disbelief] We have to go. We have to pick up my mother. From jail.
Christopher[laughs] Your mother’s in jail?
Lorelai: Ohhhh, this night keeps getting better and better.

Episode 5 – The Great Stink

Lorelai: It’s just no saying killer, no saying whack, no saying rockin’ or pimpin’ or slamming, capisce?
Christopher: Fo’ shizzle.
Lorelai: There’s gotta be an eject button here somehwere…

Episode 6 – Go, Bulldogs!

Lorelai: Who wears a nametag in the middle of their chest?
Christopher: Superman
Lorelai: Superman wears an emblem
Christopher: So, this is my emblem.
Lorelai: “Hello I’m Rory Gilmore’s dad, Christopher” is your emblem?
Christopher: Yeah.
Lorelai: I’m going to have to ask you to walk 50 feet in front of me.

Episode 11 – Santa’s Secret Stuff

Gigi: The redcoat is here!

Christopher: Ah, mistletoe.
Lorelai: Where are you going with that?
Christopher: I’m going to hang it up in the doorway.
Rory: Oh, that’s not where it goes… We tape it up to one of the blades of the ceiling fan upstairs. That way the kissing is more like a sport. It’s one of our traditions.

Lorelai: Because my brain is a wild jungle full of scary gibberish. “I’m writing a letter. I can’t write a letter. Why can’t I write a letter? I’m wearing a green dress. I wish I was wearing my blue dress. My blue dress is at the cleaners’. ‘The Germans wore gray, you wore blue.’ Casablanca. Casablanca’s such a good movie. Casablanca. The White House. Bush. Why don’t I drive a hybrid car? I should really drive a hybrid car. I should really take my bicycle to work. Bicycle, unicycle, unitard, hockey puck, rattlesnake monkey monkey underpants.”

Episode 12 – To Whom It May Concern

Sookie: God, I hope we have a girl. Oooh! Or a Boy!
Lorelai: Chances are pretty good you’ll have one or the other.

Episode 14 – Farewell, My Pet

Episode 15 – I’m a Kayak, Hear Me Roar

Emily: You’re independent. You provide for yourself.
Lorelai: I am kayak. Hear me roar.

Episode 18 – Hale Bale Maze

Michel: Ah. Whatever.
Sookie: Michel. People stopped saying “whatever” five years ago.
Michel: Whatever. I’m outie 5000.

Tomorrow this crash course will end with lesson #30, in which I’ll go into all the things we know about the new episodes.

Have love,

Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 2 Days Left – Part 1

Written by M.



Here’s Crash Course Lesson #28

The Gilmore Guide to Season 6

Can it be the Gilmore Girls if the Gilmore girls aren’t together? At the end of Season 5, Rory dropped out of Yale and moved into Emily and Richard’s pool house — decisions that broke Lorelai’s heart. That’s handy, because one half of that heart can be deliriously happy with the big new step in her love affair with Luke. Meanwhile, the other half grieves and it seems everyone in town wants mother and daughter to reunite. But it may take an unexpected out-of-towner to make it happen.

Of course there’s much more: Lane gets a surprise that leaves her reeling with joy while Luke gets a surprise that may send the Luke-and-Lorelai relationship reeling.

Take it away Kirk!

Must watch episodes to know the story?
Episodes 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22
But the best episodes of this season are;

  • Episode 5 – We’ve Got Magic to Do
    Glitters and a showdown between the Gilmores and the Huntzbergers.
  • Episode 7 – Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number
    Richard and Emily find out that Rory has sex.
  • Episode 8 – Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out
    Jess is a hypocrite but he does the job.
  • Episode 11 – The Perfect Dress
    If only for Rory’s breakdown.
  • Episode 13 – Friday Night’s Alright For Fighting
    Rory and Logan reunited at the Yale Daily News and the ultimate Friday Night Dinner.
  • Episode 14 – You’ve Been Gilmored
    The Love-Hate relationship between Rory and Paris goes back to hate.
  • Episode 15 – A Vineyard Valentine
    I love how Rory and Logan are in this episode and how Logan is with Lorelai and Luke.
  • Episode 19 – I Get a Sidekick Out of You
    Lane and Zack get married.
  • Episode 20 – Super Cool Party People
    Paris gets to use her skills and Rory yells at Mitchum.
  • Episode 22 – Partings
    Rory and Logan say their goodbyes as he leaves for London and Lorelai hates Mondays.


Episode 1 – New and Improved Lorelai

Lorelai: I mean we’re getting married, Luke. Married. You and me. Luke ‘Table for one’ Danes and Lorelai ‘I’m sorry can I get an industrial forklift for my emotional baggage’ Gilmore are getting married.

Episode 4 – Always a Godmother, Never a God

Lorelai: You’re watching a Wednesday matinee of Deuce Bigalow you can yell fire all you want. Hell you can set fire to the movie theatre. No one will complain.

Episode 6 – Welcome to the Dollhouse

Luke: Want some coffee?
Lorelai: I’m beyond coffee.
Luke: Beyond coffee. This is big.
Lorelai: I’m fueled by my righteous indignation.

Episode 7 – Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number

Lorelai: We were gonna go to Atlantic City. We were going to sit at a Blackjack table at 11:59 and order martinis. We were gonna play 21 when she turned 21. Then we were going to buy 21 things. And there’s a thing about 21 guys that wouldn’t be appropriate since the engagement, but it was a good plan.

Rory: Listen, reverend. I really appreciate you taking the time out of what I assume is a busy day to come here and talk to me about… all of this, but, um, I’m afraid the ultimate-gift ship has sailed.
Reverend Boatwright: What?
Rory: A while ago. It’s probably in Fiji by now.

Luke: (commenting the “Rory” drink) This tastes pink. Like really pink. It’s really bad; it’s like drinking a My Little Pony.

Episode 10 – He’s Slippin’ ‘Em Bread… Dig?

Rory: They never invited their priest over to try and talk you out of having sex.
Lorelai: Five times! And on the last one, they triple-teamed with a priest, a rabbi, and a Mormon missionary. I made so many jokes that night I should have had a microphone and a brick wall behind me.

Episode 11 – The Perfect Dress

Paris: It’s going to be a great term, people. An important term. A term to change the history of the Yale Daily News. The work will be hard. It has to be hard. Nothing less than perfect will be tolerated. Please remember that I am your editor. I am not your mother, or your hugger. If you need some love, get a hooker. If you’re having a bad day, find a ledge or way to deal. My door is not open to you, ever. You have five minutes to enjoy your cookies. Welcome to the Yale Daily News.

Episode 12 – Just Like Gwen and Gavin

Voice in the Street: Town meeting!
Lorelai: What did they say?
Luke: There was a clown beating?
Lorelai: Huh! Not again.

