Renewed, Cancelled or On the Bubble – What’s the status – Part 2

Written by M.

**Updated May 16**

We’re in the middle of THAT time of the year; will our favorite series be renewed or are they cancelled. It’s exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. If a show is renewed, we get a big smile on our face and our hearts jump for joy. But when a series is cancelled it feels like the end of the world as we know it and a part of us has died.

But how will you know? Simple, I’ll will keep track of it all. No need for you to search through numerous websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and who knows what else. You can just come here and I will deliver the good and unfortunately the bad news. So bookmark this page under the your favorites, make it your homepage, whatever you do, check in regularly. There are several stages for our series to be in;

  • Officially Renewed
  • You can buy the champagne, this is a safe bet
  • On the Bubble
  • Wallow party for one, coming your way
  • Officially Cancelled

There already is an article containing the major channels, this article will be about the small cable or streaming networks. Please note, that for me it’s impossible to do all the channels. Therefor I selected some channels with some big series. If there is a series that you are missing and you want to know if it’s renewed, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message. You can contact me through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or simply by going to the contact page.

Se there we go;


  • Bates MotelOfficially Cancelled
  • DamienOfficially Cancelled
  • UnforgettableOfficially Cancelled


  • Better Call Saul – Season 3 is airing right now
  • Fear the Walking DeadOfficially Renewed
  • Feed the BeastOfficially Cancelled
  • Halt and Catch FireOfficially Renewed, season 4 will be the final season
  • HumansOfficially Renewed
  • Into the BadlandsOfficially Renewed
  • Preacher – Season 2 will premiere June 19
  • The SonOfficially Renewed
  • TURN: Washington’s SpiesOfficially Renewed, season 4 will be the final season
  • The Walking DeadOfficially Renewed

BBC America

  • Dirk Gently Holistic Detective AgencyOfficially Renewed
  • Doctor WhoOfficially Renewed
  • Orphan BlackOfficially Cancelled, the fifth and final season will premiere June 10



  • Girlfriends’ Guide to DivorceOfficially Renewed, for season 4 and 5, which will be the final season
  • ImpostersOfficially Renewed
  • Odd Mom OutOfficially Renewed



  • The KnickOfficially Cancelled
  • OutcastOfficially Renewed



  • NashvilleOfficially Renewed
  • Still the KingOfficially Renewed
  • Sun Records – Series premiered on February 23



  • Girl Meets WorldOfficially Cancelled



  • Baby DaddyOfficially Cancelled
  • BeyondOfficially Renewed
  • Dead of SummerOfficially Cancelled
  • The FostersOfficially Renewed
  • GuiltOfficially Cancelled
  • Pretty Little LiarsOfficially Cancelled, the final 10 episode will air starting April 18
  • Recovery RoadOfficially Renewed
  • Shadowhunters – Season 2 resumes on June 5
  • Stitchers – Season 3 will premiere June 5
  • Switched at BirthOfficially Cancelled, final season just completed its run
  • Young & Hungry – Season 5 premiered of March 13



  • American Crime StoryOfficially Renewed, Season 2 will center around Katrina
  • American Horror StoryOfficially Renewed, for a 7th season
  • The AmericansOfficially Renewed, for season 5 and the final season 6
  • ArcherOfficially Renewed, for season 8, 9 and 10, but moving to FXX
  • AtlantaOfficially Renewed
  • BasketOfficially Renewed
  • Better ThingsOfficially Renewed
  • Fargo – Season 3 will premiere April 19
  • FeudOfficially Renewed, the second season will be Charles & Diana
  • LegionOfficially Renewed
  • LouieOn the Bubble
  • Sex&Drugs&Rock&RollOfficially Cancelled
  • The StrainOfficially Renewed, for the final 4th season
  • TabooOfficially Renewed
  • TyrantOfficially Cancelled



  • It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaOfficially Renewed, for season 13 and 14
  • Man Seeking WomanOfficially Cancelled
  • You’re the WorstOfficially Renewed



