American Horror Story Season 7 – Review of Episode 01 ‘Election Night’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada.

It is finally here, season 7 of one of the most visually creative and original series of all time.
This could become the most controversial season to date, start a story with the November 8 2016 election night and show how divided America really is? Wow. This truly is an American Horror Story.

The tone is set when we meet middle-class Ally (Sarah Paulson), a working mother in a same-sex marriage with Ivy (Alison Pill) that breaks down in front of the t.v. when Trump becomes their new President. On the other side of the city at that moment we meet Kai (Evan Peters), a second hand blue haired Joker who is beyond extatic and convinced that America is finally free and rubbing it in towards his pro-Clinton sister Winter (Billie Lourd).

Fear is portrayed as the biggest theme of this season. Especially Ally’s phobias are presented well in this 1st episode, (killer) clowns, tiny holes, enclosed spaces and blood. I can imagine if you have a fear of clowns watching this episode must be nerve wrecking. Sarah Paulson’s acting is spot on from the 1st scene and to me Alison Pill is completely miscast.

The absolute highlight for me is the copied scene from Freakshow with Twisty the Clown just after the opening credits. And it is only the beginning but Evan Peters and Billie Lourd’s characters seem totally fucked up and could become very interesting in this story.

Next week on American Horror Story;

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