Episode 13 – Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting

Lorelai: Once upon a time, there was a big house with thick glass windows and heavy stone walls and a slightly pornographic fountain in the driveway. And all the animals in the forest were scared of the house ’cause they thought that the house was haunted, and so did all the villagers in the small hamlet of Hartford.. shire… ville. ‘Maids go in, but they never come out’ they would whisper on the street. One day, a beautiful young cowherderess walked by the house. And suddenly she felt the unbearable need for a strand of pearls and a snifter of 100-year old scotch. So, abandoning her cows, she climbed over the high walls and dropped onto the just-redone tiled walkway and rushed toward the enchanted French doors that the queen had never been happy with because the hardware was not what she had picked, and she refused to pay that idiot designer that she hired off of a recommendation and…
Okay, seriously, this didn’t work when you were 4. I am not sure why you thought it would do any good now.

Episode 15 – A Vineyard Valentine

Lorelai: I wonder if there’s a connection between the shape of lighthouses, ferries, spermaceti, and Gayhead. Hahaha.

Episode 16 – Bridesmaids Revisited

Kirk: I want to get the healthy glow of someone who goes consistently to the gym without actually having to go of course

Episode 17 – I’m OK, You’re OK

Paris: No one invited you in here. Now get out before I go Bonaduce on your ass!

Episode 18 – The Real Paul Anka

Lorelai: Ok, weird dream.
Rory: Weirder than the one when you step into the boxing ring and your hands are creampuffs?

Episode 19 – I Get a Sidekick Out of You

Lorelai: Eh, excuse me. Hi. Mrs. Kim? I’d like you to meet Christopher Hayden. He’s Rory’s father and a MAN!
Christopher: Did that really need clarification?

Episode 20 – Super Cool Party People

Sookie: Super cool party people bid you super cool adieu!!
[Lorelai gives her a puzzled look]
Sookie: That’s how you were saying goodbye to people at the wedding.
Lorelai: Super.

Paris: Forget it. I don’t know how to read charts yet. I could tell you everything I know about the dominant and recessive genes of a fruit fly but God forbid I learn how to read a chart until I’m a 4th year surgical resident.

Episode 21 – Driving Miss Gilmore

Richard: Personally, I like you with glasses.
Lorelai: It’s that whole, dirty librarian thing, right dad?

Episode 22 – Partings

Rory: You’re grounded!
Lorelai: Sorry, Mom! Kimmy saw this guy at the mall, who was a total Chachi and he bought us a Slurpee and we totally lost track of time.
Rory: I called you twice! I left messages. I called the national guard, who didn’t answer because they’re all in Baghdad.
Lorelai: Well, I just checked my messages.
Rory: I won’t be ignored, Dan!

Lorelai: What’s this?
Richard: Don’t touch that!
Lorelai: Oh my God! It’s weapons of mass destruction! Quick! Get the president on the phone! If he’s not in the oval office, try the ice cream room!

Have love,

Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 3 Days Left

Written by M.



Here’s Crash Course Lesson #27

The Gilmore Guide to Season 5

Lorelai and Rory face major life changes in this unforgettable fifth season. Lorelai is happy owning and operating an inn with best friend Sookie, but quickly learns the demands of being the boss. A bigger surprise is that her longtime friendship with Luke has become a romance. Lorelai and Luke try to hide their relationship, but the town soon knows they are dating. The reappearance of Rory’s father, Christopher, adds to the drama.

Rory’s romantic life is also complicated; at the forefront is her relationship with Dean – who’s now married. In her second year at Yale, Rory is more involved in the college newspaper and meets Logan, who comes from the same old-money world as her grandparents. Rory could be on the path of her dreams – or is she?

Take it away Kirk!

Must watch episodes to know the story?
Episodes 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22
But the best episodes of this season are;

  • Episode 3 – Written in the Stars?
    “I just want you to know I’m inn, I’m all inn”
  • Episode 7 – You Jump, I Jump, Jack
    This is the episode where I fell in love with Logan Huntzberger
  • Episode 8 – The Party’s Over
    “Pick me, I’m exotic”
  • Episode 10 – But Not as Cute as Pushkin
    Book sniffing, class interruptions and a Richard and Rory playing tricks.
  • Episode 13 – Wedding Bell Blues
    A make-out session interrupted by mom, dad and mom’s boyfriend!
  • Episode 14 – Say Something
    I love Frank
  • Episode 17 – Pulp Friction
    And I love Finn!
  • Episode 19 – But I’m a Gilmore!
    “I need a taco”
  • Episode 22 – A House Is Not a Home
    Finn and Colin worshipping Rory, it’s a must see!

But if you want to see Kirk dressed as a woman, check episode 11 – Women of Questionable Morals!


Episode 1 – Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller

Emily[provoking grin] I am going to Europe, Richard. I am going to Europe, and I’m going to have a marvelous time. I’m going to get up at 10:00, and I’m going to have two glasses of wine at lunch every single day.
Richard: Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch.
Emily: Well, then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno because I am open for business.

Episode 3 – Written in the Stars

Luke[Approaching with food] Hot plates.
Lorelai: See? He called me “Hot Plates.” He so likes me.

Rory: Heart attack? Umm.. it wasn’t during… umm… was it?
Paris: No Rory! This great man was not brought down by my vagina.

Episode 5 – We Got Us a Pippi Virgin!

Emily: It’s a panic room.
Lorelai: Like Jodie Foster?
Emily: I have no idea.

Emily: I bought a panic room.
Rory: Like Jodie Foster?
Emily: What does Jodie Foster have to do with anything?

Episode 6 – Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant!

Lorelai: Sookie, first thing we agreed on opening the inn?
Sookie: What?
Lorelai: Keep Kirk away from business!!!

Episode 7 – You Jump, I Jump, Jack

Logan: It’s your choice, Ace. People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute. You climb up here with me, it’s one less minute you haven’t lived.

[Looking down from top of 8-story high scaffolding]
Rory: High. We are very, very high.
Logan: I’ve been higher.
Rory: I meant distance from the ground.
Logan: That, too.

Episode 8 – The Party’s Over

Paris: You sleep with one old guy, and suddenly you’re Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Episode 9 – Emily Says Hello

Marty: College is breaking my spirit. Every single day, telling me things I don’t know. It’s making me feel stupid.

Episode 10 – But Not as Cute as Pushkin

Episode 13 – Wedding Bell Blues

Episode 15 – Jews and Chinese Food

Lorelai: Hey, isn’t that your naked guy?
Rory: Oh, yeah. Marty, hey! He’s not my naked guy.
Lorelai: Well, you don’t really want a communal naked guy, nowadays, you know, it’s too sketchy.

Doyle: You look so hot when you find me annoying.
Paris: Then I must be Gisele Bündchen to you 24/7.

