This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 15 ‘Jack Pearson’s Son’

Written by M.

It’s Valentine’s Day in the land of Jack and Rebecca and they have their own little Valentine tradition. Going to O’Shannon’s for dinner and eat bacon cheeseburgers and onion rings. All the while Rebecca is getting ready to go on tour with the band. Something Jack isn’t all that happy about, but he hasn’t told her that. At home, Rebecca walks in on the kids talking about Kevin having sex with Sophie. When Jack and Rebecca try to talk to Kevin about sex and the responsibilities that go with that, Randall interrupts all stressed out because he thinks his paper won’t be good enough. It shows that Randall’s issues with doing everything perfect, even when some things don’t matter that much, have always played a role. It’s not just something that’s in the present. At night, watching Rebecca preform with the band, Jack feels jealous and uncomfortable with how Rebecca and Ben look at each other. And when Ben comes out to talk to Jack after the show, Jack finds out the Ben and Rebecca used to go out. They skip dinner and go straight home, where Jack blurts is all out. That he doesn’t want Rebecca to go on tour, never did, and certainly not with her ex-boyfriend. And then Rebecca blurts out that he is standing in her way. So Jack goes to O’Shannon’s alone, where he has a drink. And by the looks of things, I’d say it’s his first drink in years.

The last time that we saw Kate, she was walking up towards Duke’s cabin. And though he thinks she’s there to get some, she’s actually there to speak her mind. You’re doing great girl! The thing is, Duke didn’t tell her that he’s the son of the couple who own the camp. So after speaking her mind, she can pretty much pack her bags. So that was the end of Duke and Kate shows up at Toby’s door. This causes them to actually have a heart to heart with each other, making Toby open up a bit. The go shopping so that Toby has something nice to wear to Kevin’s opening night and they ask each other hundreds of questions. Things like first crushes and pet names. It’s actually kinda adorable, and yes this is coming from me. That is, until Kate asks  the question she has wanted to ask for a while now, was the thought of Toby killing himself an onetime thing or was this something that he thought a lot about. But this does the trick, Toby opens up in a way he hasn’t done before. In return he asks Kate about Jack’s death, but she’s not able to talk about is yet. This does make them think and they decide not to plan their wedding just yet. They are going for a long engagement, really get to know everything about each other, before they get married.

Randall’s trimmers are getting worse and you can literally see him break down, bit by bit. And then Beth’s mother calls, who had a fall, causing Beth to go see her mom in DC. When Kevin can’t reach Kate, he visits Randall at work, hoping he will be able to calm him down. But Randall is all over the place and clearly losing his cool. I wonder, does Kevin notice this enough to help out Randall, or is he too much into his own insecurity to even notice how bad Randall is doing. At home William tells Randall about how he feels his body shutting down and it’s just heartbreaking. Something I think everybody who had a loved one pass away slowly, like William, can agree on.

It’s opening night for Kevin’s play he is nervous. He dreams about an interview from hell with Katie Couric, when Sophie calls him, waking him up. And of course she knows about his bad dream, because of all the history these two have. With Sloan telling him that the ‘New York Times’ will come to their opening night, Kevin is getting more and more nervous. Not being able to reach Kate and Randall not calming him down, Kevin decides to try if his mother can calm him down. But Miguel opens the door and Rebecca is out shopping. Inside Kevin blurts out how nervous he is and that’s when Miguel tells him how much he is like Jack and how Jack was always able to calm him down. This does the trick and it’s Miguel, of all people, that is able to calm Kevin down. But just before he is about to go on, he is a nervous wreck again, sure to vomit all over the stage, when Randall calls. Randall who is sitting in his office, just sitting there, where he has been sitting for hours and hours. He tells Kevin he can’t make it, who is very disappointed, but Kevin sure is worried about him now. And when the play starts, Kevin is running out of the theatre, running towards his brother, something he didn’t do when they were kids.


  • Is there such a thing as cautiously dating your ex-husband/ex-wife?
  • Watching the newly single Miguel try to flirt in the bar, it’s funny. But at the same time it feels like I’m watching myself, I am also like this.
  • Miguel telling Kevin why he hates is so much that Kevin doesn’t like him, was very moving.
  • The jacket Toby picked out to wear to Kevin’s big night, OMG, nobody should ever wear something like that, in my opinion.

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