Ode to my Beloved Grandpa

Written by M.

This week is a sad week for me, as my beloved grandpa has passed away. Even though we’re happy that he will finally get his rest, that he is released of his pain and is reunited with the love of his life, I’m uncontrollably sad. I visited him yesterday and had my last moments with one of the greatest men I’ve ever known and I will always treasure my memories of him.

I remember that when I was little and spend the night at my grandparents, you would take me into the garden and I could pick fresh blackberries.
I think about times that I could join you and grandma on vacation with my cousin. Our long bike rides and the picnics in the woods. Or you taking us for a day at an amusement park. Sleeping in the living room of your vacation home and playing jokes on you. Or just coming there for the day with my parents.


My most fond memory is you always calling me Clara, even though you didn’t remember this anymore. The last couple of years, your health hasn’t been what it used to be and ever since your fall it’s been more downs than ups. And when I visited you, most of the times you didn’t really know me. This Christmas you where lying in the hospital and you hardly knew where you where, you just thought you were on vacation in Germany. But when I, along with my cousins, visited you on Christmas day, you were you again. You had that spark in your eyes and were goofing with us. And when we thought you were dozing off, we started singing an old Dutch song about ‘my old grandpa’. And when we were searching for the words of the next line, you started singing them in a high pitched voice and looking up with a huge grin on your face. I will never forget this.

Goodbye my sweet, sweet grandpa, may you find your peace.
I will love you forever.

Have love,