Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 12 ‘Sanctuary’

Written by M.

When a young woman is found raped and killed in a park, people see two boys run away, who find shelter in a church. And father McSorley gives them sanctuary, it has no intention of letting the police near these boys. What follows is a standoff between Intelligence, the victims loved ones and parishioners and loads of media attention.

Without the ability to talk to the two boys, the team tries to find out what exactly happened in that park and who was responsible. When father McSorley allows Voight to come in the church alone and unarmed to talk to the boys, he does this with great respect. Innocent until proven guilty. But then the victims ex-boyfriend throws a Molotov cocktail into the church and sets the place on fire.

Ollinsky and Burgess find out that the victims was having a affair with her boss. When Lindsay and Halstead return to the park to find what they missed, the find a hidden camera. With this footage they see to what the victims was looking at while stretching on a bench and that she was followed by the park ranger. When they get to his house, they find the head and hands of his roommate in the fridge.

What follows is chase after the killer that leads back to a park. Ollinsky is face to face with the killer who has a shotgun pointed at him, when it’s Burgess that saves his ass by throwing herself on the killer.

When the case is closed, money is being raised to rebuild the church, and we see familiar faces from Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. And Voight breaks in his volt to make a big donation.
Atwater doing Atwater as a comedy act at Molly’s, he sure is funny. Though I thought the donut shop joke was also pretty good, but I guess the police has heard it one too many times.

And also

  • Ollinsky really has trouble to let Burgess learn. Every mistake she makes, he gets on her really hard. And I get it, I do, people are being killed and mistakes can make the killers run free. But how about a ‘next time do it like this..’ or something.
  • But the ‘Thanks partner’ at the end of the day sure set things right with Burgess.
  • Kenny visited a gangster to get some information about the two boys and didn’t Voight, who busted his balls for withholding information.
  • Could it be that Kenny is a dirty cop? That gangster owing him a lot a favors? This sure will be continued.
  • What’s the deal between Ollinsky and father McSorley?

Chicago P.D. will be back in three weeks;

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