American Horror Story Season 7 – Review of Episode 02 ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada.

Clowns, clowns and more clowns. Ally is still in her delusional phase waking up next to one of the clown mask wearing home invaders and running downstairs to fetch Ivy to help her. But of course he is gone, you may think. At the same time their son is terrorised by Twisty and the 3-faced clown.

I personally loved this episode, it is not really action-packed but they are building up towards something bigger I guess. 2 main things happen;
Last week Ally and Ivy’s friends and neighbours were killed by killer clowns in their own home, Oz and Winter were watching the whole scene from the outside. Winter is trying to fill his mind with evil content and weird enough the kid is somehow attracted to it, he didn’t even blink when Ivy introduced him to the dark web online. New characters arrive as their new neighbours, Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Meadow Wilton (Leslie Grossman), a couple that claim to be not scared easily. And yes all the shows bee teasers start to make sense because Harrison is a beekeeper.
At Ally and Ivy’s restaurant there is a big argument happening between the second in command Roger with one of the staff members Pedro. Ally takes care of business and breaks them up, an important scene that paves the way to a great cliffhanger in the end. That same evening the restaurants alarm goes off and Ally is going to check it out finding Roger seemingly dead hanging on a meat hook.

Ally is getting more scared every minute and installs bars on every window and door at their house to feel more safe. Kai is showing up on her doorstep to convince her to vote for him to feel more safe, I am not gonna say too much about this scene because you just need to watch it. Here we see the reason why Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are regulars on American Horror Story.
As Ally is tired and stressed Winter prepares her a nice hot bath (and why Winter still is the nanny? I have no clue. Anyone else would have fired her on the spot after the next door murders). This is one of the first erotic scenes where Winter tries to seduce Ally and the moment is brutally disturbed by the security alarm. All power gets cut off, Ivy is at the restaurant working and Winter runs off to her own house after next door neighbour Harrison is at the front door telling them to stay in the house.
It is dark, there is panic, Ally gets one of her breakdowns again and I must say you can really feel the danger in and around the house. Is it real, is it a dream? The surprise ending makes you want to see more!

Next week on American Horror Story;


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