Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 20 ‘In The Air Tonight’

Written by M.

“Turbulence, it means anything from a few little bumps
To a catastrophic weather system that could know your flying tin can out of the air.
In surgery, we call it ‘a complication’
We’ve hit a snag, a bump in the road, turbulence.
So you know,
You better buckle up.”

Oh boy, and entire episode on an airplane and we know the combination of Grey’s Anatomy and airplanes aren’t the best. But when it starts with Meredith telling off another passenger you know it’s gonna be good. But off course it can’t be just Meredith on the plane and the love Gods have spoken and put Nathan on the same plane with her. Five minutes into the episode and they’re joining the ‘Mile-High-Club’.

But that’s only the start. After their little rendezvous in the bathroom, they bond over they combined fear of flying and surviving air crashes. And what do you know, turbulence. But you, the good kind, the kind with people being thrown into the ceiling. So instead of maybe sneaking in another booty call in the bathroom, Meredith, Nathan and Dr. Harrison Peters, a pediatric dentist who’s also on the plane, spend the rest of the flight treating patients.

Most are just some cuts and bruises, but we also have a guy with a brain bleed, who needs brain surgery. And an overly nervous man who has Pulmonary Hypertension, making it hard for him to breathe, though that doesn’t excuse him for being a total ass.

I especially appreciated the little flashback to that black black day. It shows that trauma like that will never truly go away. When we are placed back into a similar situation, it all comes back. I know this all too well. But these are the moments that will show the strongest people, the people that are still able to stand up after going through that trauma again and again. It shows that Meredith is one hell of a woman.

“One of the most unpredictable things about encountering turbulence is its aftermath.
Everything’s been shaken up, undone, turned on its head.
So, if you have the choice to avoid the plane crash, do you take it?
Do you play it safe?
Or do you get on board and take your chances?”

And also;

  • Loved the little recap of MerDer’s story.
  • Nathan not getting that Harrison was being sarcastic, that face, very well done.
  • And off course there was other flirting being done, because otherwise it wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy. This week there was a flight attendant flirting with Nathan, all the while he was treating her hurt wrist.
  • And the dentist was obviously into Meredith, but at the end of the day he couldn’t make that step. To wait a moment and ask her out.
  • Where were we again with counting the lies being told to Maggie? I’m sure this counts as a major one.

Next time on Grey’s Anatomy;

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