Episode 18 – To Live and Let Diorama

Rory: I can’t believe he’s gone. He’s been dying my whole life.
Lorelai: …Apparently he just closed his eyes, muttered something about Lori Loughlin and then, he was gone.
Rory: Wow, he’s never died before
Lorelai: I guess there’s a first time for everything

Episode 21 – Blame Booze and Melville

Lorelai: I just ate an apple.
Rory: Uh oh.
Lorelai: Yeah. And I liked it.
Rory: Whoa!

Episode 22 – A House Is Not a Home

Colin: I’m Colin. This is Finn. And you are?
Lorelai: Her mother.
Finn: My God those are good genes.

Have love,

Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 4 Days Left

Written by M.



Time for Crash Course Lesson #26

The Gilmore Guide to Season 3 and 4

As season three unfolds, both Gilmore girls are growing up fast. Lorelai faced a heartbreaking disappointment when her rekindled romance with Rory’s father, Christopher, was thwarted by the unexpected pregnancy of his girlfriend. Trying to move on with her love life, Lorelai now faces the prospect of life without Rory as the dream of Harvard starts to become a reality. Lorelai continues to manage the historic Independence Inn and to nurture her dream of one day opening her own inn with her best friend, the fabulous chef Sookie St. James, who is now adjusting to married life.

For Rory, the failed reconciliation between her parents was a crushing blow and led to her first angry confrontation with Christopher over his failures as a parent. She tries to overcome her disappointment by immersing herself in the demanding curriculum at Chilton Academy and the uneasy alliance she has formed with her intense schoolmate Paris Geller. Rory and Paris spent the summer together at a leadership conference in Washington D.C., where Rory managed to temporarily avoid the turmoil of her own love life. Now back in Stars Hollow for her senior year, she will finally have to choose between Dean, her sweet, safe and steady boyfriend of over a year, or the smart, not-so-safe new boy in town, Jess. The possibility of a romance between Rory and Jess continues to be a strain on Lorelai’s long-standing friendship with Luke Danes, the owner of the local diner and the Mike Nichols to Lorelai’s Elaine May. Also there to help Rory sort out her teen life is her friend Lane Kim, who has now turned her music obsession into action. She has joined a band. Of course, her mother has no idea.

Senior year meant some surprising changes for the Gilmore girls, as both Lorelai and Rory wrestled with their pasts in order to figure out what the heck they were going to do with their futures. In the wake of finding out that her relationship with Rory’s dad was not to be rekindled, Lorelai endured a variety of suitors as she attempted to keep her life on an even keel–not easy when her former flame’s girlfriend was pregnant (and clueless), her former fiancé shows up unexpectedly, and her beloved inn suffers some unforeseen damage.

If it was major drama for Lorelai, it was full-fledged soap opera for Rory, who broke up with longtime boyfriend Dean in the wake of her attraction to the moody bad-boy Jess, only to find her new relationship fraught with difficulties. Add to that the pressure of getting into college (Harvard or Yale?) and stressful senior class politics at the snooty Chilton private school and it’s a wonder she still had time to crack wise at breakneck speed with her mom and the rest of Stars Hollow.

But here’s Kirk

Must watch episodes to know the story?

Episodes 2, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22

But the best episodes of this season are.

  • Episode 1 – Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days
    “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
    Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
    Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
    You’ll wish that summer could always be here”
    Anyone who’s ever seen this episode has this song stuck in their head for the rest of their lives.
  • Episode 4 – One’s Got Class and the Other One Dyes
    Lane goes purple! And then back to black when she freaks out.
  • Episode 6 – Take the Deviled Eggs…
    Rory and Lorelai throwing deviled eggs at Jess’ car!
  • Episode 7 – They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?
    Dean breaks up with Rory, part 2.
    Oh and Lane and Dave, the early days.
  • Episode 8 – Let the Games Begin
    Rory and Jess are now a couple and Luke freaks out about it.
  • Episode 9 – A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving
    4 Thanksgiving Dinners and the girls can still eat!
  • Episode 12 – Lorelai Out of Water
    Lorelai goes fishing, ‘nough said.
  • Episode 16 – The Big One
    Paris has a public mental breakdown
  • Episode 17 – A Tale of Poes and Fire
    Harvard, Yale, Harvard, Yale, Harvard, Yale…
  • Episode 18 – Happy Birthday, Baby
    Yale! And one giant pizza!
  • Episode 22 – Those Are Strings, Pinocchio
    Rory’s valedictorian speech still makes me cry.


Episode 1 – Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days

Lorelai: I’m lying in bed and I’m sleeping and I’m wearing this fabulous nightgown, and like thirty alarm clocks go off, and so I get out of bed and I walk downstairs, and there, standing in the kitchen, is Luke!
Rory: Was he naked?
Lorelai: No! He was making breakfast.
Rory: Naked?
Lorelai: Okay, you’ve been in Washington way too long.

Episode 2 – Haunted Leg

Lorelai: My life stinks. Hey, let’s look into each other’s eyes and say “I wish I were you” at exactly the same time — maybe we’ll pull a Freaky Friday.
Rory: Or we can just pretend that we did and you can go around acting really immature. Oh, wait…
Lorelai: I can’t believe you won’t switch bodies with me.
Rory: Forget it. Then I’d have to date Kirk.

Episode 4 – One’s Got Class and the Other One Dyes

Lorelai: Lane can’t quit the band. She has to get famous and introduce me to Bono.
Rory: I told her that.
Lorelai: All right, let’s go eat… see if we can figure out a way to salvage my future as a groupie.

Luke: Hey, wait now. You’re talking crazy talk trying to confuse me now, aren’t you?
Lorelai: Aren’t you!
Luke: What?
Lorelai: Who?
Luke: Stop it!
Lorelai: Bye!

Episode 7 – They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?

Rory: I can’t even open my eyes.
Lorelai: That’s okay, there’s nothing to see. Kirk’s in a Speedo, Taylor’s in a skirt, Al’s in assless chaps.
Rory: Oh my God, stop. I’m never gonna be able to close my eyes again.

Episode 8 – Let the Games Begin

Jess: Hi.
Rory: Hey.
Jess: Hi.
Lorelai: Hi.
Jess: Hi.
Luke: Hi.
Rory: I have to get to school.
Jess: Yeah, me too.
Rory: Bye
Jess: Bye. Bye.
Lorelai: Bye.
Rory: Bye.
Lorelai: Bye.
Rory: Bye.
Luke: Bye.
[Jess and Rory leave.]
Luke: What the hell was that?|
Lorelai: That was episode one of “Rory and Jess: The Early Years”.

Episode 10 – That’ll Do, Pig

Lorelai: Okay, so monkey lamp’s in the closet, singing rabbi’s in a drawer, and all Spice Girl memorabilia’s under your bed. How do I look?
Rory: Like a woman who does not own any Spice Girl memorabilia.
Lorelai: You look pretty, too.

