Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 16 ‘Emotional Proximity’

Written by M.

Let’s start out with the fact that this episode is the second episode in a three-parter that started on Chicago Fire and ended with the first episode of Chicago Justice. Chicago Justice, welcome the fold, we welcome you with open arms! That said, some parts of what is in this review could reflect on the other two episodes. But since I’m not writing reviews of Chicago Fire and Chicago Justice just yet, I’ll just put all my thought in this review.

These episodes were perfect to introduce Chicago Justice. Nothing bring the city more together than a tragedy and boy, does the city of Chicago come together. It’s beautiful to see how natural these series overlap each other. This tragedy, an arson that turned into mass murder with over 38 casualties, is also personal for our Intelligence team. It turns out that Al’s daughter Lexi is in the building and the men of firehouse 51 risk their lives in order to get her out. At Chicago Med it’s Halstead and Manning do everything in their power in order to safe her live, but in the end it’s all for not and Lexi dies. Now it’s Al that is stricken with grief, who wants vengeance and asks Voight to turn a blind eye. But this case is not just about Lexi, it’s also about all the other that lost their lives and left loved ones behind. So Voight stays inside the lines and turns the arsonist over the authorities with the Justice team taking over the case.

It was an emotional ride. At forehand we knew this case would be big and emotional. And when Mouse fell down in the burning factory, I thought he might get seriously injured. But then Al showed up and that moment took my breath away. Something that was repeated later when she died of her injuries. But besides the feeling of loss, these episodes also gave the feeling of hope, or at least to me. The guy who feared that the girl he was dancing with, the girl he liked, might have died, only to find her later, that was hopeful. That even in the greatest tragedies, something good can be found.

And also;

  • I can’t get used to Anthonio working for the Justice team just yet. I fear that a major blow out between Voight and Anthonio is just waiting to happen.

Chicago P.D. will return in three weeks;

Renewed, Cancelled or On the Bubble – What’s the status – Part 1

Written by M.

**Updated May 16**

We’re in the middle of THAT time of the year; will our favorite series be renewed or are they cancelled. It’s exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. If a show is renewed, we get a big smile on our face and our hearts jump for joy. But when a series is cancelled it feels like the end of the world as we know it and a part of us has died.

But how will you know? Simple, I’ll will keep track of it all. No need for you to search through numerous websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and who knows what else. You can just come here and I will deliver the good and unfortunately the bad news. So bookmark this page under the your favorites, make it your homepage, whatever you do, check in regularly. There are several stages for our series to be in;

  • Officially Renewed
  • You can buy the champagne, this is a safe bet
  • On the Bubble
  • Wallow party for one, coming your way
  • Officially Cancelled

And there are some series that simply haven’t been on the air long enough to know or series that haven’t premiered yet.

Now let’s get started.


  • American CrimeOfficially Cancelled
  • American HousewifeOfficially Renewed
  • The BachelorOfficially Renewed
  • The Bachelor in ParadiseOfficially Renewed: Season 4 will start this summer!
  • Black-ishOfficially Renewed
  • The CatchOfficially Cancelled
  • ConvictionOfficially Cancelled
  • Designated SurvivorOfficially Renewed
  • Dr. KenOfficially Cancelled
  • Fresh of the BoatOfficially Renewed
  • The GoldbergsOfficially Renewed; for seasons 5 & 6
  • Grey’s AnatomyOfficially Renewed
  • How to Get Away With MurderOfficially Renewed
  • Last Man Standing Officially Cancelled
  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Officially Renewed
  • Match GameOn the Bubble
  • The MiddleOfficially Renewed
  • MistressesOfficially Cancelled
  • Modern FamilyOfficially Renewed, for 2 more seasons
  • NotoriousOfficially Cancelled
  • Once Upon a TimeOfficially Renewed, but 6 major characters left the show
  • QuanticoOfficially Renewed
  • The Real O’NealsOfficially Cancelled
  • ScandalOfficially Renewed
  • Secrets and LiesOfficially Cancelled
  • Speechless – Officially Renewed
  • Time after TimeOfficially Cancelled


