Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 08

Written by M.

First off, are we seriously starting every episode with a rundown on who’s with who? We watch every episode, we know who’s with who, especially since we just watched it yesterday.
Then, don’t these women know by now that as soon as you say everything is going good, the shit is about the hit the fan? So when Dominique says it, you just know that her relationship is threatened. In walks Jaimi and has everybody stirring, not because she could sweep any men of his feet, but she is bisexual. I don’t really see the big fuss about that, but I’m from a pretty tolerable country where being straight, gay, bisexual or transgender is accepted. You are who you are, your sex or sexual preference doesn’t define who you are.

Another thing that doesn’t define you is whether or you had sex. I think that the comment that Christen could use the experience with Jaimi, just because she’s a virgin is so wrong. Women all over the world are being pressured into having sex, whether they want to have it or not. It’s ok to wait if you want to, it’s your own choice. No other person has any right to comment on that. And saying something like this sends a message that they think Christen should lose her virginity. They don’t get to have an opinion about something like that and it sends the wrong message to people everywhere.

But as I said, Jaimy walked in, and as predicted, she took Diggy out on a date, leaving Dominique worried at the beach. And that’s when D-Lo says that everything is finally good between Dean and herself, and that means trouble is on its way. Or in this case double-trouble, because in walk Emily and Haley, ready to stir things up. They have their eyes set on Derek and Dean and don’t care if they are already together with someone else. When they walk onto the beach they immediately pull a ‘Blake’ and only want to talk to Amanda, who they know from Ben’s season of the Bachelor and last year’s Bachelor in Paradise. Good first impression girl. They talk about wanting Derek and Dean and she tells them that Derek has been with Taylor since day 1 and Dean is together with D-Lo, and already went through a whole lot of shit. But that Jack and Jonathan are still available. This was a little odd to me, Jack has made it clear more than once that he’s really into Christen.

Haley realizes that Derek won’t accept being her date and decides that she’ll take Jack, who she keeps calling a serial killer. Emily however won’t take no for an answer and pressures Dean into accepting her invitation, she even talks to D-Lo about it. But Dean has learned from everything that happened with Kristina and sticks to his guns and keeps rejecting her. Go Dean! Being a responsible adult suits you! The little boy is still in there, but you made the right choice! Ohhh, kids, they grow up so fast. Desperate for a date, she asks Jonathan, though she earlier vowed she would never go with him. But when it’s time to leave for their double date, Jack realizes how little time there is left and that he wants to spend it all with Christen. Seriously, but when a man knows what he wants and goes after it, it’s so sexy. This pisses Haley off and she and Emily pull a classic toddler tantrum. I don’t know what came over them or if they were pulling a stunt to attract more viewers, but don’t care for this ‘evil’ Emily and Haley. I liked how they used to be, can we please get them back?

The next morning, Chris walks in and tells them that summer in Paradise is almost over. It’s their last day in Paradise…

Best Quotes.

  • “We’re back“, never sounded so scary and crazy at the same time.
  • “There’s a bunch of weirdo’s here.”
  • “But I didn’t do anything” says a shocked Robbie when Emily and Haley yell that they can all fuck themselves.
  • “I think they’re gonna go home, they’re gonna watch Frozen, they’re gonna play with their fidget spinners and I’ll think it’ll be ok.”
  • “We need to have sex three times, if there’s a Fantasy suite.” “At least, at least three times and then we can get engaged.”

And also;

  • Did anybody else think that Jasmine wanted to go on this date with Jaimi?
  • Can we please just treat Emily and Haley as individuals instead as ‘The Twins’.
  • How cute were Adam and Raven sitting together in that cocoon hanging from a tree?
  • Anyone else missing Ben or am I alone in this?

Next week is the final week. Who will get their happily ever after and who will go home brokenhearted.
Unfortunately, my reviews will be a little later next week, since I will be enjoying a week of vacation in Spain. But don’t worry, I will get to them as soon as I came back.

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