Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 15 ‘Civil War’

Written by M.

There’s an old story of a father who had two sons.
When he knew a civil war was about to break out, he sent one son to fight for the North and one to the South.
He figured if he had sons on both sides, there’d be a better chance one would survive.
Because when you fight a war at home, the casualties are your neighbors, your friends, your family.
Leaving you all alone.

So Jackson finally realized that he is an Avery. And it only took him about 6 episodes, makes you think how smart he really is. But him giving a stand to his mother, reminding her that he is the representative of the Avery Foundation in this hospital, not her and that she started all of this by interfering, surely made up for the long wait.

Why is April so surprised and hurt that Meredith took her job back. Does she not know what ‘ad interim’ means? Did she forget that she is a trauma surgeon and that she only was assigned chief of general surgery because Bailey wanted to make a point.
April says she has her own opinions and her own brain, but she’s becoming more like Catherine every single day. She has become Catherine’s puppet, her minion, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Alex is all for Meredith getting together with Nathan, that is until he and Nathan have a difference of opinion on how to treat a new born. Because having a different point of view on the best treatment surely means that someone is bad news and a bad guy… Seriously Alex? I get that you don’t like the guy right now, but this is just ridiculous. If there is a reason for Meredith not to be with Nathan it’s either because she isn’t interested, which we all know better, or because of Maggie. But Meredith acting on this is even more ridiculous. If I were Nathan I would write her off completely.

Why is it that Meredith is so willing to listen to everybody’s opinions about Nathan and not her own? If we think about it, it’s pretty clear, she’s scared. And I don’t blame her. She lost her true love and it was devastating. So to open yourself up for that again, opening yourself for love to get hurt again, it’s hard. Trust me, I know. But she’s also struggling is she’s ready for a new love. What will it say about her love for Derek? What will it mean for her kids? So for her to be resistant, it’s only natural, but I sure wish that she would listen more to herself instead of only listening to others.

War isn’t civil.
You pick sides and defend them.
You attack.
You hurt people.
You get hurt.
You fight and you fight, and you fight.
To what end?
What are we fighting against?
What are we fighting for?
When is it time to just quit all this nonsense and simply surrender.


  • Is Maggie on Tinder yet?
  • Speaking of that, can we also get Edwards on Tinder? She’s been dry for way to long.
  • Can someone give Catherine some parenting tips? Because putting your son down while in the OR does not fall under the good parenting category.
  • Are Owen and Amelia ever gonna talk?
  • Will Richard and Catherine be able to overcome all the drama and safe their marriage?
  • So I guess Arizona and Minnick are sort of a thing now and you can just smell the drama coming their way.

Next week;

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