  • Animals – Season 2 premiered March 17
  • BallersOfficially Renewed
  • CrashingOfficially Renewed
  • The Comeback You can buy the champagne, this is a safe bet
  • Curb Your EnthusiasmOfficially Renewed, for season 9, after 5,5 years!
  • DivorceOfficially Renewed
  • Game of ThronesOfficially Renewed, for season 7 and the final season 8
  • GirlsOfficially Cancelled, final season is wrapping up
  • High MaintenanceOfficially Renewed
  • InsecureOfficially Renewed
  • The LeftoversOfficially Cancelled, final season to premiere this month
  • LookingOfficially Cancelled
  • Silicon ValleyOfficially Renewed
  • Tracey Ullman’s ShowOfficially Renewed, by BBC One
  • TogethernessOfficially Cancelled
  • True DetectiveOn the Bubble
  • VeepOfficially Renewed
  • Vice PrincipalsOfficially Renewed, Season 2 will be the final season
  • VINYLOfficially Cancelled, after being renewed first!
  • WestworldOfficially Renewed



  • Devious MaidsOfficially Cancelled
  • UnREALOfficially Renewed



  • Faking ItOfficially Cancelled
  • ScreamOfficially Renewed
  • Sweet/Vicious You can buy the champagne, this is a safe bet
  • The Shannara ChroniclesOfficially Renewed
  • Teen WolfOfficially Cancelled


Fuller House


  • 13 Reasons WhyOfficially Renewed
  • A Series of Unfortunate EventsOfficially Renewed
  • Black MirrorOfficially Renewed
  • BetweenOn the Bubble
  • Bojack HorsemanOfficially Renewed
  • BloodlineOfficially Renewed, Season 3 will be the final season
  • The CrownOfficially Renewed
  • Degrassi: Next Class Officially Renewed
  • EasyOn the Bubble
  • F is for FamilyOfficially Renewed
  • FlakedOfficially Renewed
  • Fuller HouseOfficially Renewed
  • The Get DownOn the Bubble
  • Grace and FrankieOfficially Renewed
  • House of Cards – Season 5 will be released May 30
  • Lady DynamiteOfficially Renewed
  • LongmireOfficially Renewed, for a sixth and final season
  • The Last KingdomOfficially Renewed
  • LoveOfficially Renewed
  • LovesickYou can buy the champagne, this is a safe bet
  • Making a MurdererOfficially Renewed
  • MarcellaOfficially Renewed
  • Marco PoloOfficially Cancelled
  • Marvel’s DaredevilOfficially Renewed
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist – Season 1 released March 17
  • Marvel’s Jessica JonesOfficially Renewed
  • Marvel’s Luke CageOfficially Renewed
  • Master of None – Season 2 released May 12
  • NarcosOfficially Renewed
  • One Day at a TimeOfficially Renewed
  • Orange is the New BlackOfficially Renewed, for 3 more seasons
  • The RanchOfficially Renewed
  • Real RobOfficially Renewed
  • Santa Clarita DietOfficially Renewed
  • Sense8 – Season 2 released May 5
  • Stranger ThingsOfficially Renewed
  • Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtOfficially Renewed
  • Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of CampOfficially Renewed, for a Ten Years Later Edition



  • The AffairOfficially Renewed
  • BillionsOfficially Renewed
  • DiceOfficially Renewed
  • EpisodesOfficially Renewed, Season 5 will be the final season
  • HomelandOfficially Renewed, for season 7 and 8
  • House of LiesOfficially Cancelled
  • Masters of SexOfficially Cancelled
  • Penny DreadfulOfficially Cancelled
  • Ray DonovanOfficially Renewed
  • RoadiesOfficially Cancelled
  • ShamelessOfficially Renewed
  • Twin Peaks – Season 3 will premiere on May 21



  • Animal KingdomOfficially Renewed
  • Good BehaviorOfficially Renewed
  • The Last ShipOfficially Renewed, for 2 more seasons
  • LegendsOfficially Cancelled
  • The LibrariansOfficially Renewed
  • Major CrimesOfficially Renewed
  • Murder in the FirstOfficially Cancelled



  • ColonyOfficially Renewed
  • EyewitnessOfficially Cancelled
  • Falling WaterYou can buy the champagne, this is a safe bet
  • RobotOfficially Renewed
  • Playing HouseOfficially Renewed
  • Queen of the SouthOfficially Renewed
  • ShooterOfficially Renewed
  • SuitsOfficially Renewed

So how are you feeling? Are you still breathing? Have your favorites series been renewed? As for me, I’m very excited that Nashville, Fuller House, Jessica Jones and Suits are renewed. I’m very conflicted about the ending of Pretty Little Liars, though not that about it ending. Personally I feel it has been milked and stretched out too long, but I find that I keep watching in order to get closure. So I’m happy that we’re finding getting answers and for then to let it settle. And last, I really like Young & Hungry! So I’m happy that it’s airing at the moment and I really hope that it will get renewed.

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