American Horror Story Season 7 – Review of Episode 04 ‘11/9’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada.

We start off with a flashback to election night, live broadcasted by Beverly Hope. All characters we met are somewhere in a long waiting que outside to vote. Kai comes in with the supermarket owner Gary, blood dripping out of his coat. We see them all vote and Gary comes out of the booth, takes of his coat and shows his bloody arm with a just cut off hand, screaming; ” Welcome to Trumps America mother fuckers”

Another powerful and explaining storyline shows us how Kai and Harrison met, Harrison as Kai’s fitness instructor is at the worst point in his life, losing his house and his job. Kai carefully and erotically seduces Harrison urging him to take control of his life and make a difference. To be honest, the Kai jerk off scene in the gym shower with Harrison watching was beyond hot!

Next Kai has his eye on Beverly to join his cult. Beverly at that moment in an ongoing fight with young and sexy reporter Serina Belinda, who is fucking her way up with their boss Bob played by (so cool) Dermot Mulroney. Kai needs to win Beverly’s trust and getting rid of Serina does the job.

In another flashback from before the election during a demonstration we see how Winter and Ivy meet for the first time. Ivy gets into a heated discussion with Gary regarding their political differences. Gary grabs Ivy by the pussy and Winter attacks Gary to help her. They are planning a revenge. And this episodes cliffhanger directly explains the opening scene. Very nicely done!

So who is in the cult?, Meadow is, Harrison is, Beverly is, Winter is, I think detective Samuels is and what about Dr. Rudy Vincent? And I have the idea that Ivy is part of it too. What do you think?

This episode was created so amazingly good and this 7th season is getting better by the minute. And people please stop nagging about irrelevant topics like; which season was better, the amount of sex and the gore effects. Just enjoy an extremely creative good show each year.

Next on American Horror Story;

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