Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 15 ‘Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will’

Written by M.

This week’s episode starts off with Ruzek paying a visit to Voight to tell him he’s back from his undercover assignment and that he’s ready to go back to work at Intelligence. Voight however makes clear that he is not happy with how Ruzek handled things and that he should talk to Platt about his new assignment. His spot on Intelligence however is gone, at least for now.

Chicago P.D.

This week’s case is about a murder for hire, to take revenge on the man who shot a father’s daughter. Ollinsky is taking this case particularly hard, as he is posing to be the hit man. Feeling that he can talk the father out of it, he finds it a bitter pill to swallow when the father pushes through and he has to arrest him for solicitation of murder. But he sure knows how to make himself feel a little better. He calls his daughter into the station, tells her how much he loves her and gives her a hug.

Kenny sure is asking a lot of questions about Ruzek and even about his father. At the end of his shift, he runs into Ruzek and tells him the story of how he started out as a cop, working besides Ruzek’s dad. Point of the story is that he’s taking the opportunity to be on a Narcotics team and that he was just keeping Ruzek’s spot on Intelligence warm. Looks like Ruzek will be back upstairs next week. Good thing too, because that uniform did not look good on him.


And also

  • Platt at her best. Giving Ruzek a speech about how he did the right thing and now he has to work his way back, immediately followed by “Oh, my God, I just gave myself goose bumps.”
  • Will we see Kenny again? I hope so, he sure is an interesting character to have around.


Next week it’s time for the One Chicago Crossover Event;

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