Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 10 ‘You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)’

Written by M.

OK, so we had to wait 10 weeks to find out Alex’s fate, but as it turns out we still have to wait. This week was all about Arizona, Bailey and Jo treating a young pregnant woman in prison.

Personally I hate these episodes. Out of nowhere all storylines are paused and we are just supposed to like it. And mostly they’re just fillers and everything that happens in these episodes can easily be forgotten. At the end of the episode, in the best outcome, we get a little more insight to our beloved characters or they have learned a little lesson.

With this week’s episode, we got a little insight to Jo. Seeing her relate to her patient, just shows a little more of how hard her life has been. And Bailey learned to have a little more compassion for people she cannot relate to at all and learned how blessed she is, being able to practice medicine at Grey Sloan Memorial.


  • Bailey was truly terrified, am I a bad person to think that was funny?

Next week;

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