This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 10 ‘Last Christmas’

Written by M.

“Nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve”

Doctor K is back!
When Kate is rushed to the hospital for acute appendicitis, Rebecca and Jack find doctor K, who has been in a car accident. With his family unable to come in Montana, Rebecca and Jack decide that doctor K is part of their family. And so they spend Christmas Eve in the hospital, waiting for Kate to get out of surgery and supporting each other and pray that doctor K will make it through the night.

With Kate wheeled away to surgery, Kevin would not let go of her hand and kept on walking with her until they stopped him. This just shows how strong and deep their bond is.

Another bond explained this week is the bond of Kate with Rebecca in the present. Getting information about the gastric bypass surgery, Rebecca finds out how little she actually knows about her daughter and you can hear the resentment in Kate’s voice pointing it out. Has Rebecca been a bad mother to her? Did she close her eyes for the things she didn’t want see? Did she really love Randall more than she loved Kate or Kevin.

This week’s episode showed a little more of William’s private life, when a lost love has returned and wants to stay with him till the end.

Randall has a Christmas Eve he will take with him for the rest of his life, as he walks in on his colleague trying to commit suicide. He is able to talk him down and just wants a quit Christmas Eve with just his girls. But then the whole family comes through the door. Tess completes his night by telling him that William is gay, or at least bi, and that Jessie isn’t just a friend.

Toby completes the night by surprising everybody to show up uninvited. Turns out, he can live without the fast food, he just can’t life without Kate. But just as things settle down and everybody’s comfortable, he falls down, passing out.


  • Rebecca and Jack are sitting in doctor K’s room and Kevin and Randall are wondering through the hospital on their own. Now that’s something you won’t see these days anymore.
  • So are Kevin and Sloan a thing now? I don’t know how it is with you guy, but in our family, bringing someone along for family holidays, it’s big. It’s means something. But here Kevin is, 2 holidays in a row, a month apart and he brings two different girls to his brothers house for a family holiday.
  • Didn’t Sloan’s sister delivered a baby girl in last week’s episode? They made it seem as this was her first niece. But here they are at dinner with a little girls who’s about 7 or something, but no baby. Did I miss something?
  • Olivia quite the play, so the producers backed out. Now Sloan will take over the role of Olivia, since she wrote the play, she knows it by heart, and Kevin will invest his own money.

What will happen after the winter hiatus?

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