Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 – Review of episode 01

Written by M.

It happened, Bachelor in Paradise has started. A summer that started gloomy is now shining bright. And this first episode was all about what happened before production was stopped. And I don’t mean whatever happened between Corinne and DeMario, all we saw was them going into the pool together. What I mean is what happened between everybody, were sparks flying, did we have hookups at the first night. Well let me fill you in.

So who are in Paradise? In order of them arriving at the beach and who’s heart they were fighting for on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Raven (Nick), Dean (Rachel), Kristina (Nick), Danielle (Nick), Ben (Kaitlyn), Iggy (Rachel), Jasmine (Nick), Jack (Rachel), Alexis (Nick), DeMario (Rachel), Derek (JoJo), Alex (JoJo), Corinne (Nick), Lacey (Nick), Vinny (JoJo and BiP 3), Diggy (Rachel), Matt (Rachel), Nick (JoJo), Amanda (Ben and BiP 3) and Taylor (Nick).
So we start off with 9 women and 11 men, giving the women all the power. Which guys will be send home in the first week? More on that later.

So what do we know at this moment? Ben has his eyes on Raven, while Raven is seriously crushing on Dean and has trouble keeping her eyes of him. Danielle can’t stop talking about the hotness of Dean, like seriously, find a new topic to talk about. Jack is wondering if Alexis is in Paradise to find love or to party with her friends. Raven has her mind set up and spilled her guts about DeMario before he even stepped onto the beach. Iggy thinks he and Corinne will hit it off because they’re both the life of the party. So serious question, how and when was Iggy the life of the party? Did I miss this, cause I have no memory of this.

The first kiss of the season goes to Nick and Jasmine, but only because Lacey dared them. But she made up for that kiss later at night when she was making out with Matt, Jasmine that is, not Lacey. The first date card went to Kristina, who took Dean out for a nice dinner and sparks were flying. They were both giddy and obviously smitten with each other.
First one to get drunk is Nick, which is a serious turn off for Jasmine.

On a sad note, Lacey got a call from her family after just one night, informing her that her grandfather, who she was really with, passed away. So she’s going back home as she should. And as interested as Iggy seemed in her, he couldn’t remember it was her grandfather, but told the others it was her grandma that died. On another sad note, Jorge is also leaving Paradise to pursue his dreams. Only this one is followed by a much happier note, because Wells will be the new bartender of Paradise!

In the morning the first new guest arrives and it’s Robby, who apparently packs like a woman, he brought a new bathing suit for every single day! Though that’s not what the women in Paradise are talking about, they just keep talking about his hair. Well at least it’s a change of subject from the hotness of Dean. This brings the score to 8 women and 12 men, this does not look good for our men. Of course Robby came in with a date card and he goes jet skiing with Raven. But after they get back, they both have a different opinion on the success of the date, Robby is smitten and Raven is really not.
Third date card, “Matt, pick your queen” and he and Jasmine leave the beach. And their date takes them to a drag bar, where Jasmine volunteered him to be a drag queen. Is it weird that when he was turned into a drag queen, he reminded me of Jared?

Rose ceremony, who ends up with who and who goes home? But it never comes to that. Before the roses are handed out, Corinne and DeMario get pulled aside, camera’s go out and production is stopped. But what would the rose ceremony have looked like? Raven would have given her rose to Ben, Kristina to Dean, Amanda to Alex, Danielle would keep Jack around. Jasmine likes Matt, Taylor hit it off with Derek and Corinne let Nicks stay another round. So the wildcard comes from Alexis, putting Iggy, DeMario, Vinny, Diggy, Nick and Robby on the chopping block.

Best Quotes.
This first episode already had three great quotes. Number three was from Chris, after Amanda hands him the engagement ring she got last year from Josh and she walks into Paradise, he smells the rings and says “It smells like pizza”. Second best came from Raven. While on her date with Robby she kissed him, but at the party before the rose ceremony she kisses Ben “That was better than Robby”. But the absolute best went to Chris, while talking to Corinne right before she stepped onto the beach; “Phenomenal place to take naps”. Can’t wait what other quotes will be coming our way this season.

And also;

  • Ben talks a lot about Zeus and any other dog he had in his life, don’t know if Raven is into it though. I truly hope this won’t be thing throughout the show though, like with Josh and his pizza.
  • Why do people this Jack is a serial killer?
  • How is it that people don’t remember Ben, but do remember Derek, I seriously forgotten all about him.
  • OK girls, we get it, Dean is hot, but does that mean that everything that you women say is “Dean is hot”. Look around, there are hot men all around. I myself wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes of Ben.
  • I think it’s like bloody hot out there, it’s only been two days and you can see body’s turning sunburned red.
  • Did Taylor bring up the ‘intelligence level’ again? Is that smart?
  • Is it too obvious that I’m smitten with Ben? To be honest, I’ve been this way since he stepped out of the limo on Kaitlyn’s season.

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