Episode 11 – I Solemnly Swear

Emily: That was our lawyer calling to inform me that one of our former maids is suing for wrongful termination.
Lorelai: Hm.
Emily: You might at least act surprised.
Lorelai: It’s not the first time, is it?
Emily: It most certainly is.
Lorelai: Really?
Emily: Yes, Lorelai, really.
Lorelai: Well, then, I’m surprised.

Episode 12 – Lorelai Out of Water

Lorelai: I look adorable! No one ever told me that if you fish, you get to buy an outfit. I’ll do just about anything if I can buy an outfit!

Episode 13 – Dear Emily and Richard

Lorelai[about a package] It’s from my mother.
Rory: What is it?
Lorelai: It’s heavy. Must be her hopes and dreams for me.
Rory: I thought she discarded those years ago.

Episode 15 – Face-Off

Lorelai: It’ll be fun. There’ll be cheerleaders and clowns, people doing the wave.
Rory: You have no idea what a hockey game is, do you?

Rory: If I had known sports were so much about eating, I would’ve come to a lot more of these.
Lane: I know. There’s something deeply satisfying about watching other people exercise while eating junk food.

Episode 17 – A Tale of Poes and Fire

Lorelai: Okay. [to kids] Hey, guys, go on over to the diner and have breakfast with your families, and then ask the nice man in the baseball hat and the flannel shirt to do sock puppets for you. And if he says no, just ask him louder – it’s part of the game!’

Episode 22 – Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

Rory: Headmaster Charleston, faculty members, fellow students, family and friends, welcome.  We never thought this day would come.  We prayed for its quick delivery, crossed days off our calendars, counted hours, minutes and seconds and now that it’s here, I’m sorry it is, because it means leaving friends who inspire me and teachers who’ve been my mentors, so many people who’ve shaped my life, and my fellow students lives impermeably and forever.
I live in two worlds.  One is a world of books. I’ve been a resident of Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha County, hunted the white whale aboard the Pequod, fought alongside Napoleon, sailed a raft with Huck and Jim, committed absurdities with Ignatius J. Reilly, rode a sad train with Anna Karenina and strolled down Swann’s Way. It’s a rewarding world, but my second one is by far superior.  My second one is populated with characters slightly less eccentric, but supremely real, made of flesh and bone, full of love, who are my ultimate inspiration for everything.  Richard and Emily Gilmore are kind, decent, unfailingly generous people.  They are my twin pillars, without whom I could not stand.  I am proud to be their grandchild.  But my ultimate inspiration comes from my best friend, the dazzling woman from whom I received my name and my life’s blood, Lorelai Gilmore. My mother never gave me any idea that I couldn’t do whatever I wanted to do or be whomever I wanted to be.  She filled our house with love and fun and books and music, unflagging in her efforts to give me role models from Jane Austen to Eudora Welty to Patti Smith.  As she guided me through these incredible eighteen years, I don’t know if she ever realized that the person I most wanted to be was her.  Thank you, Mom: you are my guidepost for everything.

The sum of its parts was definitely greater than the season whole as Gilmore Girls kicked off its fourth year by separating its high-powered mother-daughter duo. After years of toil at snooty private school Chilton, Rory was finally off to the greener pastures of college as she began her first year at Yale. The not-so-long distance put a crimp in her relationship with her mother, Lorelai, as the two were forced to continue their chatty conversations via phone–not exactly the same as trading barbs face-to-face.

While Rory adjusted to college life with cranky roommate Paris in tow, Lorelai found herself without a daughter but gained a boyfriend in the form of Jason “Digger” Stiles, a childhood acquaintance and now her father’s business partner. But the lure of Stars Hollow, the Gilmores’ cherished country town, would prove too hard to resist as Lorelai finally made plans to open her own inn and the two ladies found themselves attracted to town residents–for Lorelai, an intensifying of her friendship with diner owner Luke and for Rory, a return to old boyfriend Dean, which put a decided tension into a show that sorely needed it.

Take it away Kirk!

Must watch episodes to know the story?

Episodes 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22

But the best episodes of this season are; 2, 7, 9, 11, 15, 17, 22

  • Episode 2 – The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale
    What to do when you get to college? Rate the delivery boys!
  • Episode 7 – The Festival of the Living Art
    The title gives the reason away.
  • Episode 9 – Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out
    Richard in his Yale-element
  • Episode 11 – In the Clamor and the Clangor
    Lane’s secret comes out
  • Episode 15 – Scene in a Mall
    Emily goes shopping crazy
  • Episode 17 – Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist
    Paris kisses Rory!
  • Episode 22 – Raincoats and Recipes
    Lorelai and Luke and Kirk’s night terrors.


Episode 1 – Ballrooms and Biscotti

Lorelai: It’s a boy! Oh, I know nothing about little boys!
Sookie: Me neither.

Episode 2 – The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale

Lorelai: Well, I can’t take it back to Yale.
Luke: I’m not storing your microbe mattress, forget it.
Lorelai: Well, then I’m stuck here.
Luke: Fine, because I need my truck back.
Lorelai: Fine, but that leaves you with the mattress.
Luke: I’m not taking the mattress.
Lorelai: Then let me take the truck.
Luke: But that means you take the mattress.
Lorelai: I can’t take the mattress.
Luke: Then you can’t have the truck.
Lorelai: But that sticks you with the mattress.
Luke: If you take the truck, it comes with the mattress.
Lorelai: I can’t take the mattress.
Luke: Then you can’t have the truck.
Lorelai: And that sticks you with the mattress.
Luke: We’ve been here before.
Lorelai: I recognize that tree.

Episode 5 – The Fundamental Things Apply

Emily: I just found out that Sookie was pregnant!
Lorelai: Don’t look at me, I had nothing to do with it.

Episode 8 – Die, Jerk

Lorelai: So, Davey, beautiful day, huh? What would you like to discuss? Middle East peace, the space program? I’m sorry, what’s that? Oh, my God. He said, “The answer to the problems in the Mideast is, ‘I have to poop.'”
Sookie: He got distracted.

Episode 9 – Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out

Richard: I like that boy.
Lorelai: Prove it. Drop your pants!

Episode 10 – The Nanny and the Professor

Lorelai: Marzipan’s not candy! It’s a unique substance unto itself, like Velveeta or plutonium.

Episode 11 – In the Clamor and the Clangor

Lane: You told me the Cookie Monster was one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Mrs. Kim: Gluttony.

Lorelai: You want me to call you at Yale in the middle of the night so I can say, “Hey, drive 20 miles to stand in the snow with Mommy”?
Rory: Yes.
Lorelai: And then we take the “Craziest Mother-Daughter” title from Judy and Liza.

Episode 12 – A Family Matter

Lorelai: Was she at the professor’s again last night?
Rory: Yes, but she claims she was up all night cramming.
Lorelai: Well, she was.
Rory: Oh, ick!

