Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 24 ‘Ring of Fire’

Written by M.

“When life forces us to do something impossible,
An explosion happens inside the body.
A rush of hormones blasts through us,
Making is stronger, making us faster.
Biology overrides fear.
And that makes the impossible possible.”

So another explosion happened at the hospital, what else is new. How many times did this happen now? Three? I remember the bomb that blew up Dylan Young back in season 2. I remember the bus that blew up at the parking lot in season 9. Am I missing any? How many more will we get?

Anyway, the explosion causes the doors to get unlocked and the entire hospital gets evacuated. Not everyone is in a hurry to leave though. Jackson once again rushes to find Stephanie and Nathan is in the middle of a surgery, one he’s not ready to stop, so when Meredith finds him, she joins him. After which they join the others on the parking lot. Stephanie is able to take Erin to the roof, where she collapses. When Stephanie and Erin are finally found, she won’t give up on saving Erin, making the ER an OR. When Erin is stabilized, Stephanie collapses, turning into the patient, with severe burns. Later when she’s lying in a hospital bed, being treated for her wounds, she realizes that she has had enough and quits.

Minnick has been saying all season that the interns and residents will only become great doctors by learning protocol. And Bailey has allowed Catherine and Minnick to step over her all year. But no longer. Minnick has made the mistake of only following protocol, to treat patients, “That is my job” she said. But did she forget that her job is to safe lives? By following protocol she risked the life of Stephanie and thereby Erin. When she starts to blame Richard, Bailey is done and finally speaks her mind. Hallelujah praise the lord, Bailey is back! Oh how I missed Bailey, I love this Bailey. The Bailey that takes no crap, for nobody. She starts calmly “Dr. Minnick, I don’t believe there’s a place for you in my hospital any longer.” But when Catherine interrupts, she goes off. “It’s Chief Bailey, and I am not holding on. She is holding on. She is clinging to these procedures and protocols and cannot see when to let go in order to save the life of a patient, a child! I do! I know! Because I was taught right! Dr. Edwards certainly knew, because she was taught right! This is not some factory that turns out surgical robots. We make doctors. Thinking, feeling, human doctors. And we will teach them right.”
Goodbye Dr. Minnick, let’s not meet up. Know your place Catherine, this is not your hospital, you just work here. And welcome back Dr. Bailey, welcome back. Good to have you back! Now let’s show this hospital the Chief that you are.

In the parking lot Meredith tells Nathan than Megan is alive. That she is found and that Owen and Amelia are on her way to her. I love the close up of Nathan here, you can see how the news slowly comes in.

I don’t know where this leaves Nathan and Meredith, but like Meredith said; “If this were Derek, I would’ve already been gone”. This romance Nathan-Meredith romance has a lot of similarities with our beloved Derek-Meredith romance. Both relationships had rocky starts, former wives showing up, but the love between them is real, is good. Can’t wait to see what season 14 has is store for them, I just hope it won’t be an exact copy of the Derek-Meredith story.

“Nobody wakes up thinking “My World will explode today,
My world will change” Nobody thinks that.
But, sometimes it happens.
Sometimes, we wake up, we face our fears,
And we take them by the hand.
And we stand there, waiting, hoping, ready, for anything.”

And also;

  • Why didn’t Stephanie try the other door that would lead her into the hallway?
  • And why didn’t she use the firehose in the stairwell.
  • The look on April’s face when she realizes that Jackson has feelings for Maggie, I felt so bad for her.
  • Why is it that people wonder where Amelia and Owen are? Isn’t Meredith the only person that knows what’s going on? They left the hospital in the middle of the day during their shift, but no one seems to care about where they are.
  • How is it that Stephanie and Erin can hold the staircase handrail? That should be incredibly hot due to the heat of the fire.

Grey’s Anatomy will return on September 28

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