This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 14 ‘I Call Marriage’

Written by M.

Rebecca and Jack got married! No shit, Sherlock! No, but seriously, this week starts out with the wedding of Jack and Rebecca. But when Miguel and Shelly announce, years later, that they are getting divorced, they start to reflect on their own marriage. But when her band mate Ben makes a comment about Jack’s love for Rebecca, she defends him and calls Jack her superhero. And when she comes home, Jack backed a suitcase to take Rebecca somewhere for the night. He takes her to their first apartment which he lit up romantically with strings of Christmas lights. In the morning, he has one more surprise, their wedding vows.

“Rebecca saying I d
o means saying I will.
I will love you today and every day for the rest of my life.
I’ve been trying to focus on all of the little moments that that I don’t want to forget.
But the moment that’s burned into my brain and heart is the first time I saw you.
Rebecca, you have changed the way I think about love.
I know things may not always be easy.
But our love has always been worth it.
I will encourage you, trust and respect you.
I will create a home with you, full of laughter and compassion.
I will raise a family with you, I will grow old with you, I will share my dreams with you. So today, in front of everyone here, I pledge myself to you.”

“Jack, I fall a little bit more in love with you every day.
In you, I have found my soul mate, my best friend, my lover, my partner, my safe place.
You are my great love story.
And Jack Pearson our story is just getting started.”

Randall has a nightmare of finding William dead and I have to admit, it creeped me out. It might be weird for me to say, but I recognize myself in Randall. The way he’s going, he will burn out. Trying to keep up with his work, his family and William is tearing him up. Seeing that Randall isn’t as focused as he used to be, his boss decides to give a colleague some of Randall’s accounts. All the while, Beth is trying to prepare their girls for the coming death of William. At night, as Randall gets ready for bed, we see his hand trimmer.

Kevin meets Sophie at a dinner where they used to come, but when she comes in, she’s mad. Mad for just showing up in her life again. That is, until the lava fries show up, which apparently is a thing between them. Mostly she just wonders why he shows up now, out of the blue. All he can say is that he never stopped thinking about her. And just when they start to have a good time, things turn bad again and Sophie storms off. Turns out, Kevin cheated on her. Stuck on the subway together, it shows how well they know each other. Kevin admits to her that he created a fake Facebook profile to keep up with how she is doing and she is shocked by this, as she should be. Though I also wonder who she thought this ‘Suehee Xiong’ really was, or does she just add random people she doesn’t know as friends? Sophie tells Kevin that after they split up, she was in a bad place, for a really long time. But that she’s now finally in a good place, dating a really great guy and then walks out. Kevin goes after her and asks her if she remembers what she wore the first day of the fourth grade, because he does. He then continues that her agreeing to marry him was the best thing that ever happened to him and that he will be waiting for her at their diner tomorrow. And the next morning, Kevin anxiously waits for Sophie, when he sees her in the doorway.

Kate is still at camp doing great, you go girl, when Toby shows up without a warning. He’s there to take her to a hotel, because the doctors cleared him to get some booty. And she is actually willing to skip classes and let go of her schedule, to go with him. Thank God, Toby has a brain and won’t let her skip any classes. Walking around camp, Toby meets Duke and it obvious this doesn’t sit well with Toby. Because the next time we see him, he’s is sweats and joining Kate at camp for the day. But at the end, Kate doesn’t feel like he takes it serious, like she is. This irritates Toby, because all he wanted was to be with her, since he’s all alone in New York. He then gives Kate his grandmother’s ring and goes home. The next morning she runs into Duke in the gym and he invites her to his cabin again. And though I like him in the last episode, now he’s kind of irritating. Though he is a lot better in communicating than Toby is, he also doesn’t support Kate in what it is that she wants, the get healthier. But then we see Kate, in the rain, looking at Duke’s cabin.


  • Will Rebecca join her band on the five state tour?
  • Is Randall getting sick?
  • Sophie showed up at the dinner, what does this mean? For her and Kevin and for her and her boyfriend.
  • Will Kate fall for Duke? I’m actually really torn about this one.

Next week on This is Us;

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