Episode 17 – Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist

Episode 18 – Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!

Lorelai: College is loud!
Rory: Yes, it’s part of our training. It’s right up there with the bad food, the sleep deprivation, and how to hold your own hair while throwing up.
Lorelai: Awww.

Episode 20 – Luke Can See Her Face

Man on Cassette: Complete the following sentence — I feel angry because…
Luke: I am listening to this tape.
Man on Cassette: I feel hopeful because…
Luke: This tape must end eventually.
Man on Cassette: I feel helpless because…
Luke: I wonder if anyone’s ever kicked an audiotape’s ass.

Episode 21 – Last Week Fights, This Weeks Tights

Sookie: If they’re small enough to shove up our son’s nose, they’re too small!
Jackson: No way could you shove one of these up Davey’s nose.
Sookie: Bet you five bucks.
Jackson: Get him in here!
Lorelai[entering] Hey, guys. You probably shouldn’t shove a radish up your son’s nose. Just thinking out loud.

Have love,

Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 7 Days Left

Written by M.



Crash Course Lesson #25

The Gilmore Guide to Season 2

Love was in the air at the beginning of the second season of Gilmore Girls, as both Gilmores found themselves in the midst of perfect, giddy relationships–or so they thought. Lorelai had accepted the proposal of English teacher Max and was excitedly planning her first wedding; Rory was back on happy footing with townie hunk Dean after a dust-up near the end of season one that prompted a mini-break for the teen twosome.

However, series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had anything but smooth sailing on the horizon for her heroines, giving Lorelai a severe case of cold feet and Rory a major distraction in the form of Jess, the bad boy newly arrived in town. Soon, Rory found herself extremely attracted to Jess while Lorelai rekindled the flame of passion that once burned long ago with Rory’s father, Christopher, who made his way back into her life despite a girlfriend in the wings.

But why ask me when you can also ask Kirk

So which episodes are a must watch to keep up with the series if you don’t have that much time. Of course skipping episodes of Gilmore Girls should never be allowed, but if you must, you can get away with it, if you watch episodes; 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20,21, 22.

Yes, that are a lot of episodes. But you should know that there are storylines in play that will remain in play for the rest of the series.

And of course I have my favorite episodes

  • Episode 4: The Road Trip to Harvard
    Mother daughter road trip to Harvard.
  • Episode 5: Nick & Nora / Sid & Nancy
    Luke pushing Jess in the lake, priceless!
  • Episode 7: Like Mother, Like Daughter
    Paris sucking up to Rory, Rory standing up to headmaster Charleston.
  • Episode 9: Run Away, Little Boy
    Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet and the last episode in which we see Tristan.
  • Episode 13: A-Tisket, A-Tasket
    Jess getting under Dean’s skin, very entertaining.
  • Episode 19: Teach Me Tonight
    Jess. Car. Hospital. A Film by Kirk.
  • Episode 20: Help Wanted
    Lorelai helping her father with setting up his business and she manages to teach him some stuff.
  • Episode 21: Lorelai’s Graduation Day
    Rory and Jess in New York
  • Episode 22:
    Lorelai and Christopher, the wedding of Sookie and Jackson and Jess returns to Stars Hollow.


Episode 2 – Hammers and Veils

Lorelai: Boy, they keep making that ketchup slower and slower, huh?
Luke: It’s the Heinz family’s little joke

 Contractor: What’s that?
Rory: It’s my hammer.
Contractor: That’s a hammer?
Rory: Yeah. It’s my mom – she takes things she thinks aren’t pretty and makes them pretty.
[Contractor looks at her in a mystified way]
Rory: She’s not insane, she just sounds it.

 Episode 3 – Red Light on Wedding Night

 Rory: If the house was burning down, what would you save first, the cake or me?
Lorelai: Not fair! The cake doesn’t have legs!

 Lorelai: Okay, I think we just found the first room in the history of the world that would’ve made Liberace say “Whoa, step back. No one’s that gay”.

Episode 7 – Like Mother, Like Daughter

 Lorelai: Ugh, they totally just snuck that modeling thing in.
Rory: Hmm, my mom’s a model. Maybe you’ll get to date Leonardo DiCaprio now.

 Episode 9 – Run Away, Little Boy

 Paris: Rory, sorry to interrupt. Hi, Henry. But see, we’re all standing over there trying to map out a game plan and a rehearsal schedule, and I’m sure whatever the two of you are talking about over here is so much more fascinating and important and, well, gosh, let’s just say it: fun. But I’d really like to get an ‘A’ on this assignment, and in order to do that I’m afraid you’re gonna have to discuss your sock hops and your clambakes some other time, okay? Thanks.

Episode 12 – Richard in Stars Hollow

Richard: How tall are you?
Dean: Why? You wanna dance?
Richard: No, thank you. [pause] I appreciate the offer, though.

 Jackson: I think we should get married. Soon.
Sookie: Are you pregnant?

 Episode 15 – Lost and Found

 Lorelai: I think I have gangrene.
Rory: You do not.
Lorelai: And vertigo.
Rory: Oh boy.
Lorelai: And one leg suddenly feels shorter than the other.
Rory: This is gonna be the Vanity Fair paper cut incident all over again, isn’t it?

 Taylor: Late again, are we?
Lorelai: Yes, I hope I’m not pregnant!
Taylor: You really have to work on your punctuality, Lorelai. I banged the meeting in a half an hour ago.
Lorelai: Oooh, dirty!

 Episode 22 – I Can’t Get Started

 Lorelai: Huh. You know what I just realized? Oy is the funniest word in the entire world.
Rory: Huh.
Lorelai: I mean, think about it. You never hear the word oy and not smile. Impossible. Funny, funny word.
Emily: Oh, dear God.
Lorelai: Poodle is another funny word.
Emily: Please drink your drink, Lorelai.
Lorelai: In fact, if you put oy and poodle together in the same sentence, you’d have a great new catch phrase, you know? Like, oy with the poodles already. So from now on, when the perfect circumstances arise, we will use our favorite new catch phrase.
Rory: Oy with the poodles already.
Lorelai: I’m telling you, it’s knocking ‘whatcha talking ‘bout, Willis?’ right out of first place.

So far, season 2.
Have love,

Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 8 Days Left

Written by M.



Let’s get down to Crash Course Lesson #24

The Gilmore Guide to Season 1

The first season introduces Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore and their town Stars Hollow. Lorelai deals with her family problems and her love life with Max Medina, while Rory deals with the ins and outs of first loves and how to survive in a new school.

