Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 05

Written by M.

Claws are out! And it all started when Christen walks on the beach with a date card. While on her speed-dates to get to know the guys a little, Matt walks up to her and pretty much said that he and Jasmine aren’t written in stone. So when they decide to go on this date together a thunderstorm is rising. While Matt talks to Jasmine about going on this date, she’s all calm. But when she talks about it to the others at the bar and no one reacts, an explosion follows and she goes to see Christen. But it’s not really a conversation though, since she just won’t listen to what Christen has to say. If you want to talk to somebody to hear their side and tell they how you feel, rule number one is to listen what they have to say. The only people that knew what was really said between Matt and Christen, are Matt and Christen, and maybe some people of the crew. But Jasmine heard some version of what they said from the other girls and wouldn’t believe what Christen said. Thank God for the tapes so we know what was said.

What I don’t get is how all the girls are going along in this ‘scallop-fingers’ bit that Jasmine started. I get that Jasmine was annoyed with her asking Matt, but why are the others going along with it? This is serious bullying, being like the mean girls in high school. Let’s be frank here, Christen did absolutely nothing wrong! She had the right to ask any of the guys out. And since Matt and Jasmine, as far as I know, hadn’t had THE talk yet, he was free to accept. Like I said, I get that this isn’t some happy news for Jasmine, but these is how Bachelor in Paradise works. If you don’t like that, don’t come here. And I’m just disappointed in the other women for making fun of Christen, without even trying to get to know her. You’re all adults, please just get to know her yourself before deciding that you do or don’t like another person.

Derek and Taylor are having a serious conversation about how life would be after Paradise and that she’s worried about how he can sometimes react. But as soon as she addresses this point, he just says “Fuck you”. Not cool dude, so not cool. And immediately go from steaming hot to ice cold. Taylor explains to him what talk like that means to her and even though he apologizes, she needs some time to think. And I agree. Sure he knows he reacted badly, but this kind of reaction to me came out of the blue. I get saying this in a fight, saying something like this when you snap. But they were just having a conversation, where did this reaction come from?

All and all we’re heading into an interesting rose ceremony. We have Dean with D-Lo and Kristina, Adam with Sarah and Raven and Matt with Christen and Jasmine. On top of that the relationship of Derek and Taylor is on the rocks and then there is Ben, who doesn’t have any love connection. But before the ceremony even starts, Matt bows out, leaving Jasmine and Christen in tears and desperate for a rose. And of course they point they’re at the same guy; Jack. And just before the ceremony starts and the episode ends, Christ welcomes a new arrival, to fill the spot that Matt left. And in comes Daniel! And it seriously turned Lacey’s frown upside down. But will he safe her?

Best Quotes.

  • “Did he taste like Jas?”
  • “You’re putting my brain in a blender”

And also;

  • I love Alexis, but I really don’t like her laughing so hard about how Christen reacted to Jasmine’s blowout.
  • Wells reenacting Alexis reenacting Christen eating scallops is funny for dissing Alexis for doing that. But I didn’t like him playing with the puppet as Christen, for that’s when he was making fun of her as a person. That is just never funny, especially since he doesn’t know her.
  • Can the producers give the cast a lecture about the effects of bullying? You’d think they already know about that, but I’m shocked about how they’re acting this week.
  • Also never funny; puppets! If you want to play with dolls, grab a Barbie.
  • Chris said that Christen was the first new arrival this week, but she was the last. First came Sarah, then Dominique and last came Christen.
  • Why are people going to Paradise if they don’t think they will like anybody there? Isn’t that the point of the entire show? It’s not about you partying with your friends, it’s about the possibility to find love.

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