Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 07

Written by M.

Dean, pay attention. Stringing two women along is never a good idea, but I think you got that already. But if you do, because for some reason you can’t make up your mind, here’s a simple rule. Make sure that woman number 1 doesn’t see you with woman number 2 and vice versa. And no, you can never ask or assume that other men will keep the other woman away. This is your mess, don’t get other men or women involved. It’s choice to get cozy with two women, the burns are your own. You are an adult and you should know that actions have consequences. You say you love Kristina but you kiss D-Lo. Kissing someone doesn’t just happen, it’s a decision. Stop acting like a boy and man up.

But, with all of Bachelor Nation falling over you, you remind me of Nick Viall. In Andi’s season and then in Kaitlyn’s season, he got the bad boy label. But he took some time himself, grew up and has become a really decent man. So there is still hope for you. Take some time, do some soul surfing, get to know yourself and what you want in life, grow up and come back swinging. Who know, you might end up as The Bachelor in a couple of years.

Kristina, this part is for you. I’m not going to pretend that I know what you’re feeling for Dean. I don’t know you, I don’t know Dean, I wasn’t at Paradise, all I know is what I saw on the show. I do however feel that you deserve to be treated better than Dean has up to now. Personally I think you are own bad ass power woman, the strength you show, damn. I would have totally flipped out if I was in your shoes. Wells asked a really good question that goes for most women out there. Why continue to fight for someone who isn’t willing to fight for you. And trust me, this is some advice I also need to listen to, it’s not easy, but you are so strong! I hereby want to nominate you as the new Bachelorette.

Wow, Blake only wants to talk to bro’s from his season… What a way to make friends, especially since you left The Bachelorette fighting.
Ben doing his goodbye tour, saying bye to everyone and doing shots with Jack, is so adorable, makes me like him even more. Ben for Bachelor!

Going into the rose ceremony, the Kristina – Dean – D-Lo love triangle continues to live on, due to Ben keeping D-Lo around at last week’s rose ceremony. And we have a new one in the form of Diggy – Dominique – Fred and a foursome, Christen – Jack – Jonathan – Blake. Personally, I like Diggy and Dominique and Christen and Jack as couples, if we’ve learned anything it’s that anything is possible in Paradise. As for Dean’s love mess, I just want it to be over. I feel bad for the women, let’s not forget that D-Lo didn’t ask for this, she just fell for a guy who can’t make up his mind, just like Kristina. The woman played it right tonight and made Dean make a decision.

So who’s left? We have Lacey and Daniel, Taylor and Derek, Amanda and Robbie, Raven and Adam, Dominique and Diggy, Jasmine and Jonathan, Christen and Jack, D-Lo and Dean. Which means the new guys Fred and Blake were send packing. And Kristina? She pulled a bad ass act and left, without handing out a rose! You go girl!

Best Quotes.

  • “You weren’t my first choice….”, when asking somebody out.
  • “There is more love that I have for my dog Zeus, than that there is potential left here at Paradise”
  • “He didn’t want to show me his beautiful penis”

And also;

  • Raven gave Blake some good advice “Don’t talk about ‘Whaboom’”, and yet all he talks about is Lucas and ‘Whaboom’”.
  • Can we give Jack a date card so he can go on his date with Christen?
  • Seriously people, kissing everybody because you want to know how they kiss? Isn’t that a little too much high school? I’m not a prude or anything, but I do believe that kissing somebody has some meaning.
  • Scallops fingers is like the worst running joke ever. Like she said, she took left overs, doesn’t want to waste good food. I feel like this is the ‘nap’ thing all over again.

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