In the pilot Rory is accepted into Chilton, an elite prep school, Lorelai then has to deal with the large fee associated with Rory’s attendance there. Lorelai, as a last resort, reluctantly decides to go to her parents (Emily and Richard Gilmore) for the money. They agree to loan Lorelai the money for Rory’s tuition, but Emily comes up with the condition that Lorelai and Rory attend dinner at their house each Friday night, until the loan is repaid as a way to finally be more involved in their daughter and granddaughter’s lives.
As the season progresses, Rory develops a relationship with Dean, a new arrival in the town. Their relationship suffers a short hiatus when Dean breaks up with her after she can’t say the three words: ‘I love you’. Rory attempts to overcome her sorrow of losing Dean by not wallowing. Instead of not wallowing Rory tries not to deal with it by keeping her brain busy. She buys things and she goes to a party for Chilton students. At the party she kisses Tristan and then comes home and starts to wallow. In the season finale, Rory professes her love for Dean and they reunite.

Meanwhile, Lorelai develops feelings for Max Medina, Rory’s English teacher. They initially start a budding relationship. but then a more serious relationship. Rory finds this out from Paris, her frenemy, but eventually accepts the fact. Max and Lorelai continue their relationship, however Max wishes to grow closer to Lorelai, scaring her. She breaks things off with Max, angering Rory. However, later on, Lorelai sees she still has feelings from Max, after seeing Luke with his ex-fiancé, Rachel. They enter a one-night relapse and decide to start “talking”. Max eventually reveals he wants to marry Lorelai. She, at first, is confused by the notion. The following day, at the Independence Inn, she walks into the reception to find 1,000 daisies, her favorite flower, from Max. She accepts the proposal.

Also, Luke, who runs his own diner that is frequently visited by the Gilmores, receives a blast from the past when his ex-fiancé Rachel returns to town. Rachel is an adventurous and outgoing explorer who could not adapt to the small town lifestyle Luke lives. She eventually left him, until her return. They reignite their relationship, though Rachel has her doubts. Lorelai encourages Luke to think about his future with Rachel. She moves in with Luke and begins to work at the diner. However, Rachel’s doubts overcome her and she leaves yet again. Before she departs, she tells Luke “don’t wait too long” to tell Lorelai his true feelings. She is never seen again throughout the series. Luke arrives to Lorelai’s house to confess, but sees she is now with Max. Both Luke and Max are cold towards one another, igniting a rivalry.

The final scene to the season finale shows Rory and Lorelai embracing each other with happiness, overjoyed to tell each other good news.

But of course Kirk tells is better;

So which episodes are a must watch?

Well of course all of them, but if you don’t have that much time, watch episode 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17 an 20. Yes, that’s still a lot, but as Kirk explained, a lot happened this season.

But my favorite episodes of this seasons are the following.

  • Episode 7: Kiss and Tell
    Because the scene where Rory tells Lane about her first kiss and how Lane goes with it is just amazing.
  • Episode 13: Concert Interruptus
    The Bangles! And if this isn’t enough, although I can’t think of a reason why this wouldn’t be enough, the scene where Lorelai bangs on all the doors in the building to find Madeline and Louise, that’s one for the books.
  • Episode 15: Christopher Returns
    Because we finally get to meet Rory’s father, Christopher Hayden.
  • Episode 17: The Breakup, Part II
    Seeing how protective Luke is about Rory is heartwarming. Plus Rory and Tristan kiss! Now who wouldn’t want to see that?
  • Episode 21: Love, Daisies & Troubadours
    Because I love you, you idiot!

Now it’s time to embrace the best quotes of the season.

Episode 01 – Pilot

[Phone rings, then continues to ring]
Lorelai: Michel – the phone!
Michel: Yes. It rings.
Lorelai: Can you answer it?
Michel: No. People are particularly stupid today. I can’t talk to any more of them.
Lorelai: Then how would you like to talk to the unemployment agency?
Michel: [Picks up phone] Hello Independence Inn, Michel speaking.

Episode 02 – The Lorelais´ First Day at Chilton

Lorelai: Well, we like our Internet slow, okay? We can turn it on, walk around, dance, make a sandwich. With DSL, there’s no dancing, no walking, and we’d starve. It’d be all work and no play. Have you not seen The Shining, Mom?

Episode 05 – Cinnamon‘s Wake

Babette: I never thought a man would ever even want me.
Lorelai: I know the feeling.
Babette: Oh, please, with that ass? Gimme a break.

Episode 07 – Kiss and Tell

Lorelai: That Lothario over there has wormed his way into my daughter’s heart — and mouth — and for that, he must die!
Luke: You can’t kill the bag boy.
Lorelai: Why not?
Luke: It’s double coupon day — you’ll bring down the town.

Lorelai: I’m afraid once your heart is involved, it all comes out in Moron.

Episode 08 – Love and War and Snow

Lorelai: Michel, it’s the first snowfall of the season. It’s very lucky! Make a wish.
Michel: Get away from me.
Lorelai: Oh, you’re not supposed to say it out loud.
[Michel answers the phone.]
Lorelai[dreamily to herself] The world changes when it snows. It’s quiet. Everything softens.
Michel: It’s your mother.
Lorelai: And then the rain comes.

Episode 12 – Double Date

Lorelai: I have like six thousand pages of case studies to memorize and this whole big test on the Wal-mart phenomena coming up on Friday and because I have a life, and a job and business school’s not the only thing I have to concentrate on, I’m behind and I’ll probably fail, and then that little eighteen year old annoying gnat who sits behind me will get another A and make that ‘I’m smart, you’re dumb’ face to me for the rest of the week and I’ll be very upset and will possibly cry.
Rory: The music’s too loud?
Lorelai: Yes.
Rory: Got it.

Tomorrow I’ll take you by the hand and lead you through season 2.
Have love,

Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 9 Days Left

Written by M.



We’re actually in the single digits now! On to Crash Course Lesson #23

The Gilmore Way to Party!

Let’s face it, in the seven years of Gilmore Girls we’ve seen some awesome parties. And we wish we were invited to each and every one of them. If you want to organize a party the way the Gilmores do, you can do this in several ways.


Do you want to throw an elegant party like Emily would do, make sure you sent out invitations, preferable with pearls or lace. As for food, there should at least be salmon puffs and do remember that garnish should NEVER be on the serving trays! Invite the friends of the guest of honor, though it will be a good idea to ask the guest of honor who he/she would like to have there. Don’t worry about learning all of their names, just remember one and call the other by how they look, like for instance ‘Rory’s Asian friend’. Besides those friends, make sure your own friends are invited as well. Also make sure to let the guest of honor know that a little speech is expected. And don’t forgot to name a drink after the guest of honor. And of course the dress should be a fancy one. Make sure the men come in suits and the women really dress up.

