Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 16 ‘Emotional Proximity’

Written by M.

Let’s start out with the fact that this episode is the second episode in a three-parter that started on Chicago Fire and ended with the first episode of Chicago Justice. Chicago Justice, welcome the fold, we welcome you with open arms! That said, some parts of what is in this review could reflect on the other two episodes. But since I’m not writing reviews of Chicago Fire and Chicago Justice just yet, I’ll just put all my thought in this review.

These episodes were perfect to introduce Chicago Justice. Nothing bring the city more together than a tragedy and boy, does the city of Chicago come together. It’s beautiful to see how natural these series overlap each other. This tragedy, an arson that turned into mass murder with over 38 casualties, is also personal for our Intelligence team. It turns out that Al’s daughter Lexi is in the building and the men of firehouse 51 risk their lives in order to get her out. At Chicago Med it’s Halstead and Manning do everything in their power in order to safe her live, but in the end it’s all for not and Lexi dies. Now it’s Al that is stricken with grief, who wants vengeance and asks Voight to turn a blind eye. But this case is not just about Lexi, it’s also about all the other that lost their lives and left loved ones behind. So Voight stays inside the lines and turns the arsonist over the authorities with the Justice team taking over the case.

It was an emotional ride. At forehand we knew this case would be big and emotional. And when Mouse fell down in the burning factory, I thought he might get seriously injured. But then Al showed up and that moment took my breath away. Something that was repeated later when she died of her injuries. But besides the feeling of loss, these episodes also gave the feeling of hope, or at least to me. The guy who feared that the girl he was dancing with, the girl he liked, might have died, only to find her later, that was hopeful. That even in the greatest tragedies, something good can be found.

And also;

  • I can’t get used to Anthonio working for the Justice team just yet. I fear that a major blow out between Voight and Anthonio is just waiting to happen.

Chicago P.D. will return in three weeks;

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