Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 06

Written by M.

Lacey gave Daniel a welcome as if they have been long lost lovers, jumping into his arms as soon he came on the floor. Time for some speed dating for Daniel, with Lacey, Christen and Jasmine. So now, for the roses. Two roses are handed out and then Matt comes back to hand out his rose in order not to let it get to waste. He handed his rose out to Jasmine, but she loathed him and did not try to hide it. So these are the couples right now. Daniel and Lacey, Jack and Christen, Derek and Taylor, Robbie and Amanda, Diggy and Dominique, Adam and Raven, Dean and Kristina and Ben threw a curveball and let D-Lo stay. And Jasmine is flying solo, but I’m thinking Ben and D-Lo are also flying solo.

Daniel got a date card from some Mexican wrestlers and decides to take Lacey, so I guess she’s a very happy camper. But I’m worried for Lacey, I feel like she is falling head over heels in love, while it seems that Daniel is only interested in sex.

Ticklemonster Jonathan is here and the guys aren’t worried. That is until he kisses Christen and takes her out on a date. So we have a new love triangle, Jack-Christen-Jonathan. Who will be next? Not new, but still here, is the love triangle between Kristina-Dean-D-Lo. Since Ben kept D-Lo around, we’re in for another round. Robbie is just so sweet, how he cares about Kristina, comforting her while Dean continues to treat her like crap.

Last week DeMario had his chance to open up, this week it’s time for Corinne. During Nick’s season of The Bachelor I had a hard time liking Corinne. It wasn’t until her hometown date that I saw where she came from, understood more of who she is, and that I started liking her. I was excited to see what she would bring to Paradise, and then all hell broke loose. Thankfully she is doing better at this time. Corinne unfortunately doesn’t remember much of the first night of Paradise, due to the drinks and medication she took at the time. There are no hard feelings towards DeMario. So please let’s all just learn a lesson from this, not just the cast and crew, but every single one of us. If a situation like this happens, don’t blow it out of proportion. For the people involved, try to talk to each other. And to the media, don’t go digging for stories that aren’t there.

There are only two weeks left for Bachelor in Paradise are there is still so much drama coming our way.

Best Quotes.
I’m not the biggest fan of Daniel but he sure provides some good quotes.

  • “Last season I was the Canadian Eagle, this year I’m a wolf”.
  • “I’m like the great white hope”.
  • “The last time I had a date, I think was when Caitlyn Jenner was a man”.
  • “I don’t want to put all chicken onto one egg and watch it hedge into a dinosaur”.
  • “I gave you one job, with one rule…”
  • “When you drive out of the craziness, don’t drive back in”

And also;

  • How invisible is Ben to these women? Do they know he’s still there?
  • I’m truly sad to see Alexis go home, the brought so much fun and laughter to us viewers.
  • Seriously Wells, the puppets, stop! Just stop! You are so much funnier without the puppets!
  • Jasmine saying “This is Paradise, anything can happen here” to Daniel, right after she steals him away from Lacey, is kind of hypocritical. Just last week she was losing it to Christen for basically doing just that.

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