Then there’s the Bachelorette Party.
Invite friends, some family and some random other girls who you’ve never seen before. Make sure that everybody is wearing a shiny tiara, pink Bachelorette T-shirts, necklaces with flashing lights, Hawaiian flower necklaces and of course pink boa’s. Make sure you have all the essentials; beer, more beer, pretzels & beer, various chocolate treats, alternative alcohol for those who don’t like beer and beer. And for entertainment, you watch American Gigolo, preferable on a big screen, but make sure you watch it from the beginning! If you miss the beginning, you cannot watch it! Risking missing the full frontal of mister Richard Gere is not an option. Of course there is the option to go to somebody’s basement afterwards and join the men’s Bachelor party, but there is a better option. Go to a stripclub and if anyone is underage, just lie and say she’s an international supermodel. And be sure that the bride to be calls her ex-boyfriend, you know, just because. And of course there is a goody bag for everyone with painkillers in there for the next morning’s hangover.


But what if you’re turning 21 and want to celebrate this the right way?
Go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, sit down at a table at midnight and start playing 21 at the moment you’re turning 21. Then, buy 21 items from your winnings and make sure you get the phone numbers of 21 guys. These are just some Gilmore Girls examples, but I’m sure you can think of more, like drink 21 shots, though that probably isn’t the best idea, but you get my drift.

Then you can also always go for a themed party, whether it’s for a fundraiser or a birthday, themed is always good, though make sure the theme goes with the crowd. For instance a ‘teddy bear tea party’ theme will probably not have been the best idea for a fundraiser given by Emily’s DAR. Then a ‘Russian Tea Party’ will probably work better, get a some people to play Russian folks music and you’re good. Or for instance the ’40’s USO Fundraiser’. Get your staff in a 40’s costume, get some ladies to sing 40’s music, place a huge picture here and there and people will throw you the money. Or if you want to spice things up a little, or you’re guest are a little younger, go with a ‘Casino Theme’. Place a Roulette and Blackjack table and serve Martini’s.


But if you’re planning a kids birthday party you should probably change your theme. Go with a ‘Fiesta Theme’, get a piñata and eat taco’s. Or go with an ‘Outer Space Theme’ and make space suits out of garbage bags. Play a game as ‘Pin the tail on the Mouse’ because who wants to pin the tail on the Donkey.  Then there’s the birthday cake with the face of the birthday kid on it, food fights, Twister and you cannot go wrong with freeze dried ice cream. You give the birthday boy/girl a Russian Ushanka as a birthday crown. Or go simple and give all the girls a makeover, success guaranteed. Follow it by a big screen movie at home and turn the party into a sleepover and you will have given the best party of the year. And always make sure you have enough ice, you cannot have too much ice.

And planning a party for the young adults? Themes as ‘England’, ‘Felony’ or a random year like ‘2002’ are always a good idea. And if all else fails, go ice skating in Central Park.


If you’re throwing a babyshower, make sure you have enough onesies to go around, especially given the ‘first pancake phenomenon’. If the baby momma is put on bed rest, don’t worry, get some wheels under the bed and push her, in the bed, to the party. And if you’re broke and don’t have that much money for decorations, be creative. Get a ‘Happy New Year’ banner, stripe out Year and write down ‘Baby’. Easter cups, decorated with baby chicks could stand for the celebration of new life and get some plane blue of pink balloons, easy does it.

Of course, with every party there is the risk of the next morning’s hangover. Use the painkillers, but be sure to get some hangover food. The best hangover foods are; Taco’s, Beef Burrito’s (although I’m more a chicken burrito girl myself), Fries and Chocolate Pancakes. Nobody does hangover food better than the Gilmores. Actually, eating is something that nobody does better than the Gilmores. Whether it’s four Thanksgiving dinners, movie nights, Friday nights dinners or anything else, these girls know how to eat.

But whatever party you’re planning, make sure everybody in Stars Hollow is available!

And whatever you do, ALWAYS, ALWAYS stay away from Miss Patty’s Founders Day Punch!

Have love,

Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 10 Days Left

Written by M.



Time for our last ‘Who is…?’ in this crash course. This is lesson #22

Who is Lane Kim?

Lane Kim is Rory Gilmore’s best friend (next to Lorelai) in Stars Hollow. Their friendship began in kindergarten when Lane offered to share her crayons, and continued over the course of seven seasons. Their friendship endured even after Rory left Stars Hollow High to attend Chilton and then moved to Yale. They have been best friends since age four or five.

Lane is raised by a strict Korean mother, Mrs. Kim, who disapproves of such secular items as rock music and junk food, both of which Lane loves. She hid all her rock CDs, make-up, and forbidden clothing under her floorboards, in her closet, and under the mattress in her bedroom.


Lane once impulsively dyed her hair purple to rebel against her mother, but quickly panicked over what her mother would think and dyed it black again. The presence of a Mr. Kim is something that is debated among fans, with Lane often referring to her “parents”, especially in the earlier seasons, but Mr. Kim never appears on the show.


When Lane is first introduced, she is in full-fledged secret rebellion lifestyle mode, eating pizza and wearing band shirts when hanging out with Lorelai and Rory, singing Christian hymns and living off tofu in bulk at the Kim house. Even as Rory departs Stars Hollow High to attend Chilton, Lane is content living her double life with a strict home life.
All the same, Lane is sometimes unable to participate in fun activities, such as going to see the Bangles in New York with the Gilmore Girls, and her rebellious acts become bigger over time, mostly starting when she meets a Korean guy, Henry, at Madeline’s Chilton party and attempts to date him in secret. Henry eventually breaks up with Lane, before they even go out, due to maneuvering necessary to see/talk to each other, leaving Lane devastated.

Rory and Lane’s friendship also hits a bump when Dean comes between them, as Rory gets a bit of tunnel vision when she and Dean first start dating. When a music shop opens in town, Lane quickly discovers her love of drumming and devotes all of her time and energy to perfect her art, convincing Sophie, the shopkeeper, to let her practice in the dark after hours. Lane studiously selects the perfect sample of bands for a flyer and meets Dave Rygalski, a guitarist with his own band looking for a drummer.


Their first encounter is a meet cute and they soon develop feelings for one another. From her past experience, Lane expects that Dave, too, will be overwhelmed by the effort it takes to date Mrs. Kim’s daughter, but Dave persists through everything to convince Mrs. Kim to let him be with Lane. The band starts rehearsing in Lorelai’s garage and Lane spends most of her time on this, when not at school. She and Dave go to their Senior Prom together, but their romance is short lived as Dave leaves for college in California. While they attempt long-distance, their relationship fades.

After Dave left, Lane attended a Seventh-day Adventist college, at her mother’s request, until Lane and her band (Dave now replaced in the band by Gil) had a gig at a club in New York at two in the morning. Unable to come up with an alibi acceptable to Mrs. Kim, Lane instead snuck out of the house. Mrs. Kim realized Lane was gone and later led to the inevitable confrontation between Lane and her mother (once Mrs. Kim ransacked Lane’s bedroom and found all the hidden clothes, CDs and make up). Mrs. Kim kicked Lane out. After a few weeks of playing house-keeper for Rory and her Yale dorm mates in exchange for accommodations, Lane decided to move into a rental house with her band mates, Zack and Brian. While living with the two of them, she continued to work as a waitress at Luke’s. She didn’t return to the Seventh-day Adventist college.