  • 2 Broke GirlsOfficially Cancelled
  • The Big Bang TheoryOfficially Renewed, for 2 more seasons!
  • Blue BloodsOfficially Renewed
  • BrainDeadOfficially Cancelled
  • BullOfficially Renewed
  • Code BlackOfficially Renewed
  • Criminal MindsOfficially Renewed
  • Criminal Minds: Beyond BordersOfficially Cancelled
  • DoubtOfficially Cancelled
  • ElementaryOfficially Renewed
  • The Good FightOfficially Renewed
  • The Great IndoorsOfficially Cancelled
  • Hawaii Five-0Officially Renewed
  • Kevin Can WaitOfficially Renewed
  • Life in PiecesOfficially Renewed
  • MacGyverOfficially Renewed
  • Madam SecretaryOfficially Renewed
  • Man With a PlanOfficially Renewed
  • MomOfficially Renewed
  • NCISOfficially Renewed
  • NCIS: Los AngelesOfficially Renewed
  • NCIS: New OrleansOfficially Renewed
  • The Odd CoupleOfficially Cancelled
  • Pure GeniusOfficially Cancelled
  • ScorpionOfficially Renewed
  • Superior DonutsOfficially Renewed
  • SurvivorOfficially Renewed
  • Training DayWallow party for one, coming your way
  • ZooOfficially Renewed


  • 24: LegacyOn the Bubble
  • American GritOfficially Renewed
  • APBOfficially Cancelled
  • Bob’s BurgersOfficially Renewed
  • BonesOfficially Cancelled, final season just completed its run
  • Brooklyn Nine-NineOfficially Renewed
  • Empire Officially Renewed
  • The Exorcist Officially Renewed
  • Family Guy Officially Renewed
  • Gotham Officially Renewed
  • Hell’s Kitchen You can buy the champagne, this is a safe bet
  • The Last Man on Earth Officially Renewed
  • Lethal Weapon Officially Renewed
  • Lucifer Officially Renewed
  • Making History Officially Cancelled
  • MasterChef – Season 8 premieres this summer
  • MasterChef Junior You can buy the champagne, this is a safe bet
  • The MickOfficially Renewed
  • New GirlOfficially Renewed, the shortened season 7 will be it’s swan song
  • PitchOfficially Cancelled
  • Prison BreakOn the Bubble
  • RosewoodOfficially Cancelled
  • Scream Queens Officially Cancelled
  • The Simpsons Officially Renewed, for 2 more season, through Season 30
  • Shots Fired On the Bubble
  • Sleepy Hollow Officially Cancelled
  • Son of Zorn Officially Cancelled
  • Star Officially Renewed
  • Wayward Pines On the Bubble
  • The X-FilesOfficially Renewed


  • AquariusOfficially Cancelled
  • The BlacklistOfficially Renewed
  • The Blacklist: RedemptionOfficially Cancelled
  • BlindspotOfficially Renewed
  • The Carmichael Show – Season 3 starts May 31
  • Chicago FireOfficially Renewed
  • Chicago JusticeYou can buy the champagne, this is a safe bet
  • Chicago MedOfficially Renewed
  • Chicago P.D.Officially Renewed
  • Emerald CityOfficially Cancelled
  • The Good PlaceOfficially Renewed
  • Great NewsOfficially Renewed
  • GrimmOfficially Cancelled
  • Law & Order: SVUOfficially Renewed
  • Little Big ShotsOn the Bubble
  • Marlon – Premieres August 16
  • Midnight Texas – Premieres July 25
  • The Night Shift – Season 4 starts June 22
  • PowerlessOfficially Cancelled
  • Shades of BlueOfficially Renewed
  • SuperstoreOfficially Renewed
  • TakenOfficially Renewed
  • This Is UsOfficially Renewed, for 2 seasons!
  • TimelessOfficially Renewed, first it was cancelled and now it’s un-cancelled!
  • Trial & Error – Too early to tell

