Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 19 ‘What’s Inside’

Written by M.

“Curiosity killed the cat.
It also killed a lot of ancient Greeks,
when Pandora had to open that box,

full of death and pestilence and stuff.
Why do we have to know what’s behind door number 3,
even when we’re pretty sure it’ll be bad for us.”

There are things that can make you insecure. You can doubt yourself until the point that you don’t believe in yourself anymore. But it’s also possible for your friends to make you insecure. When your friends doubt your every move, it’s hard to keep believing in yourself. This is also the case for Maggie, as if she needs any more insecurities. Even though she knows what she’s capable of, whether she’s grieving or not, the doubt gets to her. It started with Owen, then going through Amelia, Meredith and Jackson. Nathan, however, has a rock-solid believe in her and refuses to step in and take over, when it seems that Maggie is lost. Proving once again that Nathan is solid guy.

My plan is to give her a minute.
She just lost something huge,
something that has been with her since Day One.
Her heart just needs to learn how to beat without that extra load.
She just needs a little time to adjust.

I feel that Bailey is just not the right choice for Chief, or at least, not yet. She is too focused on what people think of her as the Chief rather that doing the best she can do. She let Catherine talk her into an entirely new teaching program, even though Catherine doesn’t work at the hospital and she’s not on the board either. And now she’s too focused on arguing with Richard. But when she needs to take action, she doesn’t know the protocol.

I love Arizona, and I believe that she will go all the way for you if you’re friends. But she sucks at the happy speeches before a friend goes on a date. Reminds me of one of my friends. When I had a date for the first time in a very long time, I was all excited “I got a date!”. The first thing she said was “Oh God, not one of those pretty boys right”. And there went my excitement, flew right out the door. Arizona spooked Nathan, talking about her epic love with Derek. The rule that goes for the people dating, don’t talk about your past relationships, also goes for their friends. Don’t bring up their past loves right before a first date, they are already nervous enough.

“Put yourself in Pandora’s shoes.
She’s given a gift, a wondrous box,
filled with things she never even knew existed.
Of course she opened it.
Wouldn’t you.”


  • Alex really needs to make up his mind on Nathan, like him or don’t like him, but stick to it.
  • Seriously, a group full of surgeons talking about the capability of another surgeon, as they watch her surgery with other colleagues, who knows maybe even interns, right behind them.. Very professional guys, good job.
  • I want Maggie to find someone and turn into someone with less insecurities and more lovey dovey. But I’m not sure about this whole Jackson-Maggie thing.
  • I’m so happy that the dance parties are back!!

Next week;

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