Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 20 ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

Written by M.

Oh boy, we will miss Tripp. I said it before, it’s his easy friendship personality that brought some light to SHIELD. But besides that we will also miss his self-confidence. And let’s face it, we need some more hook-ups on this show.

Well it’s a good thing that this framework isn’t real or Simmons would have destroyed her relationship with Fitz forever. I mean, has there ever been a relationship that wasn’t destroyed after one killed the other ones father? I don’t think so.

When finally finding the way out of the framework, Daisy and Simmons still need to convince everyone to take that leap of faith to get them out. Though Coulson is willing to believe and May is willing to follow Coulson. Simmons runs into trouble when Fitz catches up with her. But with a little help of Radcliffe, Fitz is pushed through the exit and Simmons follows. It’s then up to Daisy to convince Mack and though he believes her, he’s not willing to leave Hope for a world without her.

Once again there was a reference in this episode, thought this time it wasn’t towards any of the Marvel movies. This time it was towards the series that put Joss Whedon on the map and to one of the most emotional episodes in television history. Let me take you back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, episode 5.22 The Gift. Does anyone see the resemblance?

But off course there was also a reference toward the Marvel movies, The Avengers this time. Remember how Coulson was wounded trying to stop Loki…

And also;

  • She actually did it, AIDA has become a real woman, this can’t be good. Well, anything AIDA hasn’t been good.
  • Where did she take Fitz?

Coming up next week;

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