Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 15 ‘Self Control’

Written by M.

Dreams can come true!
You all know by now that I pretty much think this season has been a big bore… Thought that as much as the second part of season 3. But we should also all know by now that things are never that simple in a show of Joss Whedon. And man did he deliver this week!

So much has happened, so let me walk you through this.
Last week the episode ended with Fitz-Simmons finding out that Coulson, Mack, Mace and Daisy were replaced by LMD’s and LMD Coulson waking up LMD-May. So here they are, panicking and frantically trying to keep their cool around the LMD’s and trying to find a way to stay safe. All the while the LMD-team is trying to get all Inhumans to come in, probably to kill them off all at once. But when Fitz-Simmons get to a secure room to figure out their next step, they find out that one of them is a LMD as well. Hearts are breaking all around the world to see this loving couple stand against each one another, face off style. And it turns out that Fitz is the LMD, though he played his role Oscar worthy. Simmons eventually overpowers him by using her trusty brain and gets away, though she is wounded. Since 4 LMD’s arrived at the compound last week, who will be Simmons only ally?


Radcliffe is spending a lot of time in this framework he created, probably to be with his beloved Agnez, and let’s AIDA do all of the heavy lifting. Obviously this won’t be lasting very long anymore. But for now she gives him an update of the status of the plan and reveals that it’s Simmons and Daisy who will need to be replaced next.

While checking the containment rooms before the arrival of all the Inhumans, Daisy walks into her LMD replica. Or more correctly, she walks in on 20 replica’s. And LMD-Mack is already on his way to stop her. But Daisy is smart and replaces one of her replacements and this way, she is able to disarm LMD-Mack and gets away. She gets into the security camera’s and sees the footage of Coulson and Mace standing over Fitz’s body.


It seems that LMD-Coulson and LMD-Mace and some nameless S.H.I.E.L.D. agents found the body of LMD-Fitz. When those agents discover that Fitz was an LMD, and not the missing Simmons as Coulson and Mace say she is, they get killed. Daisy witnesses all of this on screen before they cut out the security feeds. This is when Daisy looks around her and sees a blood trail, leading her to Simmons who’s crawled away into a corner, scared and sure that she is the only one left.

What we was coming for weeks now, finally happened. AIDA could no longer be controlled by Radcliffe and he found out in the cruelest way. She slid his wrists and as he was dying, she put him back into his framework.


Daisy and Simmons formed a plan to find out where the rest of their team is, which means going into Radcliffe’s framework. But in order to do that, they first need to take out the LMD-team and get away from them. How to do that? With gas, gas that will knock every human out in the compound. So whoever is left standing is a LMD and their enemy. While Daisy goes to fight LMD-Mace and then LMD-Coulson and LMD-Mack, to keep them distracted, Simmons goes to get some more allies. By waking up some knocked out agents, she gets together a team to get all other knocked out agents on the bus. They are very reluctant to believe her, until LMD-Mack comes through the wall in pieces.

On the verge of getting away with the equipment they need to enter the framework, a wounded Daisy and Simmons stubble upon LMD-May, who is LMD-Coulson’s contingency plan. But what LMD-Coulson didn’t count on, is that LMD-May has lived out her purpose, her purpose to get the Darkhold. So now, she isn’t programmed to follow, but can decide for her own, follow her own desires. Daisy and Simmons convince her to let them go and when LMD-Coulson gets to LMD-May she blows herself and LMD-Coulson up, with Daisy, Simmons and the other agents barely out of reach.
When they are joined by YoYo, Daisy and Simmons hack their way into the framework in order to find out where their friends are, leaving YoYo behind with specific instructions.

Waking up in this framework, Daisy finds herself in the tub, receiving a text to wake up her boyfriend and to come in. She immediately thinks that Lincoln must be here and steps out of the tub and into the bedroom. As she walks to the bed, hopeful of who is asleep, we can she her walking past a picture of her and her boyfriend. And this is where dreams are coming true! Because I’ve been wishing for them to be together right from the start, and things have become pretty boring lately. So who is it? Who will make his return to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. after the hiatus, see for yourself;

So, needless to say I am stocked! My favorite character is returning and my favorite couple will finally be together! I’m just hoping this will last longer that just one episode and that he has brought his amazing abs with him.


But where are the others in this framework? Coulson is seen in front of a classroom, teaching the class on why to fear Inhumans. Mack is seen in front of an adorable blue house, picking up his daughter’s bike from the ground. Fitz is stepping out of a car in front of a big pricy building and helping a woman out of the car, though we don’t see who that is. And then we see Simmons, though not exactly. It seems that in this framework Simmons is dead, as we see her grave. And then there’s May, looking out of a window of a big ass building. But it’s not the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters or even the Avengers headquarters, no it’s the headquarters of HYDRA. So basically this framework is the world upside down.

And also;

  • Oh and also, AIDA made an LMD of Ivanov, but respected his wish to not fiddle with his brain. So now his brain is save stored in his head, which is in some kind of jar on the table.
  • Daisy telling Simmons how she always knows that Fitz and Simmons belong together, no matter how screwed up their lives are, was the most touching side of the Daisy we’ve seen all season.
  • AIDA wants to feel love, anger, wonder and joy, like a real person, proving that this story arc is nothing more than Marvel’s view of Pinocchio.
  • I’m wondering, is it possible to get an LMD replica of an Inhuman? Is it even possible to re-create those powers?
  • Where is Mace in this framework?

I for one cannot wait for this hiatus to be over and see the next episode in April.

Coming up on April 4th;

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