Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 02

Written by M.

The Bachelor wedding of the year, Evan and Carly.
I’m not going to spend too much of our time on this, just this; Carly looked spectacular. It was intimate and loving with a hint of the weirdness we love about Evan and Carly, it was their perfect wedding.

It’s time to go back to Paradise, after the shutdown. For starters, I love that they talk about how they feel about what happened and how production of any of the Bachelor shows is going. And let’s not forget about the race issue, do we automatically blame DeMario because of the color of his skin. I for one did not and I despise the fact that some people do. I don’t care is interracial or not, I care about the love between them. Love is love and love doesn’t care about the color of your skin, your gender, the number on your bank account or on your scale. Love is love and it’s the most powerful thing in the world.

Another important issue they addressed was consent, which needed to be talked about after all the media rumors. I think Taylor started this great and Ben added on this perfectly. Don’t go for the suggested consent, given by body language and flirts, always and I cannot stress this enough, always go for the verbal consent. Not just at the start, but with each step you take. Remember that if you feel unconvertable at any point, it’s never too late to say no. This doesn’t just go for whatever happens on Bachelor Nation, but for everyone. No matter where you’re from or how old you are, consent may never be assumed. My heart pours for Raven and for any other men and women out in the world who has been through any kind of (sexual) assault. No matter how hard it may seem to believe, please always keep in mind that this is not your fault and that you’re not alone in this, how bittersweet that may be.

But now it’s time to leave all of the things that happened in the past and continue their journey to find love. Are the relationships that started to form, still standing? We had Danielle and Jack, Kristina and Dean, Taylor and Derek, Jasmine and Matt, Amanda and Alex, Raven with Ben and Robby. Lacey was around for one day, but spend a lot of time with Iggy. Where do they stand now?

Jack is positive about Danielle, saying that they were hitting it off pretty well. Danielle however talks about how she had to talk herself into liking Jack and that he sounds perfect, on paper. I’m not feeling any love just yet.
Robby has the hots for Raven and feels great about their date. But Ben is also attracted to Raven, but takes it on day at the time. Raven on the other hand, ghosted both of them during the time off, saying that she needed a break from the constant two on one date.
Alex felt really secure about getting Amanda’s rose, which sounds really dirty actually, and want to see if they can built from that. For Amanda, the time off has changed her point of view on him and doesn’t want to him a rose anymore.
Matt finds Jasmine easy to talk to which is why they hit it off. After her date with Matt, Jasmin’s vagina was dancing and she’s wondering if they can back to that point.
Dean travelled with Kristina to Kentucky for a week and they road tripped to Chicago for a weekend, which was all great. And yet he wants her to be open to other dates, which she doesn’t like, but she is very optimistic about him.
Derek and Taylor are going strong! They have been talking more and more and they’re going to give this a shot.

But not long after everybody is back at the beach, Matt begins to doubt about being with Jasmine, he wants to stay open to others, where she has all her focus on Matt. Alex has trouble figuring out that he has been friend-zoned, which everybody could see, except for Alex. Thankfully Raven and Jack are there to make things clear. Lacey feels alone and is totally envious about Derek getting a date card. I get that she wanted a date card, to try get more of a connection with basically any of the guys. But just because Taylor and Derek are couple doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a nice date.

At night friction comes out to play. First with Kristina and Dean, who have trouble communicating and Kristina ends up crying at the bar, being comforted by Wells and Nick. And they friction goes to play with Matt and Jasmine. Matt needs a little time to breathe while Jasmine only wants to be with him. So when he goes off sleep alone, Jasmine gets frustrated.
And just as someone is about to come down the steps, the episode ends. Who wants to bet it’s Daniel?

Best Quotes.

  • Amanda about Alex; “I already have two kids, I don’t need another little person running around asking for attention”.
  • Raven to Alex, when he asks her advice about Amanda “Yeah, I think you should move on from Amanda”.
  • On which Jack follows “I wouldn’t count on it at all”.
  • And basically the entire reenactment of Amanda and Alex by Alexis and Vinny.

And also;

  • I miss Chad, not the parts of him getting violent, but he was interesting. I always felt there was more to him.
  • I know a lot of the couples that formed on any of the Bachelor shows, never made the walk down the aisle. But has there ever been a divorce for those who did make it down that aisle?
  • Love how Carly called Evan her lobster.
  • Is it me or do Alex and Robby have the same voice? They sound exactly the same.
  • Look at Taylor and Derek holding hands when they’re all sitting together talking to Chris.
  • I think Alexis and Vinny would be the funniest power couple ever. I hope they get together.
  • Lacey is totally pining for Daniel.

What’s coming this season?

Can’t wait for next Monday!

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