Lane’s third and final relationship began while she was living in the rental house and she started to develop feelings for Zack. In spite of some initial reservations concerning Zack’s reputation as a womanizer, and the effect any potential relationship might have on the band, Lane took a chance and confessed her feelings for him and the two began dating. Once more, Lane’s relationship was met with disapproval from Mrs. Kim. During this time, the band struggled as they realized that they had played all of the local scenes, so they decided they needed to go on tour. When Lane decided that she should move back home, Mrs. Kim got angry, saying she did not raise Lane to give up. Mrs. Kim arranged a tour for the band to play at Seventh-day Adventist churches along the East Coast, and helped the band set up transportation and lodging as well. The couple encountered other obstacles, such as Lane’s revelation that she wanted to wait until she got married to have sex, and Zack sabotaging the band’s opportunity to sign with a label by adding a member and changing the set list right before an important gig out of jealousy (he thought Brian had a thing for Lane). Lane moved back into her mother’s home, but Zack soon realized his mistake, however, and proposed to Lane while she was at work at Luke’s. Their final obstacle was in telling Mrs. Kim, who made Zack write a hit song before allowing him to propose to Lane (Zack lied to Mrs. Kim, saying he hadn’t yet proposed, so she did not know that Zack had already proposed) and marry her.


Lane married her band-mate Zack in a two-part wedding ceremony. Lane’s grandmother unexpectedly arrived from Korea, Lane’s mother insisted Lane and Zack stage a traditional Buddhist wedding to hide the fact that they are not Buddhist. The grandmother left immediately after the Buddhist ceremony, and then they held a traditional Christian ceremony to please Lane’s mother. Lane’s mother and her mother’s guests left after that ceremony, allowing Lane and Zack to have a reception of their own design which was a huge bash in the town square with music, dancing, alcoholic drinks and all their friends. Lane and Zack then went on a honeymoon in Mexico to the advertised, “Pedro’s Paradise.” The ad blatantly lied, and they had a horrible time. Lane learned the “truth” about sex: “Sex is bad.” They both got sick; Zack with a parasite, and Lane, assumed she had also caught a parasite; however, she came to realize that it was a very different sort of parasite, more of a souvenir–she was pregnant (they would later to discover it was with twins). Once Lane and Zack told Mrs. Kim that Lane was pregnant, she wanted them to live with her. They refused her offer, claiming that they were grownups and wanted to raise their children at home. Mrs. Kim then moved in with Lane and Zack (uninvited), and sent Brian to live in the Kim’s house. Throughout the final season, Lane continued to work at Luke’s and attempted to keep the band rehearsing; nevertheless, the band started to fall apart as her due date drew closer. Lane’s pregnancy became more difficult and she was put on bed-rest. Zack then began covering her shifts at Luke’s Diner. Brian also continued to live with Lane and Zack. Toward the end of Season 7, Lane gave birth to twin boys: Steve and Kwan.



  • Lane serves as a parallel of Lorelai. They have controlling mothers and distant fathers; also, their parents’ visions for their lives don’t turn out as expected. They have children young (Lorelai at 16, Lane at 22) and are a treasured part of Stars Hollow. Despite their upbringing, their lives turn for the better, and their relationship with their parents do as well because they’re finally allowed to be themselves.
  • The house she grew up in is located on Elm (Street) in Stars Hollow.
  • Lane sometimes chills in a psychedelic closet, with disco lights and colorful blankets.
  • She has a huge CD collection, which is hidden under her bedroom’s floorboards. Lane is also knowledgeable and opinionated about music, with rock and roll being a particular favorite.
  • Lane’s music collection, hidden underneath floorboards, is classified in genres:
    • classic rock/progressive rock/pretty boy rock, punk/new wave/German metal bands/Broadway soundtracks, jazz/jazz vocals/classical/country/rockabilly/Frank Sinatra (The Capitol Years), and then last section, miscellaneous.
  • Lane’s first real boyfriend and bandmate was Dave Rygalski, where they bonded over having mutual music tastes. Lane is wearing a Dead Kennedys  shirt when she meets Dave.
  • She has an aunt, whose name is Joon, and a cousin, whose name is Christine.
  • She has an uncle, Joe, who is around her age. This led to Zack thinking that Mrs. Kim had set her up with him.
  • When she went to Adventist college, there were two parks (one for each gender). They also allowed makeup as long as it matched one’s skin tone exactly. She considered her life to be over. She got in trouble once for wearing a bracelet to school.
  • At one point, she became a cheerleader because she was lonely from Rory being too busy with school and Dean to spend more time with her.
  • She was in the school band. According to her, her band uniform looked like something out of Sergeant Pepper’s band.
  • Rory became her friend in kindergarten.
  • Lane asked Rory to be her children’s godmother after stating that they needed “a Lorelai” in their life like she had one (in Rory’s mother).
  • Her mom was constantly on a health kick, and would make extremely healthy and unappetizing meals; Rory would supply her with junk food because of this.
  • Cleverly utilizes complex ruses to subvert her Mother’s overly strict rules, enabling her to see her friends, boyfriends, watch TV, own and listen to music, play in the band, dress like a normal teenager, wear makeup and eat junk food.
  • Lane prefers her soda flat, rather than carbonated.
  • Her parents tried to set her up with multiple boys throughout the show. The potential suitors include a future proctologist, pediatrician, minister, and chiropractor.
  • Her first crush was Henry Cho, a boy at Chilton who she met at Madeline’s party. He was everything her parents wanted for her (Korean, respectful, counselor at Vacation Bible School, future pediatrician), and because of that she was hesitant to act on her feelings. When her mother learns of this, she considers talking to his family, but Lane believes it would be no use.
  • Lane’s relationship with Lorelai is a positive one; she went to Lorelai when she had boy issues and when she had issues with her own mother.
  • Her Korean name is Hyun-Kyung.
  • She had a high aptitude for sales according to a high school career placement test.
  • Her family has Sing-Your-Favorite-Hymn nights.
  • She is at least proficient in Korean; when she goes off on a forbidden date, her mother scolds her in Korean and she responds correctly. Moreso, when her parents send her off to Korea, she leaves Rory with a list of crucial Korean phrases written in Korean and with English transliterations.
  • She has more in common with her mother than she likes to let on; they were both in bands (her mother was in a tambourine band and even went on tour), and they both kept things from their mothers. However, while Lane kept her love for music and American secular culture under wraps, her mother kept their Adventist leanings hidden from her strict Buddhist mother.
  • She has family in Busan, South Korea, whom she stays with for a summer when she was in high school.
  • She is the first Kim woman ever to move out the family home without getting married first

Have love,