This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 11 ‘The Right Thing to Do’

Written by M.

Jack and Rebecca are in search of a new apartment for when their baby comes, only to discover that their brand new two bedroom apartment won’t do now that they’re expecting triplets. After other solutions fail and their only option is to move in with Rebecca’s parents, Jack knocks on his father’s door and asks for help. His father loans him money and he’s able to the house he’s building.

Kate scared for Toby in the hospital and all Toby wants is sex. When he is diagnosed with a heart condition and the doctor wants to do another surgery to fix it, he refuses. When Kate gets pissed about this, Toby decides to get the surgery and he tells her he’s in love with her. While waiting for Toby to get out of surgery she needs her brothers to distract her and they tell her about what’s going through their heads. After surgery, Kate tells Toby she loves him to and he replies that he would marry her on the spot if he could.

Randall is very uncomfortable with William being bisexual and worries he’s a homophobic. Trying to get over it, he tries to get to know Jesse better. But when William goes away with Jesse for the day and night, Randall feels like he and his family are being pushed aside. William lets him know that he and Jesse are looking for a home where they can take care of him at the end, because he doesn’t want to put that on Randall. Randall tells him he’s family and that he’ll take care of him, no matter what. When William admits the medicines aren’t working anymore and are only making him sicker, they decide to stop with the medication, knowing the end is really coming.

Olivia is back in town and immediately gets her role back as the lead actress of the play from one of the investors. But Kevin wants to continue with Sloan in the play, since she’s worked so hard and didn’t leave them high and dry. When Olivia asks about how things are between Kevin and herself, Kevin choses Sloan. But Kevin is Kevin and uses the wrong words, words that are overheard by Sloan, causes a drift between them.


  • OK, so Jack didn’t learn how to be a father from his dad. More like that he learned how NOT to be a father.
  • Kevin really knows how describe people. First his family to Olivia and now he describes Sloan as ‘the Jew who crashed Christmas’ to Beth and William.
  • I love how Kevin, Kate and Randall still call themselves ‘The Big Three’.

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