This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 16 ‘Memphis’

Written by M.

The episode we all knew was coming, finally came and it was emotional, raw and beautiful! The entire episode was focused around William’s life. From when he was still in his mother’s belly till he died in Randall’s arms. It gave us all the pieces to the puzzle that is William. This was by far the most emotional episode thus far, it was a masterpiece.

Randall decides to take William back to Memphis, so that William can show him where he was from. What Randall doesn’t know is, that William already knows he won’t make it back home. So for one last time, he bonds with his son and tries to teach him how to live a life, instead of going through the motions.

Randall opens up about Jack to William and they visit his final resting place, where William thanks Jack for raising Randall into the amazing man that he is today.

In Memphis, William takes Randall to the house where he grew up, where he lived all those years with his mother. And where he finds his treasure, that he hid as a kid. Then they visit William’s cousin Ricky, who he left behind when William moved to New York. At night, William plays the piano at Ricky’s bar, where Randall is meeting cousins.

The next morning, things take a turn for the worse and William is admitted to the hospital. It’s there that it becomes clear to Randall that he won’t be able to take William back home. Several hours later William passes away and Randall will have to drive back home, alone.


  • Randall doing an Oprah imitation, funny as hell.

Coming up, when This is Us will return on March 7th;

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