This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 13 ‘Three Sentences’

Written by M.

In the land of Rebecca and Jack the triplets have their 10th birthday and announce to their parents that they don’t want to share their birthday party anymore. They all want their own party. So off course they each get, on the same day, because that is the wise decision. 45 Kids, 2 adults, sounds like a super plan. And while they’re busy prepping for this massive party, Jack asks Rebecca about having another kid.
In the morning, there are kids everywhere. Well at least inside, where Kevin’s and Kate’s parties are. Outside, where Randall’s party is, there are only 4 kids, including Randall. Turns out, that even though his school has a rule to invite the entire class to a birthday party, that doesn’t mean that they will come. And since most kids of his class aren’t Randall’s friends, they aren’t coming. It’s heartbreaking to see this, even though Randall doesn’t care. He just happy that his three friends did come. In the midst of all this craziness, Rebecca says to Jack that they should have a conversation about getting another kid. When they find all of Rebecca’s friends at Kevin’s party, Jack goes to find Kate, who says her friends like Kevin more than her. Up till now, it’s always been Jack who talks to Kate when she’s down, never Rebecca. In fact, Rebecca is mostly seen to be there for Randall, sometimes Kevin, but never Kate. I get that adult Kate doesn’t have a close relationship with her mother. When Jack asks Kevin, whose sitting next to Kate’s best friend Sophie, to send Sophie to play with Kate, he tells his father he can’t. He’s in love with her.
At night, Rebecca and Jack are exhausted and realize they can’t have another kid, they already have their hands full.

For Kate it’s time to plan her surgery and she’s starting to have second thought because of Toby. Gotta say, with all the surprises this show threw at us, I saw this one coming. I’ve been saying since the start of this show that Toby is not the right guy for Kate. But the doctor advices Kate to go to a ‘Fat Camp’, to help her with her decision. But when she get there, she find that this isn’t just another weight lose camp. They work on the why it is that you’re over eating, rather than locking you up in a gym. So there she goes, taking several classes, but decides very quickly that this isn’t for her. That’s when she meets the camp’s horse man Duke, who uses some reversed phycology on her. He strikes a nerve, but it does the trick and Kate goes back in. While drumming on the group, she lets out all of her anger, her anger for being overweight as a kid, her anger for being teased and her anger for her dad dying, it all comes out. When she goes to thank Duke for playing like a Duke, he puts some serious moves on her. I have to admit, I like his confidence.

William is on a Chemo boost, feeling better than he has in months. And seeing his father this happy and cheerful, kinda creeps Randall out. While Randall is busy at work, trying to get the lead on a account, William plays the dying card and guilt trips Randall into going out with him. William drags Randall to several stores and dinners and then to a parking lot, where he asks if he can drive. It’s then that Randall realizes that William is working on his bucket list and decides to help. First on the list, teaching William how to drive.

At the theatre, Kevin comes up to Sloan and asks about her weekend. She immediately shuts him down, saying how she heard him say that ‘dating her was the right thing to do’. She tells him that they work together, but that’s it. And that’s how Kevin got dumped by Sloan, which makes this the second thing we saw coming. When he calls Kate for help, she instead asks him to hang out with Toby and giving by the reaction, I’d say he isn’t his biggest fan. But the guys find a middle ground; Kevin’s love life. Where Toby calls himself the king of romantic gestures, Kevin doesn’t seem to have a romantic bone in his body. So Toby says he will help Kevin win back the love of his life. So there is Kevin, on the doorstep of a woman we’ve never seen before. And before she can say anything, he professes his love for her, with actual tears. Turns out, she’s his ex-wife Sophie (!) who he hasn’t seen in 12 YEARS! She says she has nothing to say to him, but promises to think about meeting up for coffee. And not that much later he gets a text from her asking ‘When?’


  • So I guess Kate and Toby got engaged… They pretty much went from broken up to engaged in like a day.
  • Oh Kevin and words, I love it. “Are you serious? I can’t believe this, I call to get help, I got to end up doing something nice?”.
  • Kate’s face in the meditation class!! Priceless!

The next episode is in two weeks, what will come;

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