Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 11 ‘Jukebox Hero’

Written by M.

Can someone explain to me why Catherine has so much pull at Grey Sloan Memorial? Last time I checked, she wasn’t working at here. She just comes in for surgeries every now and again. And also, she’s not on the board. She put Jackson in the board to represent the Avery Foundation. Speaking about the board, don’t they have to approve it if an entire program is about to be turned upside down?

To me, Bailey needs to swallow her pride and talk to the attendings. You can’t just expect everyone to change the way they worked for years and years at the drop of a head. You need to explain to them why a change is needed. Like Richard said, it’s not they’re mad about the change, it’s about how the change came to be. So swallow your pride, give apologize to your people about how you handled it, explain it and then they will turn around. Going to war will always make it worse.

As for Alex, at the end of the episode, after Meredith has been searching for him all day, she finds him, in her bed. Nothing dirty going on, he’s just been sleeping there all day. So while Meredith was visiting prisons, he was asleep. There are two things that I don’t get though. How is it that Meredith missed Alex coming in? At the beginning of the episode, she and Maggie were on the couch downstairs, he would have passed them. Also, why go to three counties to visit 4 prisons to search for Alex. Why not just call his lawyer?


  • Amelia is staying at Edward’s apartment, putting Edwards in an awkward position having to lie to Owen.
  • So basically we just dumped the storyline of the Maggie-Nathan-Meredith love triangle all together or did forget about it for now?
  • Arizona realized how much she depends on Alex at work and hates that he wasn’t there.

Next week;

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