Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 13 ‘It Only Gets Much Worse’

Written by M.

In 1949, Edward Murphy conducted a rocket-sled experiment to see how much pressure a human being could withstand.
Murphy’s experiment failed spectacularly.
Over and over.
Needless to say, he didn’t start off on the right foot.
That’s why it’s called Murphy’s Law.
Because if anything can go wrong, it will.

What was April thinking? Did she really expect people to be happy for her and congratulate her on her new job. If she thinks that she is the adult, where the other attendings are acting like kids, then she should know that having a ‘discussion’ with a patient whether or not she is nicer that doctor Grey, isn’t something an adult would do. If this is something you do, you have no business being a doctor.

Why are the attendings so opposed to the residents preforming a surgery as the lead surgeon? Sure, it’s their choice and they are not choosing the resident or the surgery, but they also got this opportunity when they were residents.

Bailey being surprised that Ben is being called the first-lady is just balls. This is not the first time and it won’t be the last. At the beginning of the series, she herself was so against attendings dating interns and residents because of all the things that would be said and people being treated unfairly. But that is exactly what she is doing. Sure, he’s her husband and she loves him and wants be look out for him. But she is the Chief of Surgery, while at work, Ben is a resident and not her husband. Sure looks like she threw that whole ‘church and state’ thing out of the window.

To my opinion the residents are very unappreciative. I get that they want to do their own surgeries, but now it’s by any means necessary. They forgot that they are taught by the people who went through this. So now, when they get the chance and it doesn’t go as planned, they fall apart. Minnick is constantly boasting their ego’s and sure they need to hear that they can do the job. But she forgets that being a surgeon is more than operating on people. It can go wrong and it did, but Minnick wasn’t able to guide Edwards through this. She just sat in a corner. It was Arizona who had to teach Minnick and it was Richard who guided Edward through her loss.


The residents forgot that it’s not about how fast you get there, but that it’s about being the best when you get there. This of course doesn’t go for everything in life, but it sure goes up if you want to be a surgeon.

Once things start going wrong, it’s hard to break the cycle.
Murphy’s Law is not physics.
It’s just a thing a guy said to try and make sense of a crappy day.
Just because things go wrong, it doesn’t mean they’re out of our control.
It’s on us to fix things.
It’s on us to take everything that can go wrong and make it go right.
It’s on us to try, anyway.

Next week;

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