Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 22 ‘Leave It Inside’

Written by M.

“Our skulls cushion our brains.
Our rib cage guard our hearts.
The body is built to protect our most vulnerable parts.
At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

Seriously Meredith, last week you and Maggie fought each other over the fact that you’re together with Nathan, and this week you want to bring him to the house. Way inconsiderate. This comes hours after giving Amelia the giant wall tumor that Derek drew. What Amelia and Maggie take as a sign that Meredith is moving on from Derek and go into full on support mode. Later that night though, she cancels on Nathan, but places the marriage vows of her and Derek in a drawer.

Holly Harner, a patient with a giant inoperable heart tumor who comes in after she fell two flights of stairs. And instead of pining away, she has a life mission; to have sex with as many men as possible until she can’t anymore. Talk about female empowerment! Loved how April, Maggie and Meredith reacted ‘GOALS!’ And when her latest hookup arrives at the hospital, she wants April and Meredith to tell him, she died, since she’s going to anyway sooner or later and she no longer has any interest in him. Meredith wants to go along with it, but April intervenes and tells him she’ll be fine but is not up for visitors. I’m wondering, what is the right thing to do here? Respect the patient wishes or be truthful and not lie about death? At the end of the episode it’s Meredith who tells him that Holly is alive but that he will never see her again. That he should hold the time they spent together close to his heart, but that it’s time to move on. And she follow her own advice, leaving the hospital with Nathan.

And then there’s Liam, a little boy who ran away from his parents so he could go to the hospital to get help. But of course, when an unaccompanied minor strolls into the hospital, wanting medical help, alarms tend to go off. So it doesn’t take long before the parents are found and at the hospital. But when Stephanie, Alex and Minnick inform his parents that he has a very large tumor in his head and needs brain surgery, his parents decide to take Liam home. Getting any medical treatment is going against their believes, anything that will happen will be God’s will. But this kid isn’t stupid and shows up again the next day, though now the tumor has caused him to go blind. Liam realizes that God won’t make him better so he pleads to Alex.

This triggers Alex, along with Stephanie, to risk their careers to help Liam, enraging the father. They knew it was against their believes and faith. It scares me that there are people who are willing to have their child die, because it might be the will of God. It reminds me of a joke I heard once;

A man is trapped on his roof after a flood, water level rising.
Someone throws him a buoy, but he refuses, “God will safe me”.
Somebody comes by in a boat, offering him a place, but he refuses, “God will safe me”.
Finally a helicopter drops a ladder, but he refuses, “God will safe me”.
Then he dies and goes to heaven, where he asks God “Why didn’t you safe me?”
On which God replies “I send you a buoy, a boat and a helicopter,
but you refused to let me safe you”.

Everybody has their right to their own believes and faith and I respect that, but doesn’t everybody also have the right to live?
Stephanie telling the father off and throwing something at him, did anyone saw that coming? I for one, saw the telling him off coming, but even though I agree with what she was saying, I’m not sure it was the right move. Sure, the father may have needed to hear the truth one more time, but as a doctor, this needs to be done with tact. But violence should NEVER be accepted, not towards medical personal, not to family, not to anyone, and it doesn’t matter that it was aimed at the wall, it is violence! The fact that she gets away with it so easily astonishes me, in my eyes she also should have been suspended, even if it’s just for a couple of days.

“The body adapts.
It protects itself.
But it can’t close off completely or we’re not really living, right?
So we leave the door open, just a little.
Hoping like hell it’s worth the risk.”

And also;

  • Who would even thought that Bailey is a Harry Potter fan.
  • DeLuca likes Jo and is wondering if she’s single or back together with Alex. When he finally decides to make a move, Jo stops him.
  • Alex wants to find a guy, who wants to make a bet? I call Jo’s estranged husband

Next time on Grey’s Anatomy;

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