Finding My Way – Episode – Finding a Job Part I

Written by M.

Due to my burn out, I lost my job. And though spending the last months at home helped me in my recovery from my burn out and PTSD, it’s high time to find myself a job. So for a while now I’ve been searching, going through LinkedIn and all those other websites. Last month I came across a vacancy that peaked my interest, Management Trainee Sales & Recruitment at Amoria Bond, an International Recruitment Agency which is, amongst others, located in Amsterdam.

Even though I have no experience in Sales or Recruitment and have no Bachelor Degree of any kind, I was lucky enough to invited to an Assessment Day. Never having done an assessment, I had no idea what to expect, so I was really nervous. At one moment I was actually thinking, should I even go to this, but I pushed those thought aside. Even if Amoria Bond or recruitment wouldn’t be the right fit for me, I could only learn from this experience.

Because Amoria Bond is the type of business where men walk around in suits and women all dressed up, I also needed to dress up. Well, therein lied a little problem. Because of all my years in media, I always walk around in casual clothes. And where I used to be able to walk around in heels all days, these days my sneaker collection is getting bigger and bigger. I know a lot women go through this on a daily basis, but I had a serious clothing crisis. Thankfully, a girl can always count on her mother. Some women go through their sister’s closet, I went through my mothers. I guess all of this means I need to do some serious shopping!

So last Wednesday I went to Amsterdam. Unsure of what the day would bring me, except for the unusual heat that had the entire country in control for days now. Walking into the beautiful building at the Amsterdam canals, I was welcomed by the lovely Carlijn, who would, along with Abby, lead us through this day. Soon I was joined by the other men and women who were also invited to this Assessment Day and it was clear everybody had nerved, which was actually kinda calming. We engaged in some small talk, getting to know the people with whom we would spend the rest of the day. Then it was time to get started.

We got a presentation about Amoria Bond and what it would be like to work for them and wow, they sure now how to sell themselves. Time to introduce ourselves, who are, what would we like to get out of this day and what is our greatest accomplishment. Let me tell you this, sharing this is really good way to get to know each other. You have something to talk about and actually connect to each other. Then we were send of in groups, were we had to make a top 15 of supplied we would need to survive a plane crash. And no, I won´t give you the answers, they to be able to do this test again someday. What I can tell you that both groups failed miserably, good thing we weren´t really in a plane crash, because we all would have died. However, this wasn´t the point of the exercise, the point was to see how we interacted. On to some keynotes of sales, which we had to use right away in a role play. What did we need to sell? A pen. And out of the eleven of us, only one of us closed a deal. Time for lunch!

After a great lunch it was time to get back to business. Abby gave us a great presentation of her Top 10 Tips for job interviews, very helpful! All the while, one by one we had to give a one on one presentation. Presentation? Yes, I was surprised too, I had no idea, where all the others were prepared. Thankfully, they were very understanding and all I needed to do was answer some of their questions. Well, that is just easy, be honest! If you answer honestly, you can’t go wrong.

By then, the day was over. All was there was left to do, was to go up to the rooftop terrace and closing the day with some drinks in the burning sun. I had a truly amazing day, learned a lot and met some great people, of whom I truly hope to stay in contact with.

Last Friday I got my call from Carlijn. For now I’m Amoria Bond is not going forward with me. And not because they weren’t impressed by me, they were. But for now I don’t have enough sales experience. I need to practice, this can be in another job or by doing more roleplaying. If I improve myself, they will want to continue with me. Though I never saw myself in a sales job, they do see this in me and think I would be great in it. But three others have continuing interviews this week and two more will get to do their internship at Amoria Bond next year.

So what will I do next? Besides continuing my search for a job, I will visit my cousin this Thursday. She has worked as a recruiter for years and I’m hoping she can help me develop, because I can now see myself as a recruiter. I need to learn to ask questions and to keep on asking them until there is nothing left to ask. So this time, I’m going to end with a question. What do like about your job?

Till next time,
Have love,