Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 03

Written by M.

Finally! There has been a rose ceremony. It has taken us three episodes to get there, but it happened. But before the rose ceremony a new man walked onto the beach of Paradise and my guesses were wrong, it wasn’t Daniel. It was Adam and thankfully he left his puppet at home, that thing really creeped me out.

And to make things even more comfortable, he took Raven out on a date. So I think it’s safe to say that Raven is the most desired woman of Paradise, with Ben, Robby and Adam vowing for her love and attention. The two days leading up to the rose ceremony, most of the men were more interested in getting the bromance going that in the romance. Somehow they all forgot as to why they are here, which is basically to find love, I don’t think the setup was to find love with your bro’s. But ultimately they figured out that in order to stay in Paradise, they need to get a rose and to get a rose, you need to give the women some attention. So the cocktail party was pretty much one desperate attempt from the men to any woman. Like seriously, Alex finally figured out that Amanda really isn’t interested in him and won’t be giving him her rose. Figured out as in, she literally told him an hour before the rose ceremony. So Alex talked to pretty much any woman to make sure they knew how much he appreciates ‘her’ and how much he opened up to ‘her’ because of that. Too much, too desperate, too late. Tip for future men; if you’re not sure about getting a rose, don’t jump on all the women at once. Pick one, try have an actual conversation with her and connect. If you try this last minute on all of the women, they won’t feel appreciated and chances are, you won’t get a rose from any of them.

Robby had that figured out. With Adam, Ben and himself going after Raven, he figured his chances were very slim. So what did he do? He talked to Amanda, the ex-fiancé of Josh, a close friend of him. A friendship that he feels very strongly about. It’s a big risk, whether Amanda would be interested or not, he could lose his friendship with Josh over this. If a friend of mine would go after an ex of mine, one that I felt strongly about, I’m sorry but the friendship would be over. You know ‘Bro’s before Ho’s’ and ‘Sisters before Misters’. But he addressed the elephant in the room and it worked out. Though he did not get that kiss he wanted, which I wouldn’t give him either based on the conversation we saw, he did get her rose.

So, who were left standing at the end of the night? Taylor and Derek, well duh. Jasmine and Matt, who had a good talk at the cocktail party making Jasmine all happy again. Raven and Adam, who shared a kiss at the cocktail party, and making Ben’s future at Paradise unsure. Alexis and Jack, I haven’t really seen much about their relationship, so this one threw me a little. I hoped for a spark between Alexis and Vinny. Lacey and Diggy, who also shared a kiss at the party. See Alex, Diggy also knows how to do this. Curveball of the evening came from Danielle, who gave her rose to Ben. She said that he is an awesome human and would love to see him find someone. Kristina gave her rose to Dean and Amanda to Robby. This means, Paradise is over for Alex, Vinny, Iggy and Nick. Cheer up guys! You still were in 3 episodes, which is a record for being send home at your first rose ceremony.

Now the tables will have turned, this week the men have all the power and the women have to fear going home. The first new arrival of the week makes the knees weak of all the men, Danielle L., also known as D-Lo. Even Derek jokes that he would accept a date with her. But in the end, she chooses Dean, to the dismay of Ben and Kristina. Ben, because he doesn’t really have anyone now that Raven chose Adam, and Kristina, well because of all the obvious reasons.

Their date goes great and afterwards he goes to talk to Kristina, after which Kristina is all happy again. When it gets dark, they all sit around a campfire on the beach and Dean and Kristina are like they were at the start. Sitting close to each other, being giddy. This is when Dean makes the brilliant decision to walk away, to come back with cake, making an announcement. Apparently it’s D-Lo’s half birthday, so he got her half a cake. And you can just feel the uncomfortableness, everybody looks around to see if this is really happening, everybody that is, except for Dean and D-Lo. I praise Kristina for how see handled herself, my tears would flow right then and there. She could keep her cool until Dean and D-Lo walked to the bar and then went to her room, where she was comforted by Alexis. Dean please, for everything that is good in the world, please make up your mind. Don’t string this woman on any longer if you don’t want to be with her.

Best Quotes.

  • Alexis: “When D walked down the steps, I swear to God, I looked at all the guys and they were just like ‘DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN!’”.
  • Diggy: “You did what any guy would do, say yes to the dress”.

And also;

  • I’m sad to see Vinny go, I would have loved to see more of the laugh train that is Alexis and Vinny.
  • How is it that Dean doesn’t see how upset Kristina is for him going on the date with D-Lo? It’s clear to everybody around them.
  • The end credits!! This is why we love Alexis.
  • I wonder how it is possible that Josh was eating pizza all the time last year, if it takes two hours to make one.

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