The CW

  • The 100Officially Renewed
  • ArrowOfficially Renewed
  • Crazy Ex-GirlfriendOfficially Renewed
  • DC’s Legends of TomorrowOfficially Renewed
  • The FlashOfficially Renewed
  • FrequencyOfficially Cancelled
  • iZombieOfficially Renewed
  • Jane the VirginOfficially Renewed
  • No TomorrowOfficially Cancelled
  • The OriginalsOfficially Renewed
  • ReignOfficially Cancelled
  • RiverdaleOfficially Renewed
  • SupergirlOfficially Renewed
  • SupernaturalOfficially Renewed
  • The Vampire DiariesOfficially Cancelled, final season just completed its run
  • Whose Line is it Anyway?Officially Renewed

That’s it for the big broadcast networks, but there are so many of series that are among our favorites that are on other channels or can be streamed. I will also make a list for these, however will have to wait to later this week.

So how are you feeling? Are you still breathing? Have your favorites series been renewed? As for me, I am grieving the loss of 2 Broke Girls and Frequency. But at the same time I am over the moon that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is saved. For those series who haven’t heard news about their fate, it’s not looking good.

Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 15 ‘Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will’

Written by M.

This week’s episode starts off with Ruzek paying a visit to Voight to tell him he’s back from his undercover assignment and that he’s ready to go back to work at Intelligence. Voight however makes clear that he is not happy with how Ruzek handled things and that he should talk to Platt about his new assignment. His spot on Intelligence however is gone, at least for now.

Chicago P.D.

This week’s case is about a murder for hire, to take revenge on the man who shot a father’s daughter. Ollinsky is taking this case particularly hard, as he is posing to be the hit man. Feeling that he can talk the father out of it, he finds it a bitter pill to swallow when the father pushes through and he has to arrest him for solicitation of murder. But he sure knows how to make himself feel a little better. He calls his daughter into the station, tells her how much he loves her and gives her a hug.

Kenny sure is asking a lot of questions about Ruzek and even about his father. At the end of his shift, he runs into Ruzek and tells him the story of how he started out as a cop, working besides Ruzek’s dad. Point of the story is that he’s taking the opportunity to be on a Narcotics team and that he was just keeping Ruzek’s spot on Intelligence warm. Looks like Ruzek will be back upstairs next week. Good thing too, because that uniform did not look good on him.


And also

  • Platt at her best. Giving Ruzek a speech about how he did the right thing and now he has to work his way back, immediately followed by “Oh, my God, I just gave myself goose bumps.”
  • Will we see Kenny again? I hope so, he sure is an interesting character to have around.


Next week it’s time for the One Chicago Crossover Event;

Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 14 ‘Seven Indictments’

Written by M.

This episode is mostly about new guy Kenny and how he came to the Intelligence Unit. After Lindsay gets a warning to look out with him, rumors starts to spread fast. And the team feels like they can’t trust him. Though to me it feels like Kenny has more reasons to not trust his team, since they are ready to throw him under the bus, after one guy giving him a bad name. But where Kenny wants to come clean right away, it’s Voight who tells him to keep his mouth. Turns out that Kenny’s old unit got together to punish a robber, without Kenny. Only they got caught and now indictments are coming down.

Chicago P.D.

Lindsay telling the victims wife to start moving on, while she just found out that not only did her husband cheat on her, he lied about who he was for years, that was harsh. She probably meant it well, but the way she said it. Moving on isn’t something that done that easy, it’s not a decision, it’s a process. Though in this case it turned out that the woman, didn’t lose her husband. They pulled a double homicide to keep her husband away from the FBI.

Ruzak is back! His undercover assignment is over and he confesses that he ran from Intelligence because he wasn’t ready to work side by side with Burgess. But he misses his (Intelligence-) family and wants to come back. And that’s where a hug turns in a kiss. Gotta say, I’m not happy with them reuniting. In the beginning of the series you could feel the heat, but damn, this love story has gotten old really fast. Let’s have a new love for Ruzek. And I’d be happy to play that part.


And also

  • Burgess thinking that Voight doesn’t know what LGBT stands for and her uncomfortable look when he says he knows it, priceless. You’d think everybody would know by now.

Next week on Chicago P.D.;

Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 13 ‘I Remember Her Now’

Written by M.

When the crushed body of a young girl is found, Halstead goes undercover at a home for troubled girls. It doesn’t take long for him to find out that the girls are trading sexual favors for something in return. Meanwhile, Platt feels guilty because the victim was brought into the District last year and she doesn’t remember her.

It turns out that there is an easy way for the girls to get in and out of the home undetected. One of the girls there, bullies other girls into prostitution. With the help of one of the guard she ran the whole operation. And when the victim showed she was ungrateful, she was killed, to make sure she would tell anyone.

In this episode it was interesting to see Halstead struggle with this case. The things that were happening in the home were clearly getting to him. And when he was accused of statutory rape, he felt like his team believed the accusations.

Most interesting person though was Platt. The fact that this girl came in the year before, been with her for hours and that she didn’t remember her, it clearly eat her up. So she did the only thing left she could do for her. Make sure her body was claimed and grant her final wish.

I think this is an important message, that we seem to forget so many times. As first responders they see so many terrible things, that we think nothing gets to them anymore. But we forget, first responders are human too. There are cases you forget as soon as it’s wrapped up. There are cases that get to you and are harder to forget. But there are also cases that will stay with you forever, and that can’t be easy.

Next week on Chicago P.D.;

Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 12 ‘Sanctuary’

Written by M.

When a young woman is found raped and killed in a park, people see two boys run away, who find shelter in a church. And father McSorley gives them sanctuary, it has no intention of letting the police near these boys. What follows is a standoff between Intelligence, the victims loved ones and parishioners and loads of media attention.

Without the ability to talk to the two boys, the team tries to find out what exactly happened in that park and who was responsible. When father McSorley allows Voight to come in the church alone and unarmed to talk to the boys, he does this with great respect. Innocent until proven guilty. But then the victims ex-boyfriend throws a Molotov cocktail into the church and sets the place on fire.

Ollinsky and Burgess find out that the victims was having a affair with her boss. When Lindsay and Halstead return to the park to find what they missed, the find a hidden camera. With this footage they see to what the victims was looking at while stretching on a bench and that she was followed by the park ranger. When they get to his house, they find the head and hands of his roommate in the fridge.

What follows is chase after the killer that leads back to a park. Ollinsky is face to face with the killer who has a shotgun pointed at him, when it’s Burgess that saves his ass by throwing herself on the killer.

When the case is closed, money is being raised to rebuild the church, and we see familiar faces from Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. And Voight breaks in his volt to make a big donation.
Atwater doing Atwater as a comedy act at Molly’s, he sure is funny. Though I thought the donut shop joke was also pretty good, but I guess the police has heard it one too many times.

And also

  • Ollinsky really has trouble to let Burgess learn. Every mistake she makes, he gets on her really hard. And I get it, I do, people are being killed and mistakes can make the killers run free. But how about a ‘next time do it like this..’ or something.
  • But the ‘Thanks partner’ at the end of the day sure set things right with Burgess.
  • Kenny visited a gangster to get some information about the two boys and didn’t Voight, who busted his balls for withholding information.
  • Could it be that Kenny is a dirty cop? That gangster owing him a lot a favors? This sure will be continued.
  • What’s the deal between Ollinsky and father McSorley?

Chicago P.D. will be back in three weeks;

Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 11 ‘You Wish’

Written by M.

Halstead acts all nice around Jimmy offering coffee, but it’s actually him trying to get his DNA. Although he does this take make sure Jimmy is who he says he is, trying to keep Lindsay from getting hurt, it obviously annoys her, and I can’t blame her. To all men out there; if you ask your girlfriend for something and she says no, don’t go out and do it anyway. This will only get you a pissed girlfriend, no matter the outcome.


And surprise, surprise, it turns out that Bunny lied once again; Jimmy is not Lindsay’s father.


When a man is found dead with his penis severed, the investigation leads to a young woman who was almost raped by the victim. She found a way to get her knife, sliced and ran. This was not what killed him though, he was strangled, forcing the team to look further. It leads them to ‘the special police’ and a second victim. Where the special police is there for residents of a neighborhood when the city police can’t, they seem to be the good guys. But there are some rotten spots on this seemingly perfect apple. When they question James Moony, it leads to him trying to hang himself and then his boss David Lowdell admits that James was following orders.

And also

  • The reaction of the men when they find out that the victim’s penis was severed.
    Especially when Kevin is given the photo’s and at the morgue, hysterical!
  • Kevin doing security for Duran Duran, but thinking it’s just Duran and that the second Duran was a misprint, that is just wrong.chicago-pd-s4-ep-11-001
  • Do Voight and Bunny have a sexual history? And is it possible that Voight is actually Lindsay’s father as Bunny hinted?
  • Is Ollinsky warming up to Burgess?
  • Will Lindsay take her friends advice and leave Chicago?

Next week on Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 10 ‘Don’t Read the News’

Written by M.

A few new faces this week.
First off, we meet Jimmy, Lindsay father. I guess she decided she wants to meet him after all. But after hearing he’s been out of prison for years and has a whole new family she’s clearly isn’t thrilled with him.
Then there’s Kenny Rixton, played by Nick Wechsler who we know from Revenge. He’s replacing Ruzek, who is on an undercover job, which clearly surprises everybody, but Burgess the most. She even interrupts Voight to ask where he is, bolt move!

When a young woman is found killed, the team meets Deanna Lewis, a woman who’s niece was killed a couple of months earlier. She voices her opinion of this murder loudly on the streets. When Burgess goes to talk to her, she finds that Deanne Lewis has build her own folder proving that a serial killer is responsible for not only these two murders, but for 13.
Due to a DNA search of familiar matches they close in on a young man, but it turns out it was his father, who was willing to let his son take the fall.

Jay butts in on Lindsay and Jimmy and does a search on his history and financials, and finds that he’s not here to ask Lindsay for money. Though she asked him not to, she’s touched that he cares so much. At dinner, Jimmy surprises Lindsay with a childhood photo, apparently Bunny has been sending him pictures ever since she was little. Still not sure about Jimmy, Halstead asked Lindsay to run a DNA test on him, but she tells him not to.

“If it is a fantasy, let me live in it for a minute”

Next week on Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 09 ‘Don’t Bury This Case’

Written by M.

This week’s episode follows up on Chicago Fire ‘The People We Meet’.
Severide has agreed to donate bone marrow, but when the woman he’s donating gets sicker the donation is called off. Severide decides to seek the comfort of booze during the day. At the end of the day, Firehouse 51 is called to an accident, where they find that it’s Severide’s car, crashed and abandoned. Voight and Lindsay show up at Severide’s door and take him into custody.

Voight and Severide start to interview Severide about what happened the night before. He explains that when the surgery was called off, he was in a bad mood, took the shift off and went to a bar. But he doesn’t remember getting into a car, he has a black out. That’s when Voight is informed that the mother survived the accident but the daughter died from her injuries, so Severide is looking at a vehicular homicide charges. Being shipped to prison, Severide tells Lindsay that if it was him behind the wheel, not to make a deal for him, then he deserves to rot in there.

When the team gets together it’s clear that Lindsay doesn’t think that Severide is responsible for this accident or capable of leaving the scene of an accident. Halstead has a lot less trouble with this idea though and drags Severide history of substance abuse into this investigation. Voight reminds them that Severide is a first responder and that they owe it to him and to 51 to keep an open mind.

With the arrival of Burgess and the going of Dawson, everyone gets a new partner. Lindsay and Halstead, Ruzek and Atwater, Ollinsky and Burgess, and it’s clear that Ollinsky is not pleased with this. And when their out in the field to check on where Severide was, he makes sure she feel incompetent.

Mouch, on the other hand really knows what it means to be there for each other and to be team. He shows up at the police station, demanding to Platt to let him see Severide. And when she doesn’t give, he plays the ultimate card. If she won’t let him see Severide, he won’t come tonight. And that does the trick, though I suspect he will pay for this on a later moment.

When it’s discovered that somebody was following Severide’s car through GPS, it takes the investigation in a different direction, the direction of a carjacking team. What follows is a street race, but let’s face it, we’ve seen better. Especially since the bad guys get away. But with the help of Atwater’s new CI, they get the carjacking team and the guy who snatched Severide’s car and caused the accident.

And also

  • No offence, but when I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to go to a concert on a school night and stay out till 11 p.m. Not even on my birthday.
  • Burgess asking Atwater on how Ruzek responded on her joining the team and Atwater actually admitting that Ruzek still has feelings for her, that’s just not ok. Sure they go way back, but Atwater and Ruzek are like brothers now. And besides, they work together now! Leave the personal shit at home and don’t ask questions like this while on the job. Especially not on your first day. And if you really want to know, just ask yourself.
  • Lindsay wonders if she wants to meet her dad, who’s just been released from prison.
  • Seeing Severide and Lindsay together like this, it makes me wish they were still a couple. No offense, I like Halstead, but him and Lindsay, it’s pretty boring.
  • Ollinsky is pretty much a jerk on how he treats Burgess, but I can’t keep myself from wondering the same thing as he. Is Burgess tough enough for Intelligence?

Next week on Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 08 ‘A Shot Heard Round the World’

Written by M.

Wow, does this episode start out with a bang! Antonio’s swan song, and what a song this was.
If you missed this episode, make sure you to watch it. It’s one of those episode that’s the reason why we love this show so much.

So much has happened this episode that I don’t really know where to start. It’s starts with Halstead and Lindsay trying to have breakfast with Bonnie so she can get to know Halstead on a personal level, now he and Lindsay are living together. Breakfast is called short when a cop is shot and they need to respond. Turns out, there is a copkiller into town. And after the first cop dies, he tricks the unit and other streetcops into an alley and shoots another cop. Crowley puts her reservations towards Voight aside and puts him in charge of this citywide search. The shooter is the son of a cop who was shot in the line of duty years ago, who Voight and Olinsky knew. Mentally not stable he views that everything that went wrong in his life is the fault of the Chicago Police Department. He goes back the house he grew up in, takes a mother and child hostage and rigs the house with explosives, hoping to kills as many cops as possible. Voight tries the calm the young man down, opening up about how his own father was shot in the line of duty and how he also wants to do his father proud as a cop. When this doesn’t work, he reluctantly gives Olinsky the order to shoot the man, in order to keep everybody else safe.
After this the Chicago community comes together at night with candles to honor the 2 cops who died today in the line of duty. Voight takes a moment to remember his father, Olinsky honors the father of the shooter and Antonio pays his respect to his former partner Julia Willhite, who was shot in the first episode. After this, the gang comes together at Molly’s to say goodbye to Antonio as a colleague and Voight tells Burgess she’s expected upstairs at the Intelligence Unit on Monday morning.

Chicago P.D.

To me, this was one of the best episode ever, since it gave so many emotions. I felt anger, scared, sad and love. It made me feel for Voight when he had to make the call to shoot the shooter, while he was hoping to keep him alive. It made me feel for Halstead when he got so mad about somebody shooting cops. It made me feel for Olinsky who remember all of the cops he knew who lost their lives in the line of duty. I felt the numbness that Burgess felt, seeing the cop rolling into the hospital. And her excitement when Voight told her she would be part of the Intelligence Unit starting Monday. I even felt for Burgess’ partner, who got so scared of not making it home alive that he’d rather gave up his badge than to risk his life again. Even if that meant, not being able to be there for his colleagues. I may not have liked him, but this exit was sad.

Platt gave a moving speech for all the cops at the 21st district.

“Every day you risk your lives for this city,
for the people you love,
for your families, your friends
and for strangers and for those who resent you.
Your job is to still protect them, no threat changes that.
You serve.
You protect.
And you ALL come home tonight”


Take a moment today and think about all those people out there who’ve made it their life’s work to protect you and all those around you. Wherever you live, they are working to keep the world a safer place. We may not like all of them, but we do need to respect each and every one of them.

Chicago P.D. will go on hiatus and will be back on January 4th.