Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 09

Written by M.

Summer is almost over, the pressure is on and the cast is beginning to feel the heat. Going on the date are Lacey and Daniel, Taylor and Derek, but when we get to Christen and Jack they’re not really at the same wave length. She wants to leave as friends, since she thinks they’re just acquaintances at this moment, whereas Jack sees a bright future for them as a couple. As he leaves for home, you can see how hurt Jack is and it breaks my heart. Jasmine and Jonathan part ways without any hurt feelings. Raven is a little scared about the Fantasy suite, since it didn’t work out with Nick, but is excited to go forward with Adam. But then Dean dropped a bombshell! After Kristina left, he realized that he loves her and breaks up with D-Lo, in the hopes he can restore things with Kristina. Diggy decides to not continue with Dominique since he wants to continue with Jaimi, only to have her say that she wants to leave separately. Last we have Amanda and Robby, and when Robby starts to tell her how much liked her and their journey, Amanda starts to cry. No matter how much she liked spending time with him, she doesn’t see it working out outside of Paradise, something that takes Robby by absolute surprised.

As he leaves for home, you can see how hurt Jack is and I find it sad. Jack is a standup guy, who doesn’t care about what others say about a person. He was truly excited about Christen and it’s sad to see him leave alone. Then we have Dean, what to say about Dean. I guess a lot of people will say that he deserves feeling this way, but I don’t think that. Though I’m glad he feels it, for finally knowing what it is that he wants, I’m sad that Kristina and Dean aren’t leaving together. I hope they can find their way to each other. And I’m sad for D-Lo, the only thing she did ‘wrong’, is to fall for a person that is already taken and that’s not something you can help. I myself find myself attracted to a married guy and it’s not easy. She taught that the guy she likes, liked her enough back to start something, only to be slapped in the face and have it all taken away. I hope that one day soon, she finds a man that will rock her world and will do anything for her.

Watching Amanda break up with Robby, I wonder if she is breaking up with him because she doesn’t see it working out, or if it’s because of everything that happened with Josh last year. If that’s the case, I totally get it. When you’ve been hurt to the core of your being, it’s something you take with you along the way. But at the same time, this is a real mirror moment for me, seeing Amanda saying goodbye to Robby, wondering if she’s too scared to take the next step, I wonder how much I’ve been doing that. How many chances have I passed on, by being too scared by my past?

So we have three couples remaining for their final date with a Fantasy suite afterwards. Lacey and Daniel, Taylor and Derek and Raven and Adam. While we know that Lacey and Daniel and Taylor and Derek stayed the night in the Fantasy suite, we don’t know if that’s the case with Raven and Adam, since Raven had some doubt. On to the studio!

Alexis, thank you for clarifying that you telling the infamous ‘scallops’ story was not ill filled, but was meant as a joke. With that clarified it shows how much editing can do to a story. So to the editing crew of all Bachelor shows, please stop editing the show as if there is bullying. By showing it like this on television, it promotes it, something we absolutely don’t want. I get that you need a way to get the best ratings, but this season was already so big on drama, it really didn’t need this. Let’s take a stand and stand up to bullying.

When Dean left Paradise, he said he loved Kristina and was in love with her, but sitting next to Chris in the studio he says he has really strong feelings for her. And then D-Lo says that Dean called her, one hour after Paradise ended, leaving Kristina to say “Enough is enough”. But thankfully Dean left the hot-seat with an apology to both women.

Amanda comes in the hot seat and answers a questions that has been on our minds for weeks now, ever since pictures came out of Robby and her walking the streets hand in hand. After Paradise, she and Robby decided to give it a go, but they’re not dating anymore. Saying that he’s not ready for a relationship is putting it nicely.

Lacey got some balls! Her telling Daniel off and putting him on his place was the best moment of her all season. This is women that is not to be messed with, this is a women rocks!

Raven and Adam are going steady, have been spending a lot of time together and love each other. While Raven gets to meet Adam’s family over the weekend, Adam gets to meet her parents, right then and there in the studio.

Taylor and Derek are still together and in love and their story keeps continuing as Derek proposes to Taylor and they are now engaged! Congratulations!

Best Quotes.

  • “I definitely want some privacy” Daniel, while to the camera while closing the door of the Fantasy suite.
  • “I can’t wait to get to know you in that way” Derek to Taylor while talking about sex.
  • “What happened in Colorado then?”
  • But Amanda won the season with “I can finally eat pizza again”

And also;

  • Happy to hear the positive effects of therapy on both Corinne and DeMario. There is still a stigma on therapy, but good to see what a positive effect it has on people and helping them get a handle on life.
  • Dean took a major step by saying that Kristina and D-Lo should not be fighting with each other and that it all falls on him. Taking ownership for you (stupid) actions is what makes you a man! Good for you!
  • Can somebody please just get their hands through Robby’s hair and mess it up!
  • Ending with a moment of Ben after Paradise, though I’m always for more moments of Ben, I dislike how he was portrayed this season, by only showing him talking about Zeus. We want to get to know every side of these people, not just the side that can be mocked.

That’s it, Bachelor in Paradise is closed for the season! Can’t wait for January, where we will see Arie in action as The Bachelor.

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