This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 12 ‘The Big Day’

Written by M.

This week we got a little more insight to doctor K’s life, and it is heartbreaking.
Doctor K starts his day with breakfast and talking to his wife, well not really to his wife, but to the chair she used to sit in. It isn’t until the goes grocery shopping that we learn his beloved wife has passed away. Doctor K’s son and daughter in-law visit and try to get him to leave the house and life a little by talking about a movie he has to go and see. His son voices how worried he is about him and that it’s time to move on. But doctor K, just gets emotional and says that his wife was his life and he will not move on. Then doctor K goes to visit the cemetery and tells his beloved Caroline that he doesn’t have to strength to keep going without her, when his beeper goes off…

In the morning, doctor K tells his wife about his conversation with Jack. It seems the conversation didn’t only inspire Jack to adopt Randall, but it also gave doctor K the strength to really move on. He boxes up Caroline’s clothes, donates her wheelchair and gets rid of all of her medicine. And then he’s seen eating dinner with the lady he spoke with in the grocery store.

We also see the story of Joe, the fireman who found Randall as a baby, and it’s clear he’s not happy. His marriage is in trouble and he lies to his wife about him smoking. When at the firehouse, the doorbell rings and Joe finds baby Randall. Clearly touched by the little baby, he takes him to the precinct. But instead, Joe takes the little baby home, to his wife Samantha, convinced this baby was meant for them. But Samantha won’t hear it, saying that it won’t fix them and then tells him to take the baby to a hospital…

Back at home he finds Samantha at the dining room table and they have a heart to heart about how much the just want to start their story over. Then Samantha stands up and gives Joe a hand, introducing herself.

Rebecca is in her last trimester of her pregnancy and she hates it. Not being able to get up on her own, needing Jack to pee and not fitting any of her shoes. And she lashes out on Jack, on his birthday, so we know she’s delivering today. But she just spends the morning jelling at him until he leaves the house. When she finally finds out that it’s Jacks birthday, she freaks, feeling she’s a bad wife. Desperate to make the day better, she goes to the store by foot to get supplies.
Miguel takes him out for his birthday, trying to give him a day about Jack, before the babies are here. But the more Miguel tries to convince that Jack will need something of his own to escape Rebecca and the kids, when they will come, the more Jack just wants to go home and be with Rebecca, despite all of her craziness.
At home Rebecca is talking to her belly and it turns out that Jack is standing in the doorway with a camera, filming it all. And then it’s time for the traditional birthday dance…

Years later, it’s Father’s Day and Jack gets to pick the movie for movie night. And he picks the family movie, of how they all started.


  • Jack turning to God because he thinks Rebecca is possessed by demons.
  • A week without the adult Kevin, Kate and Randall and all their grownup problems, it was refreshing.
  • Rebecca calling her little babies in her belly ‘little bugs’, so endearing. Though her entire speech is very moving.

